New Teaser and BTS for About Time Show Better Chemistry with Leads Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung

I felt like the first third of 2018 just flew by but for some reason the month of April is dragging. I thought we’d be in May by now but actually it’s still another day left. tvN fantasy-tinged romance About Time doesn’t arrive until May 21 but it’s doing a very concerted promo effort already even if I’m not particularly wowed (yet). Leads Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung still have to convince me that their casting is a good choice as leads who fall for each other when the girl basically stalks the guy into liking her back. This is nothing new in K-drama land and the twist is that she can see the time clocks of people around her but somehow he can stop her time (or ability?). I think Lee Sang Yoon’s glower melting into a small smile at the end of the latest teaser is cute and Lee Sung Kyung is doing a good job of being the perky and cute stalker girl.

More teaser and BTS for About Time:


New Teaser and BTS for About Time Show Better Chemistry with Leads Lee Sang Yoon and Lee Sung Kyung — 9 Comments

  1. There she goes again. Lee Sung Kyung and her muppet expression. She always tend to overacted, it’s downright annoying.

    I like Lee Sang Yoon but Idk if I can stand watching LSK.

    • We don’t know what the PD was asking from her. If she acts to cute for the age her character(!) has in the drama, then the PD is responsible to give the right direction. She’s responsible to show a broad range of different emotions her character will go through. So, it’s to quick to judge her acting based on teasers (even though, she still has to prove her acting abilities have improved).

      • the PD of this drama is not that good… hmmm, we have seen 3 teasers so far and I cannot see anything interesting. Anyways, will wait for the reviews when it is aired…

  2. So she’s a person who can see when people will die what is pretty dark and she’s acting like she was a teenager. It’s a little bit confusing… Her character should be gloomy or bubble and unicorn ?

  3. Lee Sungkyung’s acting would fit sitcoms really well, or a quirky romcom. Maybe she wants to change her image but I don’t think a fantasy melo is the right genre for her.

  4. I’m gonna force myself to watch this because I like both leads -separately though. And the storyline too. Wish me luck I’ll be the guinea pig for us. It start May 21st so plenty of time to prepare. However that means I’ll have on the go Wok of love; Miracle that we met; Mysterious Personal Shopper all English subbed by Tuesday to catch up on and of course About Time. Bring it I’m so ready for this ❤️

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