Posters and More Previews for KBS Workplace Rom-com Radio Romance

The last I watched a broadcast workplace drama with romance in it was the epic flaming fail of Marry Him if You Dare, and the only reason I even mention that when seeing new promos for upcoming KBS drama Radio Romance is all thanks to leading lady Kim So Hyun‘s curly hairstyle. It’s a carbon copy of Yoon Eun Hye‘s perm in MHIYD just a tad less fried. That drama was set in television broadcast whereas radio romance takes place over the radio frequency, and I hope the hair and setting are the only similarities and now I can go back to getting excited for the arrival of Radio Romance on January 29th. The drama is about a top acting star who only goes by script ending up a radio host needing to improvise, and the radio show writer with poor writing skills and a boundless love of the radio medium. Yoon Doo Joon and Kim So Hyun both have a sparkling charm that I think will translate into onscreen chemistry, with supporting leads Yoon Park and Yura rounding out the main cast.

Preview for Radio Romance:


Posters and More Previews for KBS Workplace Rom-com Radio Romance — 16 Comments

  1. The haircut was really a bad idea…

    The new posters or teasers don’t make me changing my mind. She looks too young for me. I will pass this one πŸ™‚

  2. Kim So Hyun is a good actress . I quite like her but she looks younger than is age and even younger than actresses of her age. She doesn’t sell me yet the romantic side in a mature way. But i’m on the boat for a comedy. She looks beautiful with the perm air but was it necessary ? YEH has done the same thing . Are people working in broadcasting supposed to perm their hair ?

  3. I’m here for everything except the romance and KSH’s styling so far. She looks so lovely, like a literal doll but it’s a misstep here because it makes her look even younger than she is when she’s already much younger than the male lead…I’ll check it out for the cast but I’m not sure I’ll stick around when the romance kicks in.

    I gotta say though Yoon Park looks so warm AND sexy with that beard he’s sporting. I know it’s probably the seemingly carefree character he’s playing but he seems so much more comfortable with it on camera. I can imagine he sports facial hair whenever he has time off between dramas, I love it. Ugh it makes me sad that Koreans are generally turned off by facial hair on men…all the wasted potential πŸ™

  4. She literally looks like a kid next to Doo Joon. She is a promising young actress but PDs should really, honestly consider the fact that she looks very young so they might cast some younger looking actors, preferably someone within her age bracket. At least for now. Then they could see after 2-3 years if she has matured further so that it’s more okay to see her with older co-stars-

    • Based on KSH’s events and even Let’s fight ghost, she does sometimes look older than her age (straight hair with her usual bangs). Hence I’ll chalk this up to the styling team and PD for letting this look pass. It also doesn’t help that the other 3 leads looks the same age visually, hence further highlighting the difference. Casting director should have cast an older actress, since I’m assuming YDJ was cast first.

  5. The perm was a bad idea and she looks too young even with the perm. Also Yoon Park’s acting gonna overpower Doojoon’s. Hope leads have natural chemistry not forced acting chemistry. Or else another forgettable mess.

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