Rainie Yang Reveals She Never Washes Jeans and TW-netizens Collectively Meltdown

This is a great “yay or nay” poll – should jeans be washed or not? I’ve never thought this was even an option since clothing as an item ALWAYS need to be washed. How long you go before washing is personal but until TW-actress Rainie Yang revealed this week at a brand event that she never ever washes her jeans then did I learn that there is a line of no-washing-jeans thinking. Trust me, Google jean washing and there’s die-hard jeans lovers who extol the virtues of never fully laundering jeans and only spot cleaning. Even if it’s the “proper” maintenance for denim it’s still a big fat ewwwwwww and no way in hell for me. But I’m certainly not judgmental of those who live the no jeans washing life and poor Rainie got bombarded with ridicule and disgust for choosing not to wash her jeans and she had to make a statement telling folks to calm TF down and don’t be so small minded.


Rainie Yang Reveals She Never Washes Jeans and TW-netizens Collectively Meltdown — 11 Comments

  1. I heard about the no wash thing about 5 years ago. I don’t judge; not the people who don’t wash their jeans or the ones that take them to the dry cleaner. Me, I wash but prefer to air dry.

    I will say that anyone who has rough and tumble kids like I do; you’re washing those jeans!

  2. She is probably rich, so she probably buys a new pair before she ever needs to wash her jeans. But for us common folk, we don’t have the luxury of doing that. Anyways, I prefer to wash my jeans as they get softer and more comfortable. I like them more worn in that way.

  3. LMAO I get into arguments with my partner over this topic. He fully believes jeans should rarely be washed and I’m like you Koala.

    • True! I wear jeans for like 3 times before I wash them because they get softer as days go on. The only reason I’ll wash jeans right after wearing it is when it gets dirty.

  4. Actually while I do wash my jeans, I understand not washing them in the traditional sense because they fade and shrink and lose their shape. She probably doesn’t wear each one that often and can get them dry cleaned or spot cleaned easily. Nothing weird or gross about that. Although it does get pretty hot and sweaty in Taiwan…

  5. I wash them, but not after every use. Only every couple of weeks, maybe. They last longer and they aren’t supposed to be washed constantly. There is a study done on germs on jeans not washed for a year after being worn all that time. Interesting stuff.

  6. I need to wah them since I’m allergic to the chemicals they use as fabrics finishers. It causes me even breath troubles. And not washing them after wearing would be a very bad idea because of my eczema. If she is rich enough to buy new ones after just wearing it once or twices, she should be ridiculed for ecological reasons and beeing a supporter of slavery in clothes production. Since you hardly can avoid it (even luxury brands are produced very cheap), you should wear it as long it is possible.

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