New Pictures of Kim Soo Hyun Healthy and Training Well in Military Service

With all the recent attention on mandatory military enlistment in South Korea, and the stars or powerful folks who seek to delay or get out of it, I hope K-netizens are mollified to start the week off with new pictures of acknowledged boy-next-door Hallyu star Kim Soo Hyun doing his military service in his full capacity. Kim Soo Hyun enlisted on the earlier side in October 2017 since he’s an ’88er and there are still 1987 born male stars who have not enlisted yet. He completed basic training and is stationed in the army rather than a police or desk assignment. This batch of new pictures shows him boyish still but filled out a little more physically, and looking very believable as a baby-faced but earnest soldier. His career plateaued a little before his enlistment after rocketing sky high very early on with mega-hits, and hopefully he can ramp up properly when he returns in mid-2019.


New Pictures of Kim Soo Hyun Healthy and Training Well in Military Service — 21 Comments

  1. Amazing that he was even diagnosed with some kind of heart problem and he’s able to do his duty for the country, admirable. I like him more for that! Can’t wait for his comeback and my wish is for my 2 faves,PSH and KSH have a project together. Stay healthy and do your job well.

    • Not to be rude but you really want those two to act together? Aren’t you apprehensive of the shipper hordes and oppa fangirls who will without a doubt put PSH down? You already see Hyun Bin fans saying how they want a different actress to be HB’s co-star (really, saw comments like this on allkpop lol). Tbh PSH needs to stay in Chungmuro and do serious acting projects. Dramas are her bread and butter but she first needs to build her resume in films. That is the best and only way I can see for her to truly evolve in her craft. KSH next drama will be super anticipated probably, I feel like he is going to stay doing movies too, too much pressure in dramas you see…

      • Her fans arent exactly innocent in this.Did you see the previous casting news right here?They were some who were mocking Hyun Bin for being “old” and they were saying she deserves better, just because Hyun Bin hasnt produced a drama hit in a while.

        KSH-PSH combo would be an instant international hit, but in Korea; these days; the script is what is making or breaking dramas not just big names.It could go either way.But if I were KeyEast(KSH agency), securing him a good drama production would be a smart business decision before letting him go back to ChungMunro. He has a huge fanbase so even if the drama does not achieve super high ratings, his fangirls would be more than enough to cover his ass.While, if he comes back and goes straight to movies, and it ends up a box office failure again; he would have to work extra hard to recover.

      • @RubyRed,
        yeah, I went back to read the comments and I’ve always known PSH fans are kinda delulu and awful. Her fans are her biggest obstacle in her career if I may say so. They only want her to star in popular hallyu hits with popular oppa and she needs to play a character that is close to her characters in YAB, HS or Heirs. They get super mad if she acts more mature characters and they only care about popularity and ’’innocence and angels”
        I get that kind of impression of her fans, although I know there are the rational ones too…

      • Shipper fans are a funny bunch, they can be great scriptwriters being able to conjure a relationship out of nothing…even if the actors they are shipping for their fav had been known to be spied on or with photographic evidence with another, they still will believe their delusion. Get a kick of reading their fantasy. True fans know that these actors are acting, trying to sell their drama so let them keep their fantasy. As a fan, I’d love to see them act together.

  2. He look sooo handsome , very manly! Looking forward to see him pairing with Park Shin Hye in a drama or/and movie. I am sure all bad memories on both side will be erased !They will for sure take the world by storm!

  3. Wow, he’s one of the rare few who looks OK in the military.

    And KUDOS to him for not finding a way out with the Escape Military 101 route that some stars like to take

  4. Yea I’m down with him doing a drama with PSH too lol. He looks super adorable and healthy. Honestly it feels like he’s gone for almost 3 years now because of his hiatus before enlistment. I can’t wait for him to come back next year and just act – I miss that the most.

    It feels like eons later but I hope my waiting tim for him will fly faster than it did for Yoo Seung Ho. Then I hope my babies will work together in a drama with 2 male leads or a movie. Gah. #excited

  5. People mentioning PSH though.She’s alright but he rarely works with dongsaengs(unless we are talking about IU and Suzy). His past record includes Han Ga In, Gong Hyo Jin and Jun Ji Hyun. I am predicting Song Hye Kyo for his comeback drama.She usually gets paired with guys that just got out of the army(e.g Jo In Sung and her hubby) haha.Other eligible noonas I can see working with him, although they dont guarantee hits; Park Min Young, Shin Min Ah, Son Ye Jin, Han Ji Min for some reason gets alot of offers etc.

  6. I have no idea how this turned out to be a Park Shinhye article.
    Really, this website should be renamed to Shinhye’s playground or Suzy’s playground – they are everywhere!

    • These two are koala’s faves.They also have an equal proportion of fans and haters.So mention of their names anywhere results in passionate responses.They also pop up everywhere for that reason.

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