IU Radiates Coldness and the Lead Brothers Down a Beer in New Stills from My Ahjusshi

I may be in the minority but I really liked IU‘s performance in Producer. It was one of her better roles, perhaps buoyed by good chemistry with Kim Soo Hyun, but either way the cold Cindy was a smart pick for IU. She’s playing a cold character again in upcoming tvN drama My Ahjusshi, with three male lead ahjusshis around her played by Lee Seon Kyun, Oh Dal Soo and Song Sae Byuk. Seeing the stills of IU in this drama brings back Cindy vibes, this time less top idol and more sullen office worker. The drama is from the PD of Misaeng working with the screenwriter of Another Oh Hae Young so hopes are high this will be a drama that delivers on its promise of life healing and not rile up netizens with a twenty year difference romance between IU and Lee Seon Kyun.


IU Radiates Coldness and the Lead Brothers Down a Beer in New Stills from My Ahjusshi — 17 Comments

  1. Even though she’s not the best actress out there, she’s still likeable. I wonder how she tackles that cold personality with a sweet face of hers. The only drama with Lee Seon Kyun I watched was Coffee Prince, he was charming and cool there (though there wasn’t really any competition when Gong Yoo was involved lol), so I’m really looking forward to this one!

  2. Yay, thank you for giving us updates on this personally anticipated drama. We still don’t know whether the relationship between IU and Lee Seon-kyun is a romantic (his character has a wife) or platonic one, but judging from the wide age range of the cast for sure we will see many relationships being explored. I trust this director to handle things in a sensitive manner. Anyway, can’t wait for more teasers and information.

  3. I loved IU in Moon lovers. All other roles before that drama never clicked with me. i love IU ever since Moon lovers and so i believe she will do just fine. There is no way to back from that acting to bad again only to go forward and get better i think.

  4. Its gonna be a mess if Oh Dal Soo steps down from the drama too.I can imagine the remaining ahjussis will be super cautious around IU.There was already some negativity about her working with Lee Sung Kyun.The latest development isnt helping matters.The filming atmosphere must be pretty awkward now.

    • It’ll be a bigger mess if he doesn’t step down tbqh. Jo Jae Hyun has been removed from Cross which has already been airing for several weeks and MA isn’t airing yet, in the absence of a denial it’s better for ODS to step down.

  5. IU was brilliant in Producer. It was a much better fit for her than Moon Lovers where the horrible editing and atrocious screenshots did much more disservice to the show than the acting ever did. Even in that drama IU shone in the more dramatic parts. To be honest, it’s not her performance that concerns me, but a romantic connection to a much older man that bothers me. But if their relationship is going to be platonic, then I’m all for it. It would be something refreshingly new in kdramas to explore a platonic relationship between a man & a woman in a lead role in which the drama is neither a mystery nor a thriller, legal or medical drama.

    • IU really was great in Producer, which is incredible because it’s rare for the female second lead to steal the show that way – her storyline was more interesting than Kim Soo Hyun’s but she delivered a great performance all the way to the end.

  6. IU acting just as bad as suzy. she better off just stick to singing. her acting sux. with the scandal of one Ahjussi in her drama. wonder will the other Ahjussi be cautious now with IU being 20 younger then him.

    • They debuted together and neither of them is a great actress but they are still on very different levels in terms of acting ability lol.

    • to be objective, I don’t think Suzy will be able to deliver IU’s level of performance in Producer and Moon Lovers if she were to be put in those roles. Yes IU has room for improvement, but saying she is just as bad as suzy is a bit too harsh. I rank IU higher than Suzy in the acting department 🙂

      • Agreed. IU still has room for improvement, but she’s a much, much better actress than either Suzy or Hyeri.

      • Hyeri… omg… she is soooo bad in Two Cops. She is not even pretty. What’s good about her? I hope Hyeri won’t get any more drama offers as female lead. She should be demoted to supportive roles.

      • This is accurate. Hyeri can’t deliver decent acting outside of a role completely tailored to suit her, Suzy can’t deliver any kind of consistently decent performance even with top writers modifying roles to make her more likable and make use of the negligible skills she has.

        I do feel like IU actually comes across like she wants to get better at acting and like she has a grasp on what her roles require, unlike the other two who seem to have some kind of mental block. I mean, the idea of Suzy ever being cast in a role like Cindy which was at least 50 percent driven by subtle emoting, is a joke.

  7. I don’t think it’s controversial at all, IU was legitimately fantastic in Producer after they got rid of the variety drama style.

    I mean, it was a role where she spent almost 50 percent of her time in tight close-ups and so many of Cindy’s biggest character moments had to be conveyed with only her facial expression, and IU nailed that. Moon Lovers suffered from poor direction, but frankly her not-great performance there was still better than what, say, Suzy or Hyeri can manage with a script tailored to cover up their deficiencies.

  8. Haven’t seen any of IU dramas but will watch this one out of curiosity and because I like the story outline plus I think IU will do well in this so yes am happy to put this down in my must see drama calendar. And I think IU will be like Uhm Jung Hwa and excel in music and acting right up into her late 40’s now that’s exciting ❤️

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