Park Shin Hye Encapsulates Twentysomething Downtown NYC Girl in Bazaar Korea Pictorial

Now this is what I want from a fashion pictorial, the right blend of model, local backdrop, and eyecatching fashion. Park Shin Hye was in New York City last month for fashion shows and also squeezing in a fashion shoot for Bazaar Korea April edition. She’s on city streets and rooftops with fantastic city views, making me long for a weekend NYC sojourn and craving some of the items she’s wearing. It’s on the youthful side but taken individually can really add color and playfulness to a spring outfit. She’s still considering the drama People of Incheon, which was formerly a different drama project called Fox Star Bride, and she shared to Bazaar that she wants to pick a very healthy image role for her next work.


Park Shin Hye Encapsulates Twentysomething Downtown NYC Girl in Bazaar Korea Pictorial — 22 Comments

      • What type of comment is this? Its not relevant and i doubt welcome here. Horrible comment.

    • Isn’t most of Kpop female groups doing that already??? I will always remember when I pass by electronics shop with massive TV screens blaring these groups dancing in miniskirts and the middle aged men standing there gawping at them.

    • And what does this have to do with Park Shin Hye or this post?and Suzy a victim??Girl stop.Just say you hate Lee Dong Wook and go.

    • Young girls like old grandpas, old men like young chicks. Old women like toy boys and young boys love to lose their boyhood to pumas. Nothing wrong in that as long as all parties are consenting adults. What an unnecessary comment, Moira. Yet again..

    • this Moira always leaves rude insane comments about Suzy, something that is totally unrelated to this article. Can she not get any man herself or what? jealous? Suzy is an adult, and not really that young (young to me will be under 20)… lol…

  1. She looks chic city girl here. much better if she close her mouth sometimes too. but very nice photo shoot indeed.

    • …. much better if she close her mouth sometimes… i find it so funny.. but yeah she always open her mouth in most of her pictorials.. heheheheh

    • not sure if this open mouth look is what favors the photographer or the K-audience. Suzy does this all the time (bcoz of her buck teeth), I also see it in 2 of the 4 pics in Jung So Min article posted in this site. Not a very attractive expression imho…

  2. Another fashion spread and another consideration ahh but still no drama.Lets hope she makes a decision soon and gets her teeth into something good which may take her career to a higher dimension..Thats my hope and wont care if i dont see her in another fashion spread ever again..My interest in her is entirely as an actress and i hope she does not loose the chance to grow and move on.just my opinion.

  3. She looks good, she actually makes a really good pictorial model because her fashion shoots somehow give her this relaxed, even sexy (like in her Instyle shoot with Lee Jong Seok) air that she never has in dramas. It would be interesting if she could get a role that tapped into that.

    • Her fans (not talking about real fans, I’m talking about the childish shallow shipper fans) who are only interested in pure angel image for the sake of their fantasy. They would hate if she took a more mature or sensual adult role. Her fans (the loonatic ones) are PSH’s curse.

  4. This is a good pictorial.She sells the outfits really well.As for acting, @prettyautumn you will be happy to read that she said she is seeking to act in “a movie with a lot of gravitas” similar to “blackened heart” her latest movie.

    So maybe she really has her mind in the right place as far as her career is concerned.Maybe she is realising that as time passes, its more important for her to focus on solidifying her acting skills and stop chasing popularity because she already has alot of that and pleasing her fanbase.Maybe this is why she is taking her time in not attaching herself to any acting project.

    • Haha.. I bet her statement is already pissing off her lunatic delulu fans who want her to comeback to dramas to do Heirs 2 or get together with jung yongwha and be popular because she is ’losing’ to Suzy, Lee Sung Kyung, Yoona etc in instagram followers… PSH delu fans don’t care about their biases career as an actress, they only care about shipping her with bunch of flowerboys and acting in teen dramas and be a hallyu queen lol..

  5. PSH look stunning on those photo shoots. Looking forward to watch her variety show with SJS and hopefully she will she will say YES to the upcoming drama with Hyun Bin

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