FNC Denies Former FNC Entertainment Employee Claim that Jung Yong Hwa Applied to Graduate School to Delay Military Service

Things went from bad to worse for the Jung Yong Hwa special admissions to graduate school scandal this week. A former FNC Entertainment employee has made public that Jung Yong Hwa applied to graduate school to delay his military service enlistment date, which was what everyone assumed since he has a thriving entertainment career that makes getting a graduate degree seem spurious and unnecessary. FNC quickly responded and said the allegations were false and the K-netizens are not buying that denial.

Military service dodging is one of THE most unforgivable infractions a Korean male celebrity could commit and some huge names still have that taint attached to them even years later such as PSY, MC Mong, Song Seung Heon, Jang Hyuk, and more. Yoo Seung Jun still can’t get Korea to let him back into the country much less earn public forgiveness. I say the best course of action is for Jung Yong Hwa, who is 28 years old in Western age and 30 in Korean age, to just enlist in the next few months and let everything blow over for the two years during his enlistment. I’m sure CNBLUE will be fine and maybe some of his band mates can choose to enlist now as well and everyone get that darn mandatory service over and done with.

The former FNC Entertainment employee didn’t just claim that Jung Yong Hwa applied to graduate school to avoid the military, but that he also didn’t attend any classes and the employees had to log on to the online classes and attend for them. Sheeesh, this is so looking dire for Jung Yong Hwa’s reputation among fairness and merit based South Korean netizens.


FNC Denies Former FNC Entertainment Employee Claim that Jung Yong Hwa Applied to Graduate School to Delay Military Service — 13 Comments

  1. Yep, the best thing for him to do is enlist now. Him and FNC might want to earn more money prior to his service but his reputation is tarnished. What is he thinking?

  2. Park Hye Jin didn’t serve in the military too. But was it a controversy back then. And most recently Yoo Ah In got the exemption which Knetz are not happy about it.

    Anyhow back ro YW, maybe it’s best for him to go to the military first.

    • Park Hae Jin was exempted for mental illness back when he was still a non-celebrity, after he debuted it became a controversy but afaik the MMA put out a statement that cleared him. Even Yoo Ah In actually went through his evaluations, this guy is on the next level.

    • It’s not like he can choose to go in public service and active service is tough, some people even try to escape or commit suicide because of the harsh environment. Why would these celebrities who’ve had it cushy want to enlist if they can get away with not?

  3. il just say if Yong Hwa does public service, instead of active duty.He is done.And the best cause of action for FNC, at this point, is to keep quiet.They are not helping him, when they release these kinds of statements.

  4. there nothing this guy do that surprise me. he will get away with it. just like that guy fron big bang. all you need is crazy fangirl. they will shield him just like they shield him from tax and school.

  5. Never like this dude in the first place. He always has this douche vibe that rubs me the wrong way. He never admitted he’s in the wrong either. There’s always someone shouldering the blame for him.

  6. I guess its easy for me to say that he should just enlist because I’m not in his position, but its not like other celebrities of his status haven’t survived their military service, he should just go and be done with it.

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