Kang Sora and Yoon Hyun Min Considering Offer for tvN Fantasy Romance Gyeryong Goddess

Recently I wrote about the impending K-drama adaption of the webtoon with the literal title ofย  Legend of the Chicken Dragon Fairy and now casting has begun. Offers are out to Kang Sora and Yoon Hyun Min for the leads of Gyeryong Goddess (tentative title) with the drama being picked up on tvN. I sure hope this fantasy fairy drama is better than tvN’s recent fails with Bride of the Water God and now Hwayugi, and I mean fail in terms of narrative and/or poor casting choices.

Since this is based on a webtoon and I like both Kang Sora and Yoon Hyun Min’s acting abilities and chemistry with former costars this drama is shaping up on the promising side. It’s the tale of a goddess from heaven who lost her wings and falls in love with a human, but she lives forever and he dies so six hundred years later she’s a modern day barista waiting for her true love to be reincarnated. It’s like a conceptually super depressing Goblin crossed with Groundhog’s Day. Directing will be PD Kim Yoon Chul of Can We Love and Madame Antoine.


Kang Sora and Yoon Hyun Min Considering Offer for tvN Fantasy Romance Gyeryong Goddess — 23 Comments

  1. Hoping for a success for my dear girl Kang Sora. She’s such a talented actress but has been let down with bad dramas for so long. Yoon Hyunmin is great; he’s on a roll with two successful projects so if he accepts, may this be a hit too.

  2. I like kang sora but her last drama was such a let down. Her acting in drama wasnt good either too basic and full of overacting cliche acting. YHM is promising thats all.

    • Choi Si Won, her co star wasnt good either.He was overacting too.Plus the plot was too cliche.These producers and writers need to get the message.The audience no longer like Rom Com about rich boy and poor girl plot.The recent rom coms that have done well are those that have couples in same socio-economic class.Also no more arrogant jerk male leads with wounded hearts.Its tired and boring.

      • Yeah it was just so stale and not well written or directed at all, I don’t blame Kang Sora. She’s capable of better and has shown it so I give her the benefit of the doubt.

  3. Kang Sora has not had any good dramas for a while…. while YHM has few recent hit dramas & his acting is proven… Not sure if she is a good match… Let’s see if YHM will accept this offer. He is probably quite careful in choosing projects after his success. Also depending on the PD & Writer, this kind of drama can go down the drain like the snoozefest Bride of the Water God…

  4. Hmm Kang Sora needs a better management team. This sounds cute and all but it looks like another flop. Fantasy dramas (except Hwayugi) have not done well in ratings.

    • I think fantasy dramas work well if the writing and execution are good and do not veer too much from the original story if they are adaptations. Gyeryong Goddess already has an established fanbase so it needs to find a good writer like for Buamdong Avengers (the webtoon creator said it was a fine adaptation despite differences) or it should periodically consult the creator for the script. I’m actually quite worried how the drama team would translate the quirky but lovable story.

  5. Kang So ra needs to try a different genre.Maybe a melo sonce she seem to like romance drama.She should make sure writer has a good track record before signing on.She seems to get alot of offers so she should choose carefully.

    • It’s a shame, she’s a good actress but her dramas after Misaeng have been crappy. Except for Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho and that totally sidelined her.

      Still, Misaeng is an amazing drama, it still gets mentioned by k-netizens in drama duscussions all these years later, so I doubt anyone’s forgotten Kang Sora can act.

  6. I wish she could do a drama opposite Lee Jong Suk, they had great chemistry in that medical drama even though he was paired with the wooden girl instead of Kang Sora.

      • At least she isn’t infesting public channel dramas any more. But seriously, who keeps giving her lead roles?! She still can’t act.

  7. that wooden girl just like suzy they both sux at acting yet keep getting lead role.

    kang sore need to pair up with hot guy even if she dating HB. pair with old man not going get her fame. why she pick drama that ifan not into. only drama ifan into from her is WAC

    • KSR & HB broke up in December 2017 as per confirmed reports from their agencies. Then I read somewhere that him and Nana were dating after they met on the movie The Swindlers (please don’t quote me I’m so naughty for even mentioning this here sorry everyone) so Im hoping that KSR just accepts this drama and keeps working.

    • Sounds like you’ve never watched Misaeng…

      But I agree, she should pair up with someone like Park Seo Joon, Lee Jong Suk or Kang Ha Neul (incidentally, her costar from Misaeng).

    • Wasn’t Park Seojoon considering the Secretary Kim drama? I saw many fans of actresses are eyeing it, hoping for their unnies to star in it. Kang Sora’s fans were one of them, and also Seo Hyunjin, Seohyun etc. I was really hoping Kang Sora to be the one, since she has the secretary look. But she got offered this instead ๐Ÿ™
      But then again PSJ probably won’t take it, since he was offered a film by Midnight Runners’ director.

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