K-actress Han Chae Ah Announces May 2018 Wedding

A surprising wedding announcement hit the wires this week with K-actress Han Chae Ah announcing that she is marrying her non-entertainment industry boyfriend this coming May. Han Chae Ah and her fiancee Cha Se Ji confirmed their dating relationship last March 2017 and is purportedly very happy together and committed to making it permanent. Cha Se Ji is the brother of a retired famous Korean soccer player and the couple certainly look cute together. Congrats to Han Chae Ah but I do have a feeling that after marriage she’ll be more often seen weekend dramas as that’s where the leading lady married drama stars tend to land after settling down.


K-actress Han Chae Ah Announces May 2018 Wedding — 2 Comments

  1. What a beutiful love story..He found his princess. When a celebrity marries someone on the outside it always raises the hope of a true love story..congratulations to the happy couple.

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