Sporty IU in Spring 2018 New Balance CF and Getting Positive Acting Reviews for tvN Drama My Ahjusshi

Singer-actress IU is a familiar face in the CF modeling world and I see her often in sportswear and casual wear spreads fitting for her bright image. It’s less often to see her getting a thumbs up from K-netizens for her acting projects so her latest New Balance sneaker ads provide a contrast to the feedback of her latest tvN drama My Ahjusshi. I haven’t started watching yet but its on my to-watch list and I’m trying to remain unspoiled about the plot. I don’t mind hearing about the acting criticism or feedback and so far IU’s dark and unglam turn as a poor and abused young woman is apparently her best acting to date. Good for her to show improvement and I’m more excited to start watching the drama soon!


Sporty IU in Spring 2018 New Balance CF and Getting Positive Acting Reviews for tvN Drama My Ahjusshi — 20 Comments

  1. She looks like an ice cream cone in bubblegum and citrus flavours lol.

    And her acting in My Ajusshi is REALLY good. Not just “improved” or “best performance till date” or even “good for an idol”/”serviceable”, it’s genuinely, legitimately good.

    Thanks to Producer, I always knew she wasn’t hopeless as an actress unlike some of her idol contemporaries, but she’s really levelled up here. Kim Won Suk knew what he was doing when he cast her, just like he knew it with Im Siwan in Misaeng.

  2. the fashion sense of first photo is kinda weird… Is New Balance selling slips now? Who in the world will wear a slip skirt with a hoodie??
    I always knew IU can act, her performance in MA is excellent. “Unglam” is a good term to describe her look in MA and she is pretty! just wish they can tone down on her eyebag makeup… lol…

    • I would wear a slip or a satin skirt with a hoodie. I like the combination of sporty and romantic. It’s weird for you but it may be just right for others.

    • Only time I would wear a satin slip and hoodie is when I’ve rolled out of bed hungover and am lounging on the couch watching catch up K dramas and recovering from a massive headache. Yep I couldn’t walk around in public with this kinda outfit where I’m from you’ll get severely mocked and in my case – arrested. However IU looks pretty cute and wears it well if she was going to a slumber party. ?

    • It’s not that uncommon, slip dresses have been a thing since the 90s and some girls I know used to wear theirs with sweatshirts on top like this, it’s comfortable if it suits your figure. Only their slips were not the lacy kind haha.

  3. Lee Ji An is written for her. A great director and writer helps bring out the best in her. Even better actors would do anything to work with this writer-director combo.

    • For a director to be able to bring out a good performance from an actor, that something has to be there in the actor in the first place. Like they say, you can’t get blood from a stone.

      It’s true she got lucky with the writer and director but some of the credit is hers too, Suzy/Hyeri/Joy with the same level of support from the writer and PD would never be able to deliver even 10 percent of what IU has.

      • That’s true. IU improves and challenges herself. SH director and that character couldn’t bring out the potential in her which she had. I really liked indy and Ji An matches her to the T. Suzy has worked with the best writers and directors too, but she isn’t nearly as good as IU

  4. I won’t buy anything in these photos haha. Only someone beautiful and slim like IU is able to make these weird outfits work 😛

  5. I was mad as hell with her o.o acting in “Moon Lovers” so when she was announced to headline MA with veteran heavyweight LSK, I was less than excited. I am happy she has proven me wrong and obviously, IU excelled when portraying cold characters like Cindy and Ji An. She is not hopeless like Suzy/Hyeri/Joy but certainly in need of a good director to guide her and bring out the best in her. Ji An is her best performance todate and let’s not even get me start talking about her unexpectedly phenomenal chemistry with LSK.

    • Oh, I would like to read what you have to say about their chemistry. It’s very strong, almost explosive. Koala, please don’t delay in watching anymore.

      • Exactly. Explosive is the exact word. It’s amazing because every interactions between them were made to be so subtle yet you know the tension and intensity was on the verge of exploding. I never thought subway train ride and a walk back home, even when both keeping their hands in their respective pockets could be so sexy. LSK and IU totally elevate the term “off-the-chart” chemistry to a whole new level. Lol. I could go on forever.

        Yeah, Ms. Koala. Don’t delay watching anymore but then, the agony of waiting every week is like a slow painful death.

  6. IU is an all right idol actress. She was the best performer in the The Producer in my opinion. In Moonlovers, Haeso was way more complex character than Cindy and Jian. But I thought she did a great job as Hae So considering her level of experience as an actor. Her performance for that character was even better than many popular actress. The thing was, there were actors who have shown performance which were on another level. That is why probably many didn’t appreciate her performance as much. But to me, while it was not as great but it was far from bad. She still did all right. Besides Saguek is a difficult genre.

  7. Honestly, people, the clothes are so ugly. That pink sweater, ugly! Green outfit, ugly! Poor kid, tried to stay bubbly…I admire her for smiling in that silly clothes

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