Top C-actress Friends Yang Mi, Angelababy, Ni Ni, and Liu Shi Shi Light Up the 2018 Weibo Awards

It’s so darn cute, or too much pretty in one frame, to see China’s top actresses all hanging out together at the 2018 Weibo Awards. Seated in a row and captured by cameras were Yang Mi, Angelababy, Ni Ni, and Liu Shi Shi, and actually Guli Nezha as well once the cameras panned out further. There were a few more big names to add to this lineup to really complete the who’s who of current C-ent IT girls such as Crystal Liu Zhao Li Ying and Tang Yan but this is really something already to see so many big starlets catching up behind the scenes. All of them started out young in their late teens and in the last decade have truly paved their own way on par with the earlier generation of top C-actresses such as Zhao Wei, Fan Bing Bing, and Zhou Xun. I’m excited to see what acting performances and projects they unveil in 2018, along with new and exciting red carpet fashion pics. The outfits at the Weibo Awards remain different and playful bu no one really wowed me.


Top C-actress Friends Yang Mi, Angelababy, Ni Ni, and Liu Shi Shi Light Up the 2018 Weibo Awards — 16 Comments

    • @ Mila:

      Asians general don’t like to go out in the sun or getting suntan. Some people do also sometimes wear makeup foundation with lighter tone than their own skin.

  1. No they dont!!lol. Chinese from the north have the fairest skin of all Asia including South Korea with ITS celebrities sometimes or often using skin whtitening.

    • angelababy has PS even tho she denies it. Her mouth is so so big… it is hard not to compare when she stands next to the classic beauties. Also agree with @Sel that she is not a top actress, her acting sucks

      • She actually looks a lot like her parents. And aside from her awkward braces wearing teenage photos, her childhood photos actually don’t look that much different than how she looks today. Not to say she hasn’t done any surgery. But not as much as people make it out to be. Whether you think her big mouth is ugly is your opinion but it’s her mother’s mouth. And her acting well… I haven’t seen anything too devastating. Plenty of natural actresses act just as bad. Plastic or no plastic.

  2. I rarely see YangMi and TanYan interact these years. I wonder if the friendship might have weakened over the years.

      • When did YM say they TY or AB her bffs?
        She never did.
        The only person she admitted close to her is Bibi and her non celeb friends
        Plus it’s normal for people to change friends after certain times but it’s funny that media and people love painted YM as a bad person.
        Why would she is the one who changed friends and not her friends that didn’t want to hang out with her anymore?
        She said she never force anyone in relationships, if they come she will welcome but if they don’t she isn’t sad over it.

  3. I don’t want whiter skin. White is not a pretty color for people with yellow undertone. I would LOVE to have their flawless skin though. I would take that flawless complexion in any color. =)

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