Romance Takes a Physical Turn with a Deep Kiss and Smoldering Stares in New Stills for Episode 7 of Hwayugi

I’m still unable to formulate a reaction to the love line in fantasy tvN drama Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey). For Lee Seung Gi‘s recent dramas it’s always been so clear to me how I felt – insane love for the OTP in A King 2 Hearts, the female lead Suzy‘s wooden acting ruining the romantic connection in Gu Family Book, and the sheer annoying personality of the female lead in You’re All Surrounded tanking the chemistry and connection.

None of that is present in Hwayugi as I like Oh Yeon Seo‘s Jin Seon Mi’s personality, the acting is on point, and yet I’m not invested in the romance. Or maybe I don’t buy how Oh Gong can actually fall in love with Seon Mi while wearing the bracelet, not that he can’t love her but the magic elements isn’t fleshed out enough. With that said, Lee Seung Gi is killing it as Oh Gong and seeing the upcoming kiss and romantic scene stills between the OTP still makes me eager to watch how it unfolds this weekend.


Romance Takes a Physical Turn with a Deep Kiss and Smoldering Stares in New Stills for Episode 7 of Hwayugi — 31 Comments

  1. I love it – just started this last night and the first 2 episodes flew past. And for me to feel it by ep2 bodes well for the drama for me
    Seung gi is absolutely perfectly casted for it
    And damn who the heck can carry off those coats – they are even more fugly than Lee min Ho sweaters

  2. I’m not a fan of the acting of OYS, sometimes she’s bland and sometimes she over reacts. I don’t really feel concerned by her character.

    But I love the drama for the rest of the casting. LSG is great and his character really interesting.

    • Kinda same, but have no real issues with her acting. Her character is really dull and deary in a drama full of larger than life characters. I’m not exactly sure why the fantastic, interesting and clever Oh Gong really cares about her on his own. Their chemistry is good though.

  3. I think OYS is doing a great job actually. Her character is meant to be plain and well, how exciting can a human character be among a group of demons and a zombie?!
    She’s handling both the emotional and comic beats well so I’m looking forward to how the rest of the romance unfolds. I do <3 LSG tremendously in this role tho- best casting ever!

  4. I agree with Koala, itโ€™s very, very hard to connect with the romance between the OTP though the actors are so compelling in their performances and working so hard at selling their romance. I think the problem is that weโ€™re just not sure his feelings for her are real since he keeps being spiteful and insisting he loves her due to the bracelet. So naturally we donโ€™t buy the OTP. Smh. If he could only take off the bracelet and still save and cherish her then I would be convinced that his feelings for her are real.

    • If kissing is ‘suggestive behaviour’ to you then from what I have seen Indian and Pakistani Tv shows would better suited for you. I know for a fact they don’t do kissing scenes. Or maybe try some Arab TV shows. Basically, Korean entertainment is not for you.

      • @Yuni- I was being genuine but ‘racist’??? You are delusional. And what do you mean its not part of most Korean entertainment? Name me one Korean romance drama that doesn’t have a kiss scene. Go on.

    • Congrats for being dumb. Did you know that your parents had sex to have you? Crawl back to your fundamentalist religious state.

  5. I missed this teaser and that kiss caught me so off guard. I really thought he was going to throw Johnathan out a window or something.

  6. was der something impt. events last nite on tv like any sporting events, why does the rating went down more than 1percent fr. the previous epi.?

      • ktv i mean lol, i always read fans reasoning if rating goes down that some impt. events is on that night, so maybe der is 1 last nite.for cable more than 1 percent is huge.

      • lol… then we have to wait for the Koreans to reply… Chung is the top seeded South Korean male tennis player btw… ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Not final yet…. still has many rounds… just not frequent to see SK tennis player in a Grand Slam tournament. He is playing Djokovic next if you like to watch tennis ?

  7. Idk but I could not fully feel this drama. And the kiss…was badly done. Any kind of unconsented kiss is a big no no to me. And nowhere was that a deep a kiss. I could not believe this kind of kiss in a modern drama still exist. Yikes.

    • same here… I did not expect any romance in this drama, is this necessary? I am happy enough just to watch the special effects, Monkey, Bull, PK, Zombie girl and a great cast ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Yuni. Haters gonna hate. Shake it off.

    While I don’t mind an innnocent kissing scene, this one is pretty darn squicky. It was with a demon whose only feelings for her are an utterly selfish type of love and the most vile kind of hate. Romanticizing the kiss made her look like she has zero self-respect.

    If they’re going to do a romance angle I sure wish they’d do two things. First, don’t show her wanting to yield her affections to someone who doesn’t deserve them. Or, if they’re trying for the Fay Wray / (Monkey) King Kong romance thing, then make it more obvious.

    Also, that they would adhere to the religious mythology of the Chinese source text instead of borrowing archetypes from western monotheistic belief systems. (Demons, Lucifer, etc.). Their fixed nature is incompatible with the storyline.

    If they wanted to branch out, it’s too bad that they didn’t blend in an OTT pagan character like Baal. Or some of the wacky gods from the egyptian/roman/greek pantheons. And then go full-throttle-Tim-Burton with the directing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • what do you expect from K-dramas nowadays?… it’s actually not that bad… maybe you are asking for too much?… what are you watching now, just curious on what’s better? please tell us…

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