jTBC Thriller Sketch Finalizes Lead Cast of Rain, Lee Dong Gun, and Lee Sun Bin

We’ve got a full cast peeps and it’s looking mighty fine, at least on the male leads side. Rain and Lee Dong Gun are teaming up once again more than a decade after Sang Doo, Let’s Go to School and also doing the double male lead drama casting that’s more and more popular lately. Rain plays a detective who pairs up with also confirmed female lead Lee Sun Bin who can see the future three days ahead and sketch it out. Both Rain and Lee Dong Gun’s characters have lost their lady loves – Rain’s fiancee is murdered and Lee Dong Gun’s pregnant wife is killed, thus also doubly the ante for the two hotties to turn all vengeful justice warrior on top of solving crimes. This drama is coming fast at the end of May after Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain).

Supporting actor Jung Jin Young and actress Im Hwa Young are also joining the cast, with the script by the writer of Hidden Identity and movie The King’s Case Note with the PD of The Duo.


jTBC Thriller Sketch Finalizes Lead Cast of Rain, Lee Dong Gun, and Lee Sun Bin — 5 Comments

  1. Unmmmm JTBChas been killing it lately with their dramas.. Misty , pretty moons that buys me food and now this .. I’m hooked …. I will definitely be watching this drama for sure ..

    • Lee Sunbin’s projects after Squad 38 were not good in ratings but on the positive side, she had more opportunities to familiarize herself with the general audience.

      • Criminal Minds had decent rating and definitely gave her better exposure. I’ve never fully liked Korean Crime dramas but as a follwer of CM-US brought me interest in the Korean version. If not for that drama, I wouldn’t have known her. While filming CM, she did sign on with Hyun Bin’s movie and now with Rain.

        CM is not your typical drama and some hard core fans of the leads have criticised that the criminals are more like the lead characters than the profilers. Well, I don’t understand such mentality. Some fans I think are more obsessed with the spotlight than the actors.

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