So Ji Sub Considering Fall 2018 MBC Drama Terius Behind Me

It definitely feels like a jam packed week of K-drama casting news, and this one took me by surprise. So Ji Sub is in talks for early fall 2018 MBC Wed-Thurs drama tentatively called Terius Behind Me. No further word on story line or type of drama but the PD did Come Jang Bori! and To the Beautiful You working with the screenwriter of Shopping King Louie which was her first drama script. This will be So Ji Sub first drama since the underwhelming Oh My Venus and currently he’s busy promoting romance movie Be With You costarring Son Ye Jin, who is also coming back to K-dramas this year with Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food. Venus wasted the talents of So Ji Sub and getting a great costar in Shin Mina and I wouldn’t mind seeing him reunite with Gong Hyo Jin in this new drama.


So Ji Sub Considering Fall 2018 MBC Drama Terius Behind Me — 19 Comments

  1. He is not the best actor when compared to his peers but he is very charismatic amd he tends to have good chemistry with his female co stars.I liked him in Master’s Sun.I read somewhere the synopsis for this drama seems kinda melodramatic.Whatever genre, they will take this drama…I would support a reunion with Gong Hyo Jin.

    I knew it once the 1987-liner actor exodus to the army happens.The producers would be forced to call back the earlier 80s liners and even the older late 70s ones.I hope this will translate to better scripts because thats why all these guys where migrating to movies.I have a good feeling.This year will give us better dramas than last year.Even the pairings this year are much much better and less eye brow raising than last years.

    • He is a charismatic actor and he thrives in melo but I don’t find him that good in comedy. I don’t like Master’s Sun but maybe because I simply could not clicked with Hong Sisters’ writings except YAB. Oh My Venus sucks and really wasted him. “Terius Behind Me” sounds like a light-hearted genre, probably a rom-com. I heard a lot about his great chemistry with Gong Hyo Jin so it would be great for them to reunite. Perhaps, I would also like to see him with actress like Kim Ah Joong or Jung Rye Won?

  2. Oh My Venus was not just underwhelming but it was bad. Especially in the end when Shin Mina’s character got pregnant and gained her weight back and how So Ji Sub’s character reacted. Like wtf.. Personally, he matched will with Gong Hyo Jin. She has chemistry with all of her co-actors. Master’s Sun is also the only drama from Hong Sistrrs I was able to like.

    • Oh My Venus writer was a newbie.That was her first project.But again Secret Forest’s writer was also a newbie and she hit a home run.So lets just say the script was fluff.

      I have a soft spot for Shin Min Ah.But id love to see her in an action/legal/medical drama.I feel she needs to take a break from the “sassy, seduce with cuteness and beauty roles” and do something different.Or a melo with Jo In Sung would be interesting.

      • The first time I saw Shin Min Ah in a drama was A Love to Kill…now that’s a melo all right but I still have PTSD from that drama. I would love to see Jo In Sung in a drama again regardless of genre.

        I like fluff….but just not boring fluff 😉

  3. Hard! Kim Ah Joong or Jung Ryeo Won would be great plus Honey Lee and Lee El I’m throwing their names into the hat. Okay don’t attack me but Kim Hyun Joo his co star from Glass Slippers 2002? Rumoured to be his ex gf back then until her Mother ‘forced’ them to separate. Can they Reunite for this drama? SJS gives me heart palpitations whenever he appears on screen so much I have a self imposed ban on watching his dramas but Im ready to return to see him in this one and his movie Be with you with Son Ye Jin. However I hope his female lead chosen for this drama compliments him well. Now all I need is news of Jo In Sung and his return to dramaland and life will be beautiful. Peace ❤️ to you all

    • Yes to Lee El.The girl is super gorgeous and a good actress.She needs to be elevated to first lead status.Honey Lee is hit or miss for me.I think she is great with strong supporting roles.I remember watching her in “modern farmer” as lead and she overacted as hell.I really cant warm up to Kim Ah Joong, I dont know why, but they would match in terms of age and visuals.I can handle her though than if they stick idols like Hyeri, Suzy or Yoona.Or bad actresses like Lee Yeon Hee or Shin Se Kyung.

      How about my babies Moon Chae Won and Park Min Young.Especially MCW? girl hasnt had a break since Innocent man..She was ok in Good Doctor but she was overshadowed by Joo Won..his character was better written.Her two movies after that didnt do well in the box office.Then Goodbye Mr Black and Criminal Minds were underwhelming.Park Min Young is also good but she needs to work with a charismatic actor and get a ratings hit.I feel she doesnt get the recognition that she deserves.

  4. so ji sub is one of my fav actors,he is damn hot.watched all his dramas which i like except King Louis is in the same vein as Oh my venus so those of you who didnt like Oh my Venus should be wary of this writer as for Me i Will watch anything for Him.

    wish he and song hye kyo can act in a drama together which is my dream cast for many years.

    • Hmmm Song Hye Kyo.I would rather she have a leading role in a female centric drama where she shines like Kim Sun Ah or Kim Hee Sun.Or better still build a name for herself in korean movie land.Song Song also happens to have the most toxic shippers.They would do what Nam Lee did to Shin Se Kyung.They would bring negativity to the drama and will be conparing SJS to SJK.But they would match in terms of age and acting experience.Also although SHK is now married, that wont oppar fans from slut shaming her.It always happens no matter who she works with.

      • I do agree , as a fan of SHK, but I do agree Some fans are crazy and aggressive and unreasonable, and if she acts with him , they will definitely compare him to SJKand bring toxic to the dramas. Big no no
        I love So ji Sub and would love to see him reunited nite with kim Huyn Joo

  5. I love So Ji Sub in almost all his drama except Oh my Venus and Master Sun. Please, not the my venus co-star. I do not like her acting in my venus or the ghost story with Lee Jun Ki. I want him with his co-star in Cain and Abel. Sorry, newbie in K-drama world.

  6. I like So Ji Sob he is agood actor and a good looking…and I hope he will be paired again with Han Hyo Joo… They have a good chemistry in their movie “ALWAYS”. or its nice to see him with Yoo Eun Hye in a Romcom… Cheers!.

  7. Hope he gets a co-star with good chemistry. He deserves an actress who can emote well. Since, he’s already 40, he should be paired with an actress in her 30s with good acting experience.

  8. Hope he gets a co-star with good chemistry. He deserves an actress who can emote well. Since, he’s already 40, he should be paired with an actress in her 30s with good acting experience.

    I also like that actress from “My Sassy Girl”. Now that would make a good drama to watch!

  9. I was waiting for him hes handsome and like the chemistry with female actress I was just waiting i have seen all hes dramas make me laugh and cry and get in love with hes work i will always wait to see him again and again he can say I’m hes fan

  10. I love watching him in anything. I bought the DVD of oh my venus. I think any actor that can act with just a look on his face is beyond talented.

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