Top Actresses Model Various French Fashion at the 2018 Paris Fashion Show

It was a collision of popular and famous East Asian actresses at this week’s Paris fashion shows and not everyone made it out sartorially unscathed. But then the models parading down the runways in the latest couture are usually way weirder this is as good an occasion to go for fashion broke if ones wants to try something different. It was a rare miss for high fashion C-actress Fan Bing Bing, she was going for edgy from head to toe even the striking eye makeup with the odd dot on her lower lid but it was a no go for me. Tang Yan did her best to equate high fashion with maintaining a Zoolander expression and both Park Shin Hye and Victoria Song decided to cosplay rich Chanel wives attending a trunk show. I loved Rainie Yang‘s cute Louis Vuitton and of course top model Liu Wen was flawless.


Top Actresses Model Various French Fashion at the 2018 Paris Fashion Show — 13 Comments

  1. Mz Koala tells it as it is so obviously you don’t know how to read between the lines JERKkoala. I really like Fan Bing Bing but geez didn’t she get the memo Halloween is in October. Or maybe she was heading off to an industrial dance festival? Victoria and PSH classy, elegant and demure as always repping Korea well on the Internetional stage. Especially PSH was a darling ❤️

    • Ann Joel, lol stop taking things u read seriously.
      I did not read it neither will I read between the lines.
      Don’t care, leaving all those reading to you, ?

  2. Lol Jerk Koala and now you’re my alter ego Ann Joel lah Im honoured. I preferred JK it’s more original and suits your personality better. Any chance you Niuean? Cos lah is short for laho and if you are Niuean and you respond it will just confirm it. Happy Days JK aka AJL ❤️

  3. Many Chinese actresses wear lighter make up foundation than their own skin tone. If you compare their faces and their necks then you can tell it right away. Fan Bing Bing is an example here. She often wears the wrong foundation for her face. That’s why she looks like ghost & unhealthy.

  4. Sometimes they also using the same lighter foundation on their necks also. It drives me crazy when I see that in dramas or movies. If you watch the main female lead in the drama To Love To Heal than you know what I mean.

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