Jung So Min Works the Retro Style at Brand Event in Seoul

K-actress Jung So Min has really grown into her real life fashion style in what I enviably would describe as warmcool. Yes those adjectives are opposites but she really does essay this chic cool vibe coupled with the warmth of the girl next door aura. It’s like she’s chic without trying too hard to be and that’s what makes it work so well. She was at a brand event this week in Seoul looking lovely despite what is a totally meh outfit. The black high waisted bell-bottom slacks with split hems paired with a painter’s frock is just silly but to her credit she makes it work. I do love the cat eye sunglasses and her comfortable confidence wearing this ensemble.


Jung So Min Works the Retro Style at Brand Event in Seoul — 9 Comments

  1. Gorgeous, styley, elegant and cool that’s her to a T. ❤️Best photo fashion shoot was with Kim Young Kwang from D Day. My jaw dropped after seeing that. Mind you it’s always dropping with the amount of visual stash that keeps popping up from KD land. Now hurry up and confirm your next drama Ms JSM we’re waiting……Dear DramaGods I haven’t asked you for a while since SYJ and LJK pairing in LL but is there’s any chance you could pair JSM with So Ji Sub in his next drama ‘Terius Behind me’ please? And while you’re at it change that damn name too it’s like a title for a fricken C grade smutty porn film.

    • SJS and JSM were in Seo In Guk’s music vid A ha’s ‘Take on Me’ Korean version and 3 mins of that wasn’t enough so yep I’m putting their names out there.

  2. Top half of her body is on point but the bottom half (pants and shoes) *sigh*

    Anyway I’m really excited to see what she does next. She’s very likeable and relateable as an actress!

    • AGREE. I actually really like her top. I think her pants can stay but louder shoes may have made the outfit more fun.

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