Park Seo Joon Confirmed for tvN Rom-com Why Secretary Kim with Park Min Young in Talks to Join

Rom-coms continue to reside in the bottom rung of K-drama ratings to start of 2018, currently airing KBS Mon-Tues workplace romance Radio Romance (more contemplative rom and less com) is getting around 3-4% ratings. Cable network tvN got a solid rom-com win last year with This Life is Our First and now it’s scheduling a late spring rom-com adapted from a webtoon called Why Secretary Kim (or What Happened Secretary Kim). Confirmed now is earlier rumored male lead Park Seo Joon playing a chaebol heir with Park Min Young in talks for role of the titular secretary who takes care of the chaebol’s entire life. When suddenly something happens with her, he goes in search of answers and the two move from employer-employee into a romantic relationship. Directing is the PD of This Life is Our First with the drama slated after My Ahjusshi.


Park Seo Joon Confirmed for tvN Rom-com Why Secretary Kim with Park Min Young in Talks to Join — 44 Comments

  1. Park Seo Joon is going to portray the character similar to the one he played in “She Was Pretty”. Another chaebol heir and arsehole in dramaland. But PSJ has good eyes in picking project, so I expect this will be another hit under his belt.

  2. Oh my! Will be happy to see both of them work their magic. I love Park Min Young, more often than not, it’s always a hit with her, both in romcom (Healer-yaaaa) and sageuk melo (Queen for 7 Days), etc. While with PSJ, it’s so, so, sometime hit like in Witch’s Romance, hmmmm now that I think of it, I have yet to fall in love with him as much as I first did in Witch’s Romance. Oh well, what can I do, I love noona romance. Hah. But pls, since I can’t have Lee Joon Gi and Park Min Young pairing, I’ll settle with PSJ. Make it happen, juseyo.

    • LOL. I was thinking that since she joined Namoo, maybe there will be a drama with LJK. But then LJK already confirmed a drama with Seo Ye Ji which I am extremely happy with.

      I like PSJ but idk why he happened to have the second male leads that stole his thunder (at least according to me). I was liking CSW more in She Was Pretty (though I think it’s more likely for his character since CSW is horrible in Love Revolution) and there’s Park Hyung Sik who totally overshadowed him in Hwarang and whom I love to death. Still, PSJ simply has that likeable aura and I will definitely check this one out.

      • PSJ looks horrible in Hwarang, his long hair was awful ? He is lucky in Fight My Way, the second male lead was fine but didn’t still his spotlight ? lol… Wonder who will be the second male lead in this one?

      • Hahaha. Your comment on his look in “Hwarang” is funny. But it’s not his wig that bothered me, it was probably his character in Hwarang and the fact that PHS was so good in it. I do not like “Fight My Way”, I dropped the drama half-way but the second lead could not match PSJ in term of visual and charisma.

        PMY been playing strong characters as of late as in “Healer” and “7DQ”. Hope she keeps up the momentum.

  3. The story does not sound very interesting… chaebol heir again? But the two leads (if PMY confirms) are strong, good acting will be guaranteed. I like PMY a lot ? I will watch anything she’s in

  4. I wish the roles were reversed though.The female lead as a chaebol and the male one as the secretary.Thats more refreshing.Some are comparing this to Jugglers.Webtoons are also a minefield because the fans tend to make comparisons between the drama and the webtoon.This can cloud the enjoyment of the drama(Cheese in the Trap anyone?).

    PMY is being dragged for that reason among many by the knets.They are not happy with this news at all.Inets are wishing for Han Hyo Joo, Park Shin Hye or a reunion with Kim ji Won.Although some are ok with her.So I hope she doesnt get discouraged by the comments coz she said she reads them, and just go for it.She said she wanted a rom com after her heavy melo sageuk.This is a good opportunity to do something lighter.She will also be working with an IT actor so her acting will be in the spotlight whether good or bad like healer.

    • It was knet who wished for hhj or psh as the secretary at first, based on the suitability w the webtoon character.

    • Pmy is one in few actresses with the real acting talent and she can pull off any role successfully. And so much better than the ones knets wished for. Lol. She’s so courageous and I hope she could cope with the negative comments as she always did.

      • agree. PMY is a great actress. Not sure why knet wants HHJ, I thot they don’t like her due to some old controversies… I don’t have a problem with HHJ, but I prefer PMY better coz I really miss her after 7DQ. PSH? hmmm… is she even considering a return to acting? stop crying wolf for her…

  5. This Is My First Life was my 2018 version of CITT. Wonderful drama that totally goes sideways in the last episodes.

    I am fond of both actors and will give it a go for them.

  6. How I wish to see park min young an a badass girl. I don’t want to see her again in the role of very good leading lady. I want really something badass and chick for her. This is the right time. I want this character of hers to be totally badass and classy.

    • I know, I feel the same way. Min Young has complained about being typecast in the usual Candy roles. She said she was concerned about it and was trying hard to break away from such stereotypical roles especially as she enters her 30s. So that was why Healer and 7 Day Queen was such a departure for her. With this drama, it looks like she’ll be going back to the overused Candytype character that was done quite successfully in Jugglers, but totally horribly in introverted boss. She’s capable of making her character likable and interesting, so I will watch for her.

      As for Park Seo Jin, I like him better as a second lead. None of his leading roles have struck gold with me. He’s been bland in his lead roles. No matter how much I like him as an actor, I can’t ignore his lack of onscreen charisma in lead roles. The last role I truly enjoyed him in was Kill Me Heal Me. He was bland even in Fight My Way.

      • Yes I read her interview about her thoughts in the interview about Lee jun ki. Actually I loved her so much that I never realised she had similar characters in till that interview. I rewatched some of her dramas.Actually even in healer and Q47D I found her strong but mature and understanding leading lady not a chick and badass one.i really hope this IS the role. Same thoughts about PSI. He is good but I have never seen a performance of him like this is it Man he is awesome.

      • I want people to realise and say wow park min young that was awesome. I never thought you had it in you. I dont care about ratings as long as the reviews are good for her performance.i don’t want it to be filled with cheesy lines and slow motion shots just to please female viewers hoping haha

  7. I’m not a big fan of the drama with secretaries. I think the work they do is too personal for secretaries, they work 24/24h and 7/7 days too. And the relationship boss-secretary is a little bit a cliché.

    But I like the casting. PMY is a great actress and she always has chemistry with her costar ! I didn’t really like the two last dramas of PSJ but it was more because of the writting than him.

  8. I have not finished any of Park Seo Joon drama. I tried Fight my Way but it was too difficult to even finish ep 6.

    I hope this one is better. He looks great with Park Min Young so they would probably create great chemistry too. I am looking forward to this one.

  9. Park Min Young is my favorite artist. She can always make the character unique and “own” it. Her character was sassy and totally lunatic in Ep 1-3 of Healer. She makes Chae Young Shin a blast!

  10. I first saw PMY in Princess Ja Myung 2009 SBS and she played the evil step/half sister of Jung Ryeo Won and that was the first and last time I watched any of her dramas. However she must have made an impression on me cos I can now say she is a damn good actress! Fast forward to her tentative casting news with PSJ and I’m pretty excited about this drama if she accepts it. Have to remember she’s proven herself and the creative team must have decided in the beginning that they wanted her and I say good on them! They chose well ❤️ But the be known I’m in la la land and not worried cos Lee Jun Ki was cast with Seo Ye Ji so yep my OTP is locked in.

  11. I love both PSJ and PMY. Their acting is natural and they look so good together. PMY is a far better actress than HHJ IMO. This one is definitely on my to-watch list.

  12. I was just thinking about them two, and to know that they might be pair up makes me super excited for this lackluster plot. I like Park Seo Joon, and I think he’s better than some of the more popular actors. I also like Park Min Young because she prove herself that she can be a trust-worthy actress. This will be her first tvN if she accepts!

  13. Webtoon fans are really too much to Park Minyoung. I doubt most of them are fans, but rather they just don’t like PMY. TvN just released a statement because of all the protest, and I have a bad feeling they are going to take back the offer.
    Anyway, do they really expect Han Hyojoo or Park Shinhye as female lead? Han Hyojoo barely even does dramas now. The last time she did, she was critisized so I doubt she wants to come back anytime soon. As for Park Shinhye, she is at the stage where she is extremely picky about roles so I doubt she will even consider this. Kim Jiwon is great but to pair her with Park Seojoon for two consecutive years is just weird imo. Wait till they go and cast some random idols and those fans can just put their foot into their mouth then.

    • Agree. Maybe they should cast Suzy. That will teach those crazy fans a lesson. PMY is a good actress. She has proven herself. I don’t understand why Knetz are so mean to her.

      • Probably still salty coz she dated Lee MinHo decades ago? LOL
        I read somewhere that PMY had to go through a hiatus for a couple years to avoid angry fans after her dating LMH news came out

      • Wow… those are really salty fans… LMH is so out. The drama will be a loss without PMY, oh well… she will shine in another drama.

    • Why? She is gorgeous and very good actress and a good person too. Why would they protest LOL. Stupidity to max. Also how many people are protesting? 10. 15. 200. 400. 4000? Ridiculous bet are elementary or middle schoolers.

      • Sorry but I’m so triggered LMAO. Really she does not even have a bad resume. Why would they make it difficult for her? Seriously her projects are all popular but her own drama industry does not promote her right. Maybe she is not someone who kisses their ass so they don’t promote her or hype her. Well I’m glad she is someone with pride and self respect. Only such people who have courage to continue working despite not given equal treatment or opportunities will survive in the end

    • Webtoon fans can be quite influential. I remembered they managed to get Suzy and Yoona removed from Cheese in the Trap and Nodame Cantabile. Which is good for them.
      I mean, CIIT had that drama with the PD and Nodame was just bad. Shim Eunkyung was bashed.

  14. good thing his lead female is not those suck idol actress. if he were to pair with idol actress. his drama will tank for sure. IU SUZY HYERI YOONA to name a few.

  15. I never thought PMY got her fair share of kudos for Healer. Without her that drama wouldn’t have been that popular. She is a fine actress who dated someone beneath her.

  16. I LOVE park seo joon alot and after starting this drana i fell deeper in love with him,, his acting skills are mad i dont understand how can people say that second male leads stole his light stop these salty comments he works with effort and he has a great aura he deserves more love ?

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