Big name K-stars Don Subdued to Overly Labeled Gucci Outfits for Brand Event in Seoul

The Gucci event in Seoul this week brought out the gamut of fashion dressing that happens even within one couture brand. Gucci has always been fashionably loud and not in a good way though I appreciate the consistent vision of the brand. I’m not sure if the brand is changing it’s name from Gucci to Guccy as per new logo on the photo backdrop but there will certainly be lots of monogrammed outfits available for purchase as modeled by the famous K-stars in attendance. My favorites were Cha Seung Won, Yoon Kye Sang, and Yoo Seung Ho, fitting nicely into the European style tailored suits of the brand in their age suitable ways. The ladies Jung Ryeo Won, Han Ji Min, Seolhyun, and Sooyoung all went vibrant and more obvious Gucci patterns, and poor Lee Jong Seok was a hot mess like a leopard got sacrificed to make his 70’s era outfit.


Big name K-stars Don Subdued to Overly Labeled Gucci Outfits for Brand Event in Seoul — 17 Comments

  1. The men looks so fine except for lee jong seok.i miss yoo seung ho already.n i forgot the last time i watched yoon kye sang on tv.

  2. Ah really missing YSH too, he looks so good as usual. So who is to blame for all of this? Also I know there had to be some more decently dressed celebs that attended.

  3. YSH looks very sharp, his outfit is age-appropriate and very charming. What’s wrong with HJM – she is missing a pair of pants, or… wait… what is she wearing inside? She should cover her legs more… and what’s with that granny’s pearls…. omg!! lol…

  4. classic,tried,tested high end fashion brand nothing’s wrong with the clothes and accessories…unfortunately not everyone has the fashion sense to represent. ?

  5. Its interesting Korean fashion sense so different from the West.I see a lot of koreans fly as I work on an aircraft…Its a nice modern outlook with a splash of their culture thrown in i think..I like it and very different.

  6. Fashion week in Paris is finished and still the worldwide capital of fashion . I’m not much into fashion but at every event some selected new creators who doesn’t have sponsors,… are invited to the event. from what i saw their models were more beautiful than les grandes maisons ( Haute Couture, Prêt à porter….) see the collection of Azzaro which was simple yet classy elegant and sexy. and many more Gucci was meuh they succeded on making Han Ji Min older! Chanel with his “mise en scène” becomes boring as if they were trying to hide a lack of creativity.

    • G Valli was great too. There is only in Paris that people can see ” un défilé de” Haute Couture” , elsewhere ( New York, Milan ,…) is just du “prêt à porter”.

  7. Saw the full body shots, lovely Seolhyun looking elegant. She and Jung Ryeo Won look like Asian royalties. Oh I hope dramaland pairs Jung Ryeo Won and Lee Dong Wook, or JRW with Gong Yoo, that’ll be awesome! Ciao.

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