Drama Posters for Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food Creates Romance in Little Moments

I’ll continue to rain praises on PD Ahn Pan Seok‘s upcoming take on the noona-dongsaeng romance Pretty Noona Buys Me Food. He’s already done the women older age gap romance with Secret Love Affair but that was more like aunt-nephew not to mention the whole marital infidelity bit. Here it’s just a woman a few years older than a very attractive and mature young man finding themselves increasingly attracted to each other. The official drama posters capture the budding romance in all the right heart stirring ways – a close walk under one umbrella in the rain complete with a pull close arm and then a goofy leg chase around a bike. Son Ye Jin seems just lit up around Jung Hae In‘s character who conveys both a youthful boyish playfulness as well as a reliable man presence.


Drama Posters for Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food Creates Romance in Little Moments — 11 Comments

  1. finally !! something which catch my attention. been lost my interests with K-drama lately, last drama I’ve watched only Wise life prison (the best !!)
    other than this..none of them really interests by me.
    i like jung hae in..a lot..lot and lots..haha..hopefully this one really a good one

  2. Looking forward to this since Misty is finishing airing soon … can’t wait .. I know te age gap was huge but I really enjoyed that drama…I’d anyone is interested in a good drama Misty is really a good one …

  3. Junghaein is 30 and sonyejin is 36, when you reached 30s i don’t think 6 years are considered a huge gap

    I’m SO looking forward to this, nothing has peeked my interest other than misty and this, all the still cut and teaser are heart fluttering, i can’t wait

    • Wow son ye jin is 36 I always thought she was older than tae hye ji. I thought she was the same age bracket as Kim hee sun

  4. I don’t have anything to watch after Misty ends.huhuhuhu
    I might as well give this a try since it will be the one who’ll take over the time slot previously occupied by Misty.

  5. These posters look so romantic and cute. Already looks promising. The acting is definitely going to be good, knowing that Son Ye Jin is a great actress and Jung Ha in has shown good performance.

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