Breaking K-ent News that Suzy and Lee Dong Wook are Dating

Welp, now this is a stunning breaking news item in the world of K-ent celeb dating, not to mention the second in the same week. Media outlets are breaking the out-of-the-blue news that singer-actress Suzy and actor Lee Dong Wook are dating! Like, legit this is all over the news portals and their agencies confirmed within two hours that the two indeed are getting to know each other warmly. The dating news stems from the couple being spotting dating in Cheongdamdong though appearing aware of their surroundings and trying to keep a low profile.

There’s a 13-year age gap between the two, greater than Suzy with her ex-boyfriend Lee Min Ho, and of course this news just like her previous relationship and breakup is certainly going to get tremendous buzz. If Suzy really is dating Lee Dong Wook then congrats to the couple, and it’s great this time around her BF has already completed his military service. I’ll leave it to the nosy K-netizens to vote on whether this is an upgrade or downgrade for Suzy, all I know is that I’m happy whenever my pretties are happy in love with whomever they wish.


Breaking K-ent News that Suzy and Lee Dong Wook are Dating — 107 Comments

      • I really like Wookie, especially after watching him in the reality show, Roommate (Season 1). Who knows how much of that was a crafted persona vs. his true self, but in that show, he came across as being very warm and thoughtful… as well as “not so bright”. He made fun of himself for it, and I found his self-deprecating humor very endearing. There was one scene that stands out in my mind as being particularly funny in which he and Seo Kang-joon were trying to buy a cell phone and they were both utterly clueless– I think they may have even referred to themselves as being Dumb and Dumber.

      • Oops, I was “not so bright” and replied to the wrong comment. This was meant to be a reply to the next comment.

  1. Omo omo Suzy is the lucky girl being with the grim reaper.. Lee Dong Wook is definitely an upgrade when it all down to looks but Lee Min Ho is more famous.. damn their visuals are daebak.. even though they have a huge age gap I’m happy for them.. congrats to this beautiful couple.. I’m just a bit worried about the age gap..

    • I wouldn’t say Lee Minho is more famous especially now Lee Dongwook is back to hallyu status after Goblin. Anyway, fame shouldn’t be the basis of whether this r/s is an “upgrade” or “downgrade”. I don’t know both actors but LDW seems to have a better reputation than LMH when it comes to dating.
      Anyway, huge age gaps seem to be the norm for celebrities. Idols like IU, Suzy, Hyeri etc have debuted young so they are more mature and tend to like older guys lol.

      • I loved LDW since woman scent (I think it’s called). A big fan of his but he is definitely not as popular as LMH not by any argument. We can compare and say Gong Yu is at the same popularity level as LMH outside of SK and definitely more popular than LMH I’m SK but LDW’s popularity mostly hangs from Globin for now.

    • I am speaking based on experience. Yes, I was in a steady relationship with someone 15 years older than me. Age is not an issue at all tbh. It’s a matter whether you share the same direction in the relationship. Some girls despite being young may have matured thinking. I guess, that’s the case with IU and Suzy here.

      • Age is not just a number. The two people grew up in different eras..which actually makes a major difference.
        Also when older person grows older beyond 40s..the younger one is still young and wants to tun away from the relationship

      • @Momo
        As I said, I said based on experience. There are a lot of couples with huge age gap that actually worked. The one thing that determined the relationship is simple that is whether both partners sharing the same goal in the relationship. Age and generation is really not a big issue.

  2. UPGRADE 100%!!! Lee Dong Wook has such an amazing personality, is a better actor, and always has been respectful and good to everyone. That is a big age gap but not the biggest I’ve seen so as long as they’re happy that’s what matters. They match visually for sure

  3. Congrats! Another visual couple.

    Something is def fishy in Korea though. Two top actresses getting exposed in one week… plus there’s also Sung Hoon/Song Ji-eun false alarm ytd.

    • LOL. Suzy and Park Shin Hye outed in the same week. Whatever that is, I am happy for them. Celebrities are like normal people. They are free to date and be in relationships until they find the right one. It’s human rights after all, only that it was made a big deal in Korea. Hmmm….I am still waiting for my couple’s dating news. Still being hopeful.

      • @Mimi

        I don’t normally ship or should I say the last I shipped was many many years ago. The one that I hope could become real is actually the Kim Nam Gil and Kim Ah Joong. But then, this posting is about Lee Dong Wook and Suzy and I don’t wish to steal the thunder from this beautiful couple. And yay to Suzy, she got her dream man. She said he is her ideal type.

  4. If they are happy then I’m also happy for them.
    But honestly it’s little bit hard to digest. Lee Dong Wook seemed like he wanted to get married soon and have the kids. So I thought he’ll go for a mature woman with whom he can start a family immediately. But Suzy is still very young. As compared to LDW she is juvenile in every way. If it’s true I hope netizens won’t trash Suzy for being in new relationship very soon. It’s definitely an upgrade for suzy.

  5. its a 100000000000% upgrade.Personality, visual, reputation.This is a HUGE catch for suzy.LDW is a great guy.But the age gap and media attention makes me skeptical if this will be for a long haul.IU, Hyeri, Jiyeon etc all dated 10+ years older guys and all broke up with them.The guys always end up marrying someone similar in age and profession.But hey, get it girl..

    • 10000000% upgrade lmao… if you know LDW and LMH personally. lol. to me, both LMH and LDW are good guys from what I can dictate by reading news about them or watching BTS but I will want to reserve my comments about their personalities because I do not know these guys personally.
      I give them at most 1 year. lol LDW would want to get married but Suzy is unlikely. but I really want to be proven wrong.

      • just curious… why do you say Suzy is unlikely to want to get married? Age has nothing to do with time to get married as long as she is an adult. Han Ga In got married at age 23, and so was Sunye…

      • @army we agree on one thing..this relationship has low probability of ending in marriage but only time will tell.But why are you singling me out for saying she has upgraded big time..this is what almost everyone is saying in the comment section or is it the number ive written?

        You dont know both of them personally either and I came to my conclusion based on what I read in the news about them too.There is a reason why the whole section is filled with comments saying she upgraded.

  6. Yayyyyyyyy definitely stoked for them both what fantastic news! I don’t know what a upgrade or downgrade is but if they are happy being together keep that breaking news on who is dating who Mz Koala just rolling through ❤️PS: I have a whole schedule on my ‘I wish who would be secretly dating’ list so here’s hoping.

  7. Don’t we all love pretty, talented and nice people to get together? I love her so much better with him and hope he will use his maturity in a a good way to make her happy

  8. Too much of dating news in one week ! I find it suspicious. Est ce l’arbre qui cache la forêt ? Are medias being to try to hide something bigger ? Park Shin Hye and Suzy at the same time ! And at the same time as #me too is growing in Skorea .???????????????

  9. Omg. This got me shook as much as when suzy-lmh dating news was out. Both we thought had no connections(dramas,cf,etc whatsoever) so it feels so unexpected. There is nothing wrong with dating, I’m just shocked that’s all. I’m also kinda worried that Suzy will get all the hate again(just like most women do when dsting news come out). Anyhow, I wish both happiness and love in their relationship! Congrats Dong Wook-Suzy!

    • The only connection I can think of is Gong Yoo – he was in dramas with both of them. LOL, did Kim Shin introduce Grim Reaper to Suzy ?

  10. I mean yeah pretty hot (ok gorgeous) couple but I agree this is a small part of an ongoing media diversion. It’s been going on for days now and I hope koreans don’t fall for it.

  11. you know, I’m still wondering why stupid netizens hated and slut-shamed Song Hye Kyo so much for dating three actors (and marrying the last one) in her 20-year career when they congratulated others for dating news..Jealous netizens talked about her as if she was a serial dater who can’t live without a boyfriend…here’s a funny fact: shk’s 1st-2nd relationship had a 5year gap, and her 2nd-3rd had a 7year gap..ughh it’s so obvious those jealous/salty/immature netizens just looked for a excuse to hate’s funny how they act like besides shk everyone is so pure and naive..hahaha so funny..but karma is real be careful of your actions!!

  12. Suzy with Lee Dong Wook, Park Shin Hye with Choi Tae Joon.
    One dates an older man (13 years older) and the other a younger guy (one year younger).
    Clap, clap, clap!

    Who is next?

  13. Why’d some people say suzy deserved better when she was still in a relationship with lmh? thought he was just as popular..and btw she’s still not an a-lister right? idk much abt her so I’m just curious

  14. Congrats i guess
    Suzy’s dating news are so random. Was dispatch threatening or something? Anyway, this must be the ‘another msn she fell in love with’ 😉
    Totally an upgrade from Lee Min Hoo
    What’s up with the dating news btw?

    • 1st to publish isnt dispatch, even the psh ctj dating news was 1st reported by sbs funE,dispatch only follow it up with the pic when psh denied it,with suzy ldw nopic fr. dispatch release, only an article.

      • Wow.. I think PSH needs to be petty and stop working with SBS for a while. I think she should run away from that SBS drama and take some other drama offer instead. As for Suzy, I read that her and LDW were in a some stage, ate a dinner but when reports came out, they just admitted it instead of denying. PSH has the right to keep her private life private, but the way her agency handled this, first denied and then admitted, wasn’t the wisest move. Her agency should have just the first time said ’’no comment, we don’t interfere in our artists lives’’ would have sufficed. Now she’s getting all those serial dater and sly-fox comments.. not that it will affect her in any way, IU gets those comment too. Suzy probably getting some hate too for ’’moving on too fast’’. Women can never win in these cases.

      • @prettyautumn I agree.That was a dumb move by PSH’s agency.It never looks good when one party admits and the other party is saying there is nothing.At least communicate with your artists and produce one answer.I think in cases where there is damning evidence that the couple is dating like in PSH’s case.Its best just to admit it and let the aftermath playout.See within a week or two people will move on to other news.The world never stops.I dont think the backlash would have been this bad if PSH’s agency had confirmed it from the get go.

        But its ok what matters is we know she has a man now.So what her fans should do is support her and her career.That is all.

  15. Well I have 5 favs that I want news that they’re dating; Kim Ah Joong; Park Se Young; Kim Ye Won; Lee El; Seo Ye Ji. So if Dispatch can out any or all of them then I will be one happy hip hip hooray fan.

    • Lol. I don’t condone the media prying on these celeb personal lives but because in South Korea, dating is considered a scandal despite this being normal elsewhere, so the media has the job of outing these celebs even when they rightfully able to date freely. Some of the actresses you mentioned are of the right age to marry and yeah… I want them to find their love and happiness esp Kim Ah Joong. Oh, and I love Seo Ye Ji too.

      • Thank you Alexa. I just want my favs to be happy because some of their IG posts mention being lonely and their acting in their dramas and films brings me so much joy it breaks my heart knowing that on a personal level they have this life where there is no one to comfort them etc…And with the whole media stalking and public outcry in Korea if they date and with whom it could destroy their career it’s just too plain awful to comprehend why so many of them choose to keep quiet or not date at all. Prime example is Seo Ye Ji and Yunho back in October 2014 when the news of them supposedly dating broke which was quickly dispelled by their respective agencies. Yunho went unscathed but those so called fans were so damn venomous they went for SYJ and mercilessly attacked her on different internet sites. Lucky I discovered K dramas in 2016 otherwise I would have been going on the counterattack in defence of SYJ. So yes just some happiness sprinkled in their personal lives would make me very happy indeed.

  16. poor LMH he knew this was going to happen that why he try so hard not to go into army. he knew SUZY was not going wait 2 year for him. if he was not serving army he would still be dating SUZY. well there goes his fangirl hope of him getting back together with SUZY. LHM LJS shipper must be mad their ship not only take one hit but 2 hit. LJS ship still have HHJ. LHM ship is all sink. who his fan going ship him with left. all his actress are married or dating.

    • But he’s not in real army, he’s a public servant that gets evenings and weekends off like an office worker. They have lots of time to date if it was meant to be.

    • Isn’t LMH still in Seoul. I think he took up an administrative role in a prosecutor’s office or something.
      He could definitely meet up with Suzy if he wanted to.

    • I find your comment funny but realistic. All the important ships of Lee min ho are sunk. ???? park shin hye, Suzy, park min young gone. Jun ji hyun, gu hye sun out of leauge. Son ye jin, kim hee sun? Left i guess. OOPS I forgot MOON chae won

      • kim hee sun is also married so out of league like JJH and GHS.You never know but I cant picture Moon Chae Won or Son Ye Jin dating LMH.I think he is the kind of guy who is better off dating and marrying a non-celebrity.

      • Son Ye Jin likely will end up with someone like So Ji Sub, or more serious actor. As for MCW, I dont remember she ever did a drama with LMH. LMH and PMY was perfect together, alas they didn’t work out. I foresee LMH ended up either with a non-celeb or rookie actress.

      • @therainhouse17, LMH is Lee Min Ho (1987)

        @ryui, I hope more dating news come so shippers will learn to not be delulu. JongJoo shippers are over the moon, by the way, because this week two ships (JongShin and JongZy) sunk deep into the delulu ocean.

    • @prettyautumn I figured LMH stands for Lee Min Ho but in @ryui’s first comment, she or he wrote “LHM LJS shipper must be mad..” so I got confused.

  17. Ok I was gonna just congratulate these two and move along.But the shitstorm has already started.LMH’s fans are already causing a ruckus saying she moved too fast or whatever and are hella salty.I dont hate LMH and am not a fan of Suzy but maybe its because these people are young so they have too many immature fans in their fandom.Some people just lack logic.

    Did they really want suzy to be pinning for LMH forever?LMH is probably a demi-god to them so they think suzy should treat and worship LMH just like they would if they dated and broke up with him.News flash!celebrities dont date or break up on the day it is announced to the public.The relationship was probably over way back before it was announced.Let a girl have fun and be in love.I mean even Hwang Jung eum had a long term relatiinship with her ex and got married with a guy she had dated just months of knowing him.Get it Suzy!!!

    • those LMH fans (if they are girls) probably have never dated in their entire life… there is no mourning period after a breakup, it is not marriage for goodness sake. Girl needs to move on, why waste time on a loser when there are so many nicer guys out there. I can’t believe some of these stupid fans, why can’t girls cheer for girls instead of supporting a loser… smh…

      • @candycane
        This Jerkkoala is a butthurt Lee Min Hoo fan (or a delulu MinShin shipper). This Jerkkoala thinks that anyone who calls out Lee Min Hoo’s fangirls or says something negative about her precious bias Lee Min Hoo, is the same person. This Jerkkoala is on that Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon dating article with a different username and dp using multiple accounts and attacking me. I found out Jerkkoala’s identity, she is SJELFBTS on Netizen Buzz and Pannchoa and attacks all Suzy and Park Shin Hye fans on their articles lmao. I saw SJELFBTS aka Jerkkoala attacking multiple Suzy fans and calling them bimbos and then calling Park Shin Hye someone who ’loves dick’ (as if that’s a big deal, most straight or bi women love dick anyway lol). I don’t comment on Netizen Buzz much because I haven’t made disqus but this person is a real delusional POS. Don’t mind her, it’s fun to expose kids who use multiple accounts on different websites and still use the same delusional language ?

      • hahaha… yes my friend, all delulu LMH fans are nutheads… LOL… anyone who names herself starting with “Jerk…” probably tells us something, right? HAHAHA…. at least we are candy & pretty… 🙂

      • Oh FYI JERKkoala is also posing as Ann Joel Lah on another Koala post. Geez I’m too old to keep up with shizz. But I think LMH should go on bended knees and apologise to Park Min Young and make up with her and live happily ever after. See problem solved.

      • PMY should make him begged on his knees then kick him out again… what a loser! Now all his ships have sunk, I don’t think any young & pretty actresses should be linked with this person with poisonous fans ever….

  18. @asta. she is a Lee collector hahahaha.

    on a more serious note,suzy is a brave girl for admitting to this soon after lmh breakup,i am kinda worried for her.knetizens may be accommodating of her relationship with Lee dong work now but if unfortunately breakup happens, there will definitely be a backlash for Suzy.

    congratulations to the gorgeous couple wishing them all the best.

  19. I guess I am in the minority. I am happy for them and if they are happy that is all that matters. I really like him with Kim sun ah. Probably because I loved them in scent of a woman.

    • And Kim Sun Ah commented on Suzy’s ig that she’s pretty and Suzy replied her saying that she loves the character she’s playing in her new drama. My fangirl heart wants Suzy and LDW to be friends with KSA and go on dates with friends together.

      • I agree although I secretly hope that LDW realizes he rather be with Kim Sun Ah. I know I have a one track mind. I only ever shipped two couples. This one and Yoon Eun Hye and Kang Ji Hwan. Neither panned out! Here’s hoping your ships stay afloat and have a happy ending!

  20. I apologise if later, my comments come through.Sometimes this blog can be tricky like that.But I was saying LMH’s ifans need to take several seats and stop being salty and spreading negativity all over social media.They trashtalked this girl all throughout her relationship with their precious oppar.Now that they cut ties with each other.They are mad she moved on?Who cares how long it has taken between her break up and her new man?Let a girl love and be loved.

    • who cares, when this will be just one among the long list of Suzy’s goals to date any hot celebrity guy in Korea, as mediaplay or publicity stunt as usual. what kind of girl would easily jump off from one man to another that fast anyway, unless the former is fake news, and the next one is another fake news lmao. This is the first time Ive heard of a Korean actress who does that, all the other actresses even the Big Hallyu actresses were discreet in their dating history, while this girl Suzy make it her relationship goal to be loud like in a marketplace. She should have a new title, from Nation’s First Love, to Nation’s First Slut machine or was that spelled “slot”, whatever, they will mean the same for her lol.

  21. Don’t generalize people, younger fans are always like that for any celebrity. I can be considered a fan of All three people and I see no problem with Suzy a young woman gaining all the dating experience she has the right to before settling down.
    I was happy when she was with LMH and even more sad they broke up.
    LDW is a great guy and might treat her much better due to his personality. Not all LMH fans are bashing her.

  22. @May_ L Last time I heard Suzy got paid around 20m per ep..just like Yoona. I’m surprised when you said 80m coz SHK is an S-tier actress and she only gets 60m. The highest ones should be JJH and LYA, they get 100m per ep..iirc. Not sure abt their current fees tho. I think the rates depend on their dramas..if it’s a hit, they get more.

    • Yes, that’s why I also included the previous list, because JJH and LYA get 100 mil/episode in 2015/2016. And I also mentioned that Suzy fee increased a lot in that Onehallyu thread. Suzy main income is from CF anyway.

  23. Her agency manages her like trash. She has a new music out, just release, and people are not even aware of it. JYP sucks! Managing her a “Taliban” way. I am not her fan, but I pity her!

    • Really? Why do you say this when she gets all the lead acting roles when her skill is non-existent? She is really not a lead material, but JYP agency got her those roles! I have seen JYP promoting her single along with her, she was singing and he was beside her. He got her a spot on Dream High to kickstart her drama career… Without JYP’s connection she is nothing, no talent whatsoever… She was one of the least talented among Miss A. I am not sure how JYP treats her personally… but this is all a business deal, she signs on as an artist, JYP gives her work, everyone makes a profit out of her success, everyone brings home money, it is this simple. All business!! Why do you think her agency manages her like trash? Do you have the evidence? I am just curious… I am not defending for anyone here… On the contrary, I see JYP exerting favoritism on her over other Miss A members (now disbanded) which I find very unfair… this is my opinion.

  24. Reason, why she suffers for deep depression ! I hope her parents will wake up and do something to safe her from this trash, blackmailer, and con-artist company.

    • hmmm… do you have any evidence that she suffers from deep depression? Are you her doctor?? just curious…. you sound like you know a lot more about her than anyone else here… I thought you are a PSH fan. Yes, I think Suzy’s parents should tell her not to act in K-drama ever again… her acting sucks. Quit JYP agency and stay at home 🙂

      • @fitzsimmons – nice, she has deep depression and you have confirmed it. Now as @Scar99 has suggested – quit JYP and go back to her parents please. Cheers!

    • Oh no…. please don’t read Allkpop… I thought you have better source than this. No, there is no rule that fan of other artist cannot comment, but please be more informed than to merely based on such a lousy site and claim someone has deep depression. I thought you are smarter than this….?

      • NO NO NO!! I never commented on Allkpop site… You are nuts! I never go to Allkpop, I am not that stupid!!!

      • And… for your record, I cannot tolerate any accusations… You better learn!!

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