Baby-faced Go Ara and L Confer with Fellow Judge Sung Dong Il in First Stills for Miss Hammurabi

A big thanks to upcoming jTBC legal drama Miss Hammurabi for the Monday chuckles as the drama released the first official still showing the three leads exactly in character. Starring Go Ara, L (Kim Myung Soo) and Sung Dong Il, the drama is adapted from the same name novel about judges on the Seoul Eastern District Court and the cases they encounter. Go Ara is the passionate newbie judge, L the principled studious judge, and Sung Dong Il the only one who is actually believable as a judge ahahaha. Ok, all joking aside he plays the seasoned veteran judge who is realistic about what they can accomplish from the bench. He also looks like a weary dad sitting between his cosplaying kids pretending to be judges, heh.


Baby-faced Go Ara and L Confer with Fellow Judge Sung Dong Il in First Stills for Miss Hammurabi — 19 Comments

  1. The two look so young. They don’t look believable for their roles. I hope they can prove me wrong with their portrayal.

  2. too young 🙂
    but I am getting used with “glamour” characters in kdramas. young surgeon, young doctors, young judge etc
    or poor character with branded bag/shoes/watch ..
    as long as their acting believable, I can ignore those details hehe

  3. Go Ara and L are pretty people but too young to be judges. Also, right now the bad acting is not noticeable in that picture but te contrast against Sung Dong Il is striking.

  4. I know this is a drama. But come on, couldn’t they make an effort in casting more believable cast. For goodness sake, L is a Judge, L as lawyer is already hard to believe. Says if Go Ara & L are secretary for the judge.

  5. Sung Dong Il’s face in the first picture captures how I feel about this drama so far. I’m not interested in it at all but I’m truly curious what the target market is for this show? Anyway, good luck to the cast and crew.

  6. It’s not about believable it’s about popularity and that includes who knows who to get roles that the reality of the business and always gets you the edge…In the assumed world the right person for the the right role does not often fall within this criteria…A fact.

    • You are right when it comes to “the who knows who thing”.Putting acting aside,But what popularity are we talking about when we are talking about these two, if that is why they were cast?Do L or Go Ara have the star power to pull the Korean audience for a 11pm legal drama?Or do they have the hallyu clout to export the drama if it flops?or is infinite fanbase big enough to have an inpact on the drama’s progress?

      People(am not exactly targeting you, its a general excuse) like to say idol actors are cast in lead roles because they generate buzz and can sell the drama abroad.But the reality is..its very few idol actors/actress that have that kind of influence in the hallyu market.

    • I think in this case is more like who is available. L and Go Ara probably do not have much projects on hand… they are really not that popular (L maybe with Infinite, but not as a solo artist)… lol…

    • nope … Even with great actor if the storyline is bad, people wont watch it.
      And idols dont have power to pull viewers without their acting skill.

  7. Sounds yet like another like the Judge vs Judge drama that ended some mths ago.

    That one was quite absurd until it settled down. If not for Yeon Woo-jin, that first look at Park Eun- in Ep 1 was enough to send me running from the drama.

    • After the 2 first episodes, the drama was nice. Park Eun Bin and Yeon Woo Jin had a great chemistry, it’s sad the writter didn’t exploite it more. Dong Ha was great in this drama too. The relationships between the character were interesting and touching.

  8. Can someone advise if it is common in Korea to become a judge in your late 20’s-30’s? I need to know because it’s just not plausible watching a couple of young ones acting as judges on screen. And yes I know it’s KDrama land where the impossible becomes the possible. Go Ara and L are so mis cast in this. There I’ve written it. Koala was right in writing that they’re cos playing.

    • I did a bit of researching and it’s said that a person under thirty years of age can be a judge when he/she has passed the National Judicial Examination and then has completed a two-year training course at the Judicial Research and Training Institute. Plus, Korea does not have an assistant judge system. Yet after a reform in 2009, trainee judges also need to have practised law.

      • @Thank you so much Sooyi for the explanation. It seems that they study well and hard with the ‘theory’ aspect covered but what about the practical side of court room cases where one would need to ‘cut their teeth’ and in general have life/work experience to pass judgment. Oh geez Im getting carried away and should just watch it when it screens.

  9. Technically though, L is like…26 without Korean years added (which would then put him at 27-28). Considering he has not aged, I can bet that by 30 he’ll still look somewhat the same. Realistically, some people just look young. He can’t help it.

    Sung Dong Il also praised/complimented his acting recently, so we’ll see.

    I know people are nitpicking per usual, so I wish the drama luck.

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