Ha Ji Won Still Can’t Work the Short Hair Awkwardness at New Brand CF Event

Try as Ha Ji Won can but what’s not happening still isn’t happening with the short hair look she’s sported since mid-2017 for the MBC drama Hospital Ship. She had an even short cut for Secret Garden years ago and pulled it off them, it was fitting for her stunt woman character and had an edge to it. This one with the longer blunt edges and bangs just looks unflattering and old-fashioned. I feel like she needs to grow it out even quicker to revamp her style again and wash away the mild disappointment of Hospital Ship. Her look this week at the brand Crocodile event was made worse by a power blue collarless coat and too white oily makeup. I want to sack her coordi and makeup coordinator, and maybe have her switch agency as well, anything to kick start Ha Ji Won back to the kick ass actress with a great project picking streak.



Ha Ji Won Still Can’t Work the Short Hair Awkwardness at New Brand CF Event — 11 Comments

  1. She does need to pick better dramas. Both the In Time with You remake and Hospital Ship were not that good. She probably does better in movies.

  2. She has just lost her brother today (Jun Tae Soo/Sung Kyung Kwan Scandal actor) after suffering a long battle with depression 🙁 My deepest condolences to her family.

  3. What an untimely article. I just saw the news that Jun Tae Soo, Ha Ji Won’s brother, passed away today.

    As a fan of Jonghyun, it breaks my heart knowing that another person has succumbed to their battle with depression. Korea needs to do remove the stigma on mental illness.

  4. I just read your article about her brother passing away before I saw this one… maybe it would be better to remove this article…? As a reader it seems weird that you’re offering sympathy in one and then criticizing her appearance immediately afterwards. I know they’re separate topics but… who cares how she looks given the devastation she’s probably going through right now?

  5. Please unnie koala.Remove this article for the sake of decency and respect for someone who is mourning.I would have commented on her fashion/styling but this is not the right time.

  6. i hope you feel ashamed for writing such a shallow article criticizing her appearance. now when people click on your story about her brother’s death, they see that this is the last thing you wrote about her.

    • I hope you feel ashamed to be so aggressive… 1) You might have been the first to enjoy this kind of “shallow” article usually… 2)Frankly do you REALLY think Ha Ji won is reading this web site (pretty sure she doesn’t give a s.. about it now and NEVER!) 3)Koala OBVIOUSLY didn’t know the news before posting this article. 4) GET A LIFE instead of PLAYING THE PRUDE! Some comments are beyond ridiculous, really.

  7. I love ha ji win and feel deeply sorry for her lost but Kola is just speaking the truth about her recent failed projects & styling 🙁

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