Yang Se Jong Reportedly Offered Male Lead in Fox Bride Star Opposite Park Shin Hye

With the news of one elsewhere drama confirmation comes the news of another potential male lead for Park Shin Hye‘s next drama. Hyun Bin was offered the male lead in upcoming healing romance Fox Bride Star but declined to instead do tvN fantasy romance Memories of Alhambra. K-ent is reporting that rising young actor Yang Se Jong has been offered the male lead in Fox Bride Star and is considering. His agency responded that he didn’t get the offer, but many times these public announcement back-and-forth are just negotiating white noise and likely the offer is on the table for him. I’m not saying downgrade in looks or talent because Yang Se Jong is still growing into his leading man britches but it’s a downgrade in star power without Hyun Bin. Park Shin Hye alone could headline any drama but lately it would be nice to see superstar pairings like the classic Hallyu days.

Fox Bride Star will be directed by the PD of Gu Family Book and written by the screenwriter of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim and What’s With This Family.


Yang Se Jong Reportedly Offered Male Lead in Fox Bride Star Opposite Park Shin Hye — 64 Comments

  1. I can see him becoming the next it-actor if this drama is a hit. His rise to fame has been really rapid.

    But usually when an agency said they didn’t receive the offer, it means the actor is just used for noise marketing. Like Park Shinhye vs Im Soojung for Chicago Typewriter.
    The production team is probably trying to get a bigger name actor.

  2. he will be the next actor that PSH help get more fan outside of korean.
    he better take the offer before some Ahjussi does.

  3. Classic Hallyu days? Is there such a thing? Dramas like Winter Sonata have stars who were not Hallyu big shots before the drama. My Girl has literally newbie actors in it though with Lee Joon Gi who had few weeks of Hallyu stardom back then but that was not because of the drama but of the movie The King and the Clown. My Name is Kim Sam Soom which I knew Kim Sun Ah was not very popular yet and Hyun Bin was totally a newbie.

    Good thing Park Shin Hye is stepping up. I am looking forward to this one. Looks like a promising pairing.

  4. I don’t think we will ever get the classic Hallyu days where both leads match well in acting and visuals. Nowadays we are going to get the internationally popular actor/actress leading the less popular ones, I presume this does help the less popular actor/actress into the next Hallyu wave.

  5. I doubt if there will ever be a next Hallyu wave… K-dramas are no longer as popular nowadays in Japan & China. No recent k-drama could stir up the hype that they hoped for…. China now has big drama productions & own actor/actress. BTW – has PSH ever confirmed for this drama yet?

    • When I wrote next Hallyu wave I meant popularity in terms of the actor/actress themselves. YSJ has the potential to be the next LMH, KSH, PBG.

      • K-media is already naming him the next Park Bogum lol.
        Too bad Temperature of Love sort of ruined his momentum.

      • I feel like YSJ is just a bubble. He’s decent but nothing special. He looks a little like Yoon Shi Yoon. Decent looking, but not mind-blowingly handsome like Jung Woo Sung or even distinctively charming like Gong Yoo. He has a long way to go…

      • @prettyautumn We find it out after 5 years if YSJ is just a bubble. Gong Yoo didn’t make it big after 4 years since his acting debut. While YSJ is barely 2 years since his first acting project.

        I don’t know about PBG because he somewhat disappeared in acting arena for 2 years now. PBG is more like the next Jo In Sung. They look very similar and even their mannerism. He is somewhat following JIS too by not doing acting projects too often. They are more like CF celebs like Song Hye Kyo.

      • @kissfm lol the real cf celebs are Won Bin, Lee Na Young, Kim Tae Hee, Han Ga In etc…shk had a project in 2016 (dots)..also she did movies but they weren’t popular like train to busan..it’s not like she didn’t do projects and only did cfs…

        waiting for a good project is better than doing a bad project and harm their career..look at hyun bin..he is a good actor but after hyde-jekyll knetz gave him so much flak..gong yoo even said after ‘big’ he was scared of dramas…bcuz of this I hope park bogum, park shinhye waits for a good project

      • @kdramalover Is Won Bi still a CF celeb? I doubt it though. I think he is into business now and real estate, not CF. He may still have few but I doubt if he relies his livelihood on it.

        Gong Yoo invested his time in movies. He did average one acting project a year including one movie which was not a box office hit. Actors lose their careers if they stop acting. Actors don’t have a cystal ball to predict if a certain project becomes a hit so they choose projects according to what they think could shape them to be the actor they want for themselves for long term. Look at Jang Hyuk. Did one bad rated drama destroyed his career? He just keep on going. Gong Yoo did an interview recently. He said he received many offers after Goblin but he wanted to take some time off. By the time, he was ready, offers were not ready.

      • Nowadays its really hard to see actors like Ji Sung and Jang Hyuk who consistently works on projects even though they might have bad projects and labeled as “flop” from time to time. I agree that no project is guaranteed to be a hit anymore except for maybe KES’s dramas.
        PSH’s agency expected Doctors to flop but it did so well. KMHM was rejected by several big name actors but it ended up being successful. The longer they wait, the anticipation builds, and the more pressure it gives to them.

      • recently (2018february) won bin was in a bed cf (the brand name is cherish, search on youtube) netizenbuzz translated an article about it…yes they don’t have supernatural powers to see if a project will fail or not. but they have to be careful. bcuz k-ent is a ruthless place and if they have a bad/failed project, public and pds will be biased against them..also they will get offered less ‘high profile’ and diverse drama/movie roles…actors don’t lose their careers if they wait for a project…they lose their careers if they pick wrong projects consistently, if they can’t act properly, if they harm someone..
        for example: jang geun suk, #metoo actors

        also top stars don’t do cfs in order to put food on their tables..all of them have real estates..they do it for their image and also they don’t want to be forgotten by the public

      • Ironically there are good dramas that don’t rate well in Korea. Actor performance dictates the number of offers not rating.

        I would take Jang Hyuk for example. From Beautiful Mind which was cut by two episodes due to low rating .. very low in fact with 2% in a free-view tv channel but instead of stopping, in just less than a year he did Voice, then Money Flower and then just recently he signed up for another project. That how actor should be.

      • ahhh ‘beautiful mind’ dont remind me that.. Im still so angry how that drama had low ratings

    • They are still selling well on Japan though limited to cable channels but that is matter. The point is, they are still selling. But only few actora have built stable market in Japan. With China, they have their own now plus the on going conflict. China is always been unstable market. Even many foreign companies have left the country on their own, e.g. car manufacturers which are now pre-dominantly in Thailand now or clothing which are now in Bangladesh, India, Vietnam or even slowly growing in Indonesia.

      • there are lots of Koreans and Chinese residing in Japan, and for them to watch k-dramas, they have to subscribe to cable channels. From what I observe, young Japanese don’t watch K-dramas anymore…

  6. Thats karmatic justice right there for berating Hyun Bin.Too bad Koala sis, maybe next time for star power couple drama. If PSH’s kfans had the same opinion as her ifans.His publicity team(Hyun Bin)could have seen the feedback in k-fans community pages.Then I can see why HB dropped this.Her fans wanted a younger actor.they will get what they wanted just not who they wanted if this dude confirms.Some(quite a valid opinion) wanted her to be the main draw to the drama, like to be the bigger name.Again if he confirms, this could be the perfect opportunity for PSH to show her clout.

    If her hallyu fame indeed is potent like her fans claim it is.And can she still secure good ratings with a rising actor?This will be where she can show her experience and acting strength.By the way, has she even confirmed this yet or they are also using her name for noise marketing?

    • Her K-fans are more sane, trust me. Besides, HB’s status is much higher than her in Korea.
      PSH’s intl fans are a need breed of annoying. They are looking down on every single actor. PSH might be more popular but honestly, YSJ out-acted her with his performance in Duel, even though he only did okay-ish in TOL.
      We’ll see who will eventually land the lead role in this drama.

    • PSH’s international fans, mainly the obsessed shipper fans from YAB/heartstrings days are annoying af and delusional. Her kfans are most likely adults who have stuck with her since her child actress days. HB is a senoir and they’d never be disrespectful in Korea about Hyun Bin. I think HB chose that Alhambra drama because it’s tvn and it’s different. Besides, PSH is doing that variety show so another reason to not take a SBS healing drama

    • I know she must have sane international fans too.Its not fair to generalise a whole fandom.Just that the immature ones are too outspoken and overshadow the sane ones.I really dont understand their obsession with young actors(Especially Park Seo Joon, Park Bo Gum and Yoo Seung Ho).On one hand they say PSH has helped or boosted these young actors’ fame(her previous co stars).On the other hand, they get all riled up if she is in a project with older actors..saying the reason she is famous is because she worked with hallyu oppas..so what is the truth?

      Even a variety show(which is not a dating show,) where she is going to work with Na PD and SJS, all they are whining about is that SJS is an “ahjusshi”.I mean what country could an actress save in her past life to land that kind of opportunity on TVN too?I feel like the people hindering PSH’s growth as an actress are not her antis but her own fans.

      • Hmm what I have observed, those fans who are mature, are the quiet ones and they actually much prefer if she acted with established seniors because they want her to develop as an actress. Of course they don’t mind a younger co-star like Yoo Seung Ho, as long as the actor is good. That’s what I call real fans. Those immature delulu fans, who called senior actors like Kim Rae Won all the time with names like ’oldie’ or ’ahjusshi’, and claim to be fans ’’since YAB days’’, they don’t really care about PSH as an actress at all. They only want to ship her with a hot young flowerboy hallyu star LOL. 
        Another thing is, if you look at the comments on her IG by these loud and immature ’’fans’’ (really, just go and look, especially her agency IG salt_ent), you will see how pathetic and delusional some of her loud fans are. They are never pleased with her. Now that she is dating, they are calling her boyfriend ’nugu’ and that she deserves better, just because he isn’t a hallyu star like Lee Min Hoo. They are also displeased because he is younger by a year. So what is the truth? What do her fan really want from her? I think her fans just want to ship her with their bias oppa and they want her to play different variations of Go Mi Nam and Cha Eun Sang forever lol
        Some of her k-fans probably are lunatic too, overprotective.. don’t want her to act in this or that.. meaning she will never develop as an actress unless she starts to make bold moves an think about only her own career and her dignity as an actress rather than pleasing her lunatic fans. Sure, she will lose some of them, some of them will be disappointed and leave, but it’s better that way because those were not real fans to begin with. Those who are her real fans, they’re quiet and don’t go on internet fights

  7. Geez I was looking forward to her and Hyun Bin being cast together but that’s been stopped in its track and I feel that maybe she’s not keen on returning to dramas and just wants to linger longer in movie land? Anyway keen to know if she does accept any of the many offers that are given to her to consider. Or perhaps she just prefers chilling with her boyfriend and if that is the case – Good on her; happy that she is enjoying life and taking time out she so deserves it ❤️

  8. Again a healing drama for YSJ? Isn’t he tired of them? Well, I’ll keep saying this that PSH needs to stick to Chungmuro. YSJ should build his image too, sageuk dramas would be a great merit in his resume.

  9. YES!! YES!! YES!! PLEASE BE TRUE!! PLEASE TAKE IT!! Yang Se Jong is really a talented actor and I’m always happy to have him in my small screen!!

    • I agree with you 100%. YSJ has impressed me with his acting skill right out of the gate. He doesn’t just play a role, he becomes the role and is so convincing right down to mannerisms, walking, expressions and emotions. He is a true actor and is gifted. If you have not had the chance to watch My Country A New Age on netflix, please do because he is amazing along with his co-stars that all did a great job. The drama had me on the edge of my seat every episode.

  10. I’m an international fan and really can’t stand these ‘fans’ that get so crazy and vocal about her needing a ‘flower boy’ as a co-star, significant other etc…It just drives me crazy. As long as her costar can act, I’m good. I don’t know why some international fans get so worked up over age differences in the first place since it’s just a drama, a writers fantasy. I don’t understand how they get upset that her boyfriend is 1 year younger than her and is not as popular. Really???? I just can’t… It is so immature, they seem to live in delulu land. Enough of my rant, I like Yang Se Jong and think he will be just fine if he is cast in this drama. I have no idea how old he is but am sure the delulu “fan” faction will complain about it.

    • There are probably two opposing PSH fans faction.

      One is probably the younger fans who wants her to star with a handsome young actor. But sadly Yang Sejong is not the young actor they are anticipating. They are probably wishing for people like Yoo Seungho and Park Bogum.

      The other is probably the “sane” fans who want her to star with a top star like Jo Insung and Gong Yoo. They dislike Hyun Bin though, idk why. Probably find him a flop lmao.

      • I myself am the third lol. I don’t give a damn about who she stars with as long as she comes back on screen.

  11. I personally feel a bit offended when people generalise PSH fans as delusional, psychotic, bla bla fandom, when I and many other PSH fans that I know never posted anything negative about her or her dating/pairings/dramas online. But I do believe not all people will generalise us that way, although some narrow-minded ones will keep babbling about it, each and everytime there’s news about PSH.

    I’ll trust PSH’s choice. Hope she can make a meaningful and successful drama comeback this year.

    • Honestly the way prettyautumn comments on every Park Shinhye article here makes me think that she’s one of her fans. I myself am a casual fan of hers but I don’t even bother to go to her agency’s Instagram to see what kind of comments are left. So I was surprised to read that she isn’t actually her fan. Lol. Oh well, it’s best to ignore such comments if you aren’t part of the “delusional, psychotic” fans. Cheers.

      • @Kayla LOL count me as Suzy, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Min Hoo, Nam Joo Hyuk etc. fans as well 🙂

        @Rose, there’s no reason to get offended when I don’t talk about reasonable fans. I only mean the rabid, delulu fans and that’s the truth. They won’t stop being just by denying their existence. All fandoms have bad apples but big fandoms have quite a few nasty, rotten apples. Cheers

      • @kayla, she only comments about the thing he/she hates and a hypocrite at its best. just, ignore that username like many people do.

    • ignore them.. they talk about this, about that…as if they know everything..they are so pathetic and toxic..they think if there is a bad person in the fandom then all of them must be lunatics/crazy..they think being a part of a fandom is cringy/delulu/crazy..urghh they are so annoying..Im sure PSH will do what’s best for her career. She put so much effort into her career.

      (Im talking about the biased/arrogant people by the way)

      • It is better to totally ignore them, indeed they pathetic, hyprocritics , jealous, weak people, pretending they like or are giving good advice or criticism for Shin Hye and her fans, when you can see clearly their intention are to create haters, antis, by trying to put down Shin Hye’s fans, and created instability and bad aura within Shin Hye’s fandom, pushing K fans against ifans, few even have the audacity to attack Shin Hye’s fans for comment on others artists articles! Do not allow them to turn us against each other. I am sure they are the ones making nasty remarks on Shin Hye’s media site. You can find them anywhere there is Shin Hye or her excostars/ costars to be articles, pushing Shin Hye’s name into it. There is a God that will protect Shin Hye from all these evils, and there is Karma that for sure will get you.

  12. psh is very popular star,so it is expected that her fans from different groups have different concern or likes for her career or projects.

    her older ifans are so picky with actors she will work with.They prefer senior actors or more established actors.

    her newer ifans are so picky too..They prefer handsome and equally popular actors, more like trendy hallyu actors.

    her casual fan from other male fandom just want her with their bias for potential drama hit or ship.

    her casual drama ifan just want her to be back in the drama.

    • Are you saying that PSY fans that despite her high level of popularity her fans aren’t confident that she can carry a drama on her own and that she need someone bigger star who can back her up?

      I don’t know what kind of thinking is that but to me definitely she is ready to be the lead. She has been a following bride to the male actor for a long time. She needs to step up.

  13. People have dfferent opinions based on their preferences. Yang Se Jong is still a rookie so he has more room to improve. IMO, its the same as Liu Haoran in NIF2. They both are young and got good foundation. So they can become next stars like current ones to built their status. Its not fair to compare when there is a different.

  14. good thing they dont cast that Ahjussi that have most flop drama. YSJ will make money from china japan after this drama. PSH have made 4 actor rich after their drama with her. LMH LJS JKS next will be YSJ.

    • Who is the Ajushi she’s talking about? Hyun Bin? What a clueless statement?There are only few years gap between Hyun Bin and PSH. Definitely this one is not a real fan SH.

    • Guys, this is a troll pretending to be a fan because I’ve never seen any fan typing out that shit. However, I stalk on dramabeans and netizenbuzz and I see people like koby saying those exact things 🙂

      Anyway, LMH, LJS and JKS were already rich before working with PSH, although their acting is mediocre. HB is much more rich than PSH, just because of Secret Garden and Sam Soon

      • Maybe not with Sam Soon. He was a newbie then and I don’t think he had the influence yet to dictate and demand his terms at that time. Recently, he’s been blessed with his movies.

    • they will have another chance in movies. It is better to avoid the crazy shippers in doing a k-drama together at this time, there is no need for the hassle. Movies will be a better medium for established actors!

    • THe project he is at the moment is better for him. He has played to many chaebol/CEO already.

      For Shin Hye, it’s her chance to headline than be a runner-up if Hyun Bin is in it.

      • So I doubt if Hyun Bi would ever regret. Besides, they can work in another project later.

    • I always support PSH to whoever his leading man will be, as she is my no.1 fave actress, but my no.1 fave actor is Hyun Bin also, i was so deeply happy when the news came out that they will be paired then suddenly becomes disappointed when he rejected the offer. It seems i agree with you, it might be a regret for Hyun bin side!

  15. Sung Hoon? He’s really handsome, but probably not famous enough to land the role.
    Nowadays Korea seem to be more into the puppy type like Jung Haein, Park Bogum etc.

  16. First and foremost, Yang Se Jong does not need PSH or anyone to help make his star rising faster, he is doing it on his own merit. IMO he an a gifted actor and is handsome as well. I have enjoyed every project he has made. He had only 2 second lead roles and every project after were lead roles. Not many of his seniors have accomplished that. To the person that said his acting in Duel was good but in TOL is was just ok. News flash: In 2018 he won best new actor for his role in TOL in the SBS Awards, the 54 BaeSang Arts Awards and ASPAN Star awards. Does that sound like he only did just ok?? He also won the SBS Excellence award for his next project 17 but 30. My most favorite role along with Duel is My Country A New Age in which he was amazing and his popularity is increasing like crazy and he is well respected by older actors that praise him for his talent at such a young age. He is a rare find, that is for sure and I believe he not only would have done a great job in this drama, but he would have been so impressive that people would not have even noticed PSH. Lets face it, PSH can act, but she is hardly the best out there and he rise to fame was from You’re Beautiful in which it was Suki that brought the viewership, so she did not do it on her own. LMH and the other actors from Heirs were doing just fine before Shin Hye so stop giving her the credit for their success.

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