Lee Jun Ki Beats Up Thugs on the Pole and Tire Factory in New Lawless Lawyer Stills

Oh my god this drama is so turning into a Lee Jun Ki fan service work, which I would have no problems with in concept. The latest set of sleek and moody drama stills from upcoming tvN legal action drama Lawless Lawyer continues to emphasize the lawless side of Lee Jun Ki’s lawyer character, and if he were a superhero I’d say he’s lawyer by day and gangster enforcer by night. This drama is really giving me throwback vibes to Time Between Dog and Wolf when Lee Jun Ki played both sides of law abiding and law breaking in a cop goes undercover as drug lord role. Anything that reminds me of the forever awesomeness of Dog Wolf is a win in my book!


Lee Jun Ki Beats Up Thugs on the Pole and Tire Factory in New Lawless Lawyer Stills — 17 Comments

    • Pole dance fight! What can be sexier than that? ? Lee Joon Gi always amazes him. I watch his Time Between Dog and wolf recently. As per the stills of LL. Yes it has the vibe TBDW but Kim Soo Hyun / Kay are totally different compared his LL character.

      In TBDW, Kim Soo Hyun was so calm, sharp and deep while Kay has the same personality but a bit aggressive and confused. What an amazing performance LJG in TBDW! Looking at it, he was only 24. I am not into this kind of genre but was drawn to his detailed interpretation of his characters. It was beyond amazing.

      • @sayaris It was a figure of speech. I didn’t really mean to get the sexy comment as part to be part of the main discussion but was intended as a joke.

    • Pole dance fight now that would be totally sexy and new. Waiting for it joon gi. May be he is going to use all his jujitsu skills on pole fighting oops sexy pole fighting

  1. When they cast Lee Jun Ki, they surely would not want to waste his capability in executing action scene. I am excited no matter what because most importantly is to have him back on my tv screeen. Having said that, I hope someday he will do a role of a plain ordinary man like Lee Sun Kyun in “My Ajusshi, though I do understand and like he said before, he wanted to try other genre (rom-com) but never got an offer.

    • He received rom-com offers but not better than My Girl. I read in his magazine interview of him mentioning that the script has to be better than My Girl.

      While he is still receiving scripts like the dramas he is doing, I don’t think he would be doing rom-com anytime soon, realistically speaking. The thing with rom-com kdramas; they are mainly suitable for newbies. Well they are cute but really, the characters of those type of dramas don’t need to delivered by experienced actors. There are many good unknown actors out there, waiting for opportunity. Why don’t give them a chance and allow them to do those rom-com dramas. Like how Hyun Bin got a break with My Name is Kim Sam Soon or Lee Min Hoo with Boys Over Flowers, Joo Ji Hoon with Goong, Lee Dong Wook with My Girl or even Gong Yoo who was pretty much given a big break in drama through Coffee Prince.

      But if Joon Gi gets rom-com script like Master Sun… please drama God, let that happen. I think I would be seeing JG in rom-com land.

  2. I’ve still got stars circling around my head and butterflies in my stomach and yeah a bib for my drooling ? Happy belated birthday Master LJK and 24 days to go to May 12th. Sorry all for my broken record but anything on LL n LJK n SYJ I’m on to it like a rash! Life in K Drama land is just bliss waiting for LL to drop ❤️

  3. Lee Jun Ki in a Magic Mike type of film would be interesting (referring to that ’pole dance’ picture). He’s looking fine here though

  4. Oh well, anything that reminds people ot TBDAW is great but in that drama Junki actually looked like he could beat up someone. His current fashionably thin state may be ok for a bookish lawyer but it’s kind of hard to imagine him being a credible gangster.
    Of course, this is Junki and that means that I will watch anyway but I miss his previous figure.

    • Yes he is thin. But have you even looking how toned his body is? He looks great at this frame. It amazes me how he transformed into that gangster look in the poster and how he transformed into a mature man than his usual self. That is very incredible actually as you see a new persona right there.

  5. I love how the action scenes were done in TDBDW so I have some measure of trust in the PD to utilize the talent (actor-wise) he’s been given. Don’t fail me now.

    Looking at some of the pics being released, I almost wish they were filming in black and white.

    All I need to know now is if a legal site is gonna pick this up…please!

    • Lee Jun Ki is at least, still very popular among international fans. He just won the fan voted Soompi’s Actor of The Year award and even at DB, any posting with the mentioning of him will receive a lot of comments and always very positive comments. So, even when he is not a rating magnet in SK, i believe international streaming sites will want to attain license for his drama cos LJK is a big name among i-fans.

  6. OMG I can’t believe how hot, intense and awesome are those stills.. Well it’s LJG
    I have the greatest expectations for this drama. I know that JG won’t dissapoint because he never does, but this TBDW reunion is what’s taking me beyond over excited. LJG fighting

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