Cadre of Big K-stars Attend VIP Movie Premiere for Thriller 7 Days of Night

The movie looks gripping and packed with star power in a good way with leads Jang Dong Gun and Ryu Seung Ryong combining both billing weight and acting acclaim. Thriller movie 7 Days of Night held its VIP movie premiere this week and in attendance was a lot of famous faces that speaks to the breadth of connections of the movie cast. It’s even nicer that the event didn’t turn into a contest of who dressed the worst and was actually one where everyone looked nice.

Ko So Young was there to support her hubby Jang Dong Gun and led the lady attendees including Suzy, Yoona, Lee Min Jung, Seohyun, Lee Se Young among many others. Eugene and her actor husband Ki Tae Young made a nice couples appearance and the other men present were Minho, Ji Soo, and Lee Jong Hyuk. A special call out to Go Kyung Pyo who is also in the movie and really doing swell at his acting career picking smart projects like this and also coming off Cross unscathed after the drama ejected his other scandal plagued costar.


Cadre of Big K-stars Attend VIP Movie Premiere for Thriller 7 Days of Night — 14 Comments

  1. That photographer did dirt to Ji Soo. What happened to Suzy’s eyes? First soju event and now movie premier? She looks very tired or her stylist and makeup artist has been doing a lazy job lately. I agree that her blouse is not-beautiful. Her shoes are ugly too and her jeans should have stayed in the 90s because there are better looking bootcut jeans. Lee Min Jung has never had the greatest fashion sense but she looks nice here. Yoona and Seohyun look nice too because their outfits are simple and match them. Yoona’s outfit would have looked better without those socks. Minho looks damn sleek. No wonder Melania Trump smiled brightly when she looked at him, as opposed to having the usual expression when she’s next to her despot husband.

  2. It’s good to see Eugene and her hubby Ki Tae Young on a night out. They look so sweet together. On a side note, quite a lot of SM affiliated artists attended this premier. I wonder why?

  3. Why wearing socks with high heels? I understand it is a cultural thing. Please, correct me if I am wrong. But, please…..Yikes.

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