Kim Kang Woo and UEE Pair Up for MBC Weekend Drama My Husband Oh Jak Doo

Casting took a new turn in one week with upcoming MBC drama My Husband Oh Jak Doo. Initially it was reported the Han Sun Hwa and Lee Min Jung were in talks as the female leads and a week later it’s suddenly UEE who is confirmed for the main role. Joining her is a surprise with Kim Kang Woo as the male lead, and I say surprise because he does darker roles and weekend dramas are all about the family issues with a side of makjang. UEE had the most extreme drama picks of 2017, passing on the female lead role in KBS weekend drama My Golden Life which went on to be the biggest ratings hit of the year, instead taking KBS prime time drama Manhole which was the lowest rated drama of the year. Weekend is certainly an surer bet these days and with My Golden Life ending soon the ratings will be open to a shuffle between the networks.

There’s the usual familiar faces in the supporting roles for My Husband Oh Jak Doo, and the PD is a weekend makjang veteran having directed My Daughter Geum Sa Wol, My Queen, and Flames of Ambition, and with screenwriter of Mama and Everybody Cha Cha Cha writing this script.


Kim Kang Woo and UEE Pair Up for MBC Weekend Drama My Husband Oh Jak Doo — 20 Comments

  1. I like UEE. I hope she gained the weight back and be what she was before. I think the break up with Lee Sang Woo caused her to go further in with her diet. I understand it as it is her first love.

    I hope she finally listen to someone and gain back her baby face. Despite what people said, she’s a very hardworking idol. She’s not a good actress yet but she gives her all.

  2. My golden Life is on KBS, not SBS. So far, only KBS weekend drama performed extremely well and slayed the ratings. Not sure about weekend dramas over at MBC and SBS but I read that Money Flower is doing well.

  3. I think shin hye sun is what makes my golden life soar through the rating, it will not have the same impact with UEE and possibly lower.

    • Yeah Shin Hye Sun had to practically beg and plead to get the role that KBS offered on a platter to an idol but ultimately she’s the one who is the reason the ratings are so high.

      • Why do you go around saying she begged? I saw this comment in several threads and realised they are all by you lol.

      • It’s been reported in Korean news sources so take your salt elsewhere if you don’t like seeing it pointed out.

  4. Not the end of My Golden Life with a second series on the cards mid year the bet with a longer series..its a winner for the network.?

  5. Initially it was reported that Kim Hyun Joo and, then, Lee Min Jung were in talks for the first lead. Han Sun Hwa is still in talks for the second female lead.

  6. Uee is such an unappealing actress to watch. Her skills are not that good and now even her face is hard to look at after her surgeries. A pity both Kim Hyun Joo and Lee Min Jung rejected this drama.

    • Agreed. She’s so bad at acting yet she keeps getting lead roles no matter how she’s had quite a few low rated dramas and her acting’s received criticism too.

  7. Have just finished watching the show, it is the heart warming, loving and touching show. Love to see Uee and Kim Kang Woo together, cute and loving couple. Hope to see them again. .

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