K-drama Suits Typefont Fail Lends Chortling Results to Official Poster

It’s rather apropos to be reminded that praise one day can be criticism the next, everything should be judged on its solo merits. The upcoming KBS drama adaptation of US legal show Suits released an awesomely stylish teaser drama poster two weeks ago that I loved. Sadly two weeks later it’s also the bearer of two bland as heck official drama posters, one of which also provides an unintentionally hilarious subtext read. The horizontal drama poster above has the full title Suits blocked by leads Park Hyung Sik and Jang Dong Gun along with the chairs the guys are sitting on, so much that the type face chosen without ridges on the tops of the I and U makes this drama title read first impress as Sluts. Ahahahaha, OMG I can’t even. Thank you for the laugh to liven up the otherwise dullness.


K-drama Suits Typefont Fail Lends Chortling Results to Official Poster — 21 Comments

  1. Bwwwwaaaashhhhh obviously no one checked the final copy before it went to print and only those of us with an discerning eye and know English would see sluts …..oh great now I can’t unsee it! And thanks Koala for the morning laugh! Reminds me of the Chinese lady who wore a sweater to her son’s parent teacher interview with the word ‘Die’ emblazoned on the front unbeknown what it meant and was ridiculed for it. Now she is suing the store owner for causing emotional distress and embarrassment.

  2. I had to take a few looks to figure out the typefont fail before finally getting it. You need to look at the poster from a bit farther distance to catch the word “Sluts” instead of suits. Maybe I was too focused on Hyung Shik to even look at the wordings. Lol.

  3. I had to take a dozen look at the poster before finally figuring out the typefont failure. Well, you need to view the poster a bit farther to catch the word “Sluts” instead of suits. Or may be because I was too focused on pretty Hyung Shik to actually notice it. Anyway, the two are really handsome “sluts”. I wouldn’t mind. LOL.

  4. I still remember shinhwa concert poster proudly write STD for standing (concert) with kim dong wan..bwahaha
    But hey that make those posters unforgetable .. Right ?? 🙂

  5. Hello! my personal opinion as a graphic designer and i did a lot of posters too, i see nothing wrong with the text behind the actors, and i can read SUITS correctly, even at a first glance. if you see U has a larger gap in between compared to UI, which is nearer coz no space. unless its UI (U I) then that looks like LU. even after i read this post, i still can’t see the word. i only see SUITS. btw, the posters look good (at least to me LOL) Thanks!

  6. Couldn’t stop laughing!
    Reminds me of one of the tshirts that I saw on a drama that read “puberty silent” kinda something you can’t unsee!

    • Honestly the text that appears on clothing and accessories in kdrama and variety is so odd it’s amazing. It’s also amazing how often it’s explicit. Funny how that gets through censorship!

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