SM to Release Posthumous Jonghyun Album Titled Poet/Artist with All Proceeds Donated to Charity

This is a very comforting and bittersweet as a final bookend to recently passed Korean idol Jonghyun’s life and career. His agency SM Entertainment has announced that it will be releasing the already recorded solo tracks Jonghyun laid down before his passing a month ago on December 18, 2017. The mini-album is titled “Poet/Artist“, so fitting for this sensitive and talented young man with the soul of a poet and the work of an artist. All proceeds will be donated to charity, and in the meantime his group SHINee has announced that it will forge ahead with all scheduled performances and events as a now 4-member group as Jonghyun would have wanted and a tribute to his legacy. Also fitting is to see Jonghyun selected in the 27th spot of the TC Candler 2017 list of Most Beautiful Faces in the men’s list. Hopefully his family, friends, and fans will take solace in all these positive remembrances of Jonghyun.


SM to Release Posthumous Jonghyun Album Titled Poet/Artist with All Proceeds Donated to Charity — 4 Comments

  1. Wonderful gesture and for certain would have been his wish…A beautiful legacy leaving a personal message from a gifted entertainer. Well done missed.

  2. Jonghyun performed 6 new songs at his last concert and there’s a new song he wrote to comfort people when a loved one is no longer with them. He thought about comforting us even till the last moment, he knew we’ll be heartbroken. There are so many things I want to convey but I don’t think I’ll be articulate enough. I was at his last concert and I have been a fan of 9 years. It’s been a month but also it doesn’t feel like it? Idk.. shinee is doing their first concert in a month, I hope they have the strength to pull through this.
    Jonghyun’s mother and his sister, Sodam, are incredibly strong. I hope the foundation will help a lot of people.

    Boa’s comeback was scheduled for Jan last week, seems they postponed it after getting Jonghyun’s family’s permission.

    • “poet|artist” makes it Jonghyun’s 5th album. Shinee has 5 Korean albums, 5 japanese albums, 5 korean concert tours, 5 japanese tours. Shinee is 5 too. Eternally.

  3. I can’t help but feel sad every time I see news of him, may he rest in peace and I hope his family, friends, colleagues and fans are able to heal from this loss.

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