Filming Starts for jTBC Medical Drama Life with Lee Dong Wook and Jo Seung Woo

I have high hopes for upcoming jTBC medical drama Life, as always the standard to try and reach remains the classic White Tower which recently MBC re-aired and still got ratings. Life centers around a hospital with doctors played by Lee Dong Wook, Jo Seung Woo, Won Jin Ah, and Moon So Ri among a crazy talented supporting cast. The PD is one of my faves in terms of directorial talent, having helmed Live Up to Your Name, Dear My Friends, My Secret Hotel, Doctor Stranger and Tamra the Island, what a list of gorgeously directed dramas even if some had wonky scripts. Writing Life is the screenwriter of Secret Forest and The Great Seer so that’s promising as well, not to mention its airing on cable network jTBC which is coming off the best year ever with its dramas in 2017 in terms of ratings and acclaim. I can’t wait!


Filming Starts for jTBC Medical Drama Life with Lee Dong Wook and Jo Seung Woo — 11 Comments

  1. Ah Lee Dong Wook and Jo Seung Woo, 2 amazing actors to headline a medical drama. I CANT WAIT!!! I missed Goblin, but have always liked LDW as an actor. So im very much looking forward to this one!!!

  2. Secret Forest is the debut of this writer (THE best script in recent years I must say) – but she has the same name as another writer. So, it doesn’t seem The Great Seer was also penned by her.

  3. Lee Dong Wook as a doctor and scripted by “Secret Forest”‘a writer? I’m dying to see this collaboration + all other actors are such a great complimentary addition

  4. I keep wishing Lee Dong Wook and Yoon Hun Hye would do a drama together. They are both cutie pieces and both are talented dynamite actors. They would have the chemistry, too. Why doesn’t anyone ever take my advice???✌️

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