C-news Reports the Streaming Platform iQiyi Reportedly Has Sued Deng Lun and His Agency for Damages Incurred From Big Budget Drama The Night Wanderer Not Being Able to Air

The cancel machine in C-ent is way more methodical and linear than in other Asian entertainments, if an actor or actress is deemed to have committed a transgression of moral turpitude and beyond (i.e. actual crimes) then it’s all the same consequence – complete erasure. C-actor Deng Lun went from flying high to cancelled this past March 2022 after it was revealed him and his agency was investigate for underreporting his taxable income and he was levied a hefty owed tax with penalty. This week C-ent discovered a recently filed lawsuit by streaming platform iQiyi against Deng Lun and his agency for damages stemming from the time traveling period C-drama The Night Wanderer with Ni Ni. It finished filming in late 2021 and was slated for an end of 2022 airing but with Deng Lun’s scandal it was assumed the drama would be shelved. Now it appears iQiyi is striking the first attack in suing for damages assuming (or knowing) The Night Wanderer is DOA. That’s such a shame, the drama looks EPIC, so gorgeous in visuals with Deng Lun as a 1930’s era lawyer in Republican era China time traveling at night to meet up and romance 2016 modern era architect played by Ni Ni.

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Makeup Artist to Top C-actresses Liu Shi Shi, Tang Yan and Many More is Famous in His Own Right

If the C-actresses are dressing way better than their K-counterparts on the red carpet, more diverse and experimental, they are also looking better makeup wise with rarely any overly BB-creamed face. K-actresses are so foundationally shellacked it detracts from the … Continue reading

Marie Claire China Women in Power Night Assembles the Avengers of C-actresses Sun Li, Yang Mi, Liu Shi Shi, Tang Yan, Li Bing Bing, and Zhang Yu Qi in One Glorious Shot

There are SO MANY new and young acting stars in C-ent it’s actually made me drop off most of my C-drama watching because there are no true stars (yet) in that generation which captivate me like the group which launched … Continue reading

Yellow is the New Black at 2020 Weibo Night Awards with Striking Gowns by C-actresses Tang Yan, Ni Ni, and Guan Xiaotong

It’s been some time since I saw so much glitz and glamour and this time it’s courtesy of C-ent which held the 2020 Weibo Night Awards despite it already being 2021. Better late than never and the ceremony feted popular … Continue reading

C-stars Mostly a Miss at the 2017 Elle Style Awards with Standouts Being Ni Ni and Liu Wen

It’s a rarity for C-ent to miss this broadly across the board, with only a few standouts, but I guess percentage wise it’s impossible to always be on point even with fashion. At the 2017 Elle Style Awards which took … Continue reading

Stars Descend in Beautiful Fashion in Beijing for the 15th Annual Bazaar Charity Night

The Chinese-speaking glitterati was out in full force this weekend at the 15th annual Bazaar China charity event held in Beijing, with many reasons to check out ranging from couple sighting to once again C-stars showing that they do high … Continue reading

Glamorous Stars Out in Full at the 2016 Annual Bazaar China Star Charity Night Event

Chinese-speaking entertainments best and brightest stars were out in mega force this past Friday for the annual Bazaar Star Charity Night. There were so many pretty faces and fashionable attire it’s impossible to pick a post topper so I’ll go … Continue reading