Ji Sung and Han Ji Min Play a Married Couple for tvN Fantasy Romance Knowing Wife

This is one of the reunions of sorts that came out of the blue and surprisingly I’m cool with it. Cable network tvN has confirmed that Ji Sung and Han Ji Min are both confirmed for upcoming drama Knowing Wife. It’s a romance with a fantasy twist to it and these days it feels like there is always a fantasy or supernatural twist to everything. They play a married couple who suddenly live different lives after the husband goes back in time and makes a different choice. Basically the Butterfly Effect in K-drama romance form. The reunion in this casting comes from Ji Sung and Han Ji Min doing gambling drama All In years ago, they didn’t have any scenes because she played the teenage version of Song Hye Kyo‘s female lead whereas he was the adult second male lead. Knowing Wife will be directed by the PD of Shopping King Louie with the script by the writer of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo and Oh My Ghost.


Ji Sung and Han Ji Min Play a Married Couple for tvN Fantasy Romance Knowing Wife — 19 Comments

  1. Guess Korea still obsess with fantasy especially TvN. Idk what to expect, may be they can put a fresh spin to it or what but Ji Sung is there, so at least something delightful could be expected.

  2. I was hoping for a Ji Sung & Hwang Jung Eum reunion.
    I remember she said she will work with Ji Sung again only after she got married hahaha.
    Oh well…

  3. The other work horse is back.Only Jang Hyuk is left.We all know Ji Sung will give his all regardless of role or genre.Han Ji Min continues to be a question mark to me.I have ever only liked her in Rooftop Prince.I feel like she is really bland,but producers seem to like her very much.She gets offers every year.I do think she could be good in sageuk though.

    The writer and PD combo is really good though.The writer managed to make Nam Joo Hyuk look like a decent actor by writing around his acting limitations.Oh My Ghost was good too.I suddenly miss Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Suk.Its also nice , the story is about regular married people not chaebol with extreme poor but optimistic girl.That said, the last two TVN romance fantasy I remember; “Chicago Typewriter” and “Tomorrow with You” flopped so hard and both had good actors.Bride of the Water God also had writer-PD combo that did a great job in other dramas but as you all know..BOTWG was all sorts of messy.

    • Han Ji Min is in Lee Santa’s agency that’s why she keeps getting roles even in high profile movies. She is also in Lee Santa’s next one. I’ve seen the offers have less to do with talent and more with connections. Another question mark for me is Han Hyo Joo who is also in Lee Santa’s agency. She is underwhelming but keeps getting offer in movies.
      Whatever work horse no.2 Ji Sung will do great job and Han ji Min is far more superior choice than Hyeri. HJM can be likabke sometimes and PD and writer are promising.

  4. As long as JS goes back in time, meet a nice girl (a better actress) & not have any scenes with HJM ? She still gives me nightmares from that last drama… she was soooo bad there…. ?

  5. If this drama could be as good as ‘go back couple’ then it would be a good drama.
    love ji sung.but not fond of ha ji min.watched few of her dramas but still cant accept her

  6. Seem like all of veteran back to small screen this year. After a lackluster last year, this year is great cast after great cast after great cast

  7. My sister when she read this was.. Oh no.. Han ji min. Im like wow Ji Sung is a workaholic but his last drama was a genre i dont usually watch. I perk up n took notice when i reD the scriptwriter’s work..love both WFKBJ and OMG

  8. Ji Sung typically does one drama a year, so I figured he would be choosing something soon since Lee Bo Young’s Mother is close to winding down. I don’t know about time travel since it was overused last year) but I love Ji Sung and I typically like the writer.

  9. Since some of you have expressed your opinion in disliking Han Ji Min, I felt the need to also express my opinion — however, I love Han Ji Min! In my opinion, she is a great actress and can act across all genres. Let’s not confuse poor script writing/directing with poor acting. I have seen most of her work and she always impresses me with her diligence and intensity. So, unlike some of you, I will be looking forward to this show because Han Ji Min is the lead actress. Yay!

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