Yoo In Na and Son Ho Joon to Join K-drama Terius Behind Me with So Ji Sub

After a one turn of the leading lady roulette it’s settled on a more familiar drama face to join So Ji Sub in his upcoming drama Terius Behind Me. K-actress Yoo In Na is stepping back into leading lady territory after Lee Yoo Young was first offered the role, toggling between first and second female lead in a string of dramas where I’ve always found her engaging in the right roles. Terius Behind Me is a spy romance caper comedy where she plays a wife dealing with her husband’s sudden death and raising a child, only to get involved with her mysterious next door neighbor played by So Ji Sub who is a retired special ops spy. He ends up helping her to expose the big conspiracy behind her husband’s death. Also joining the drama is Son Ho Joon who is taking a second male lead role. The drama will air on MBC with the screenwriter of Shopping King Louie and the PD of special drama Romance Full of Life.


Yoo In Na and Son Ho Joon to Join K-drama Terius Behind Me with So Ji Sub — 6 Comments

  1. Okay, this one sounds entertaining! (Have tried out too many plotless slice of life ones lately.) Interesting storyline, plus actors who can bring an extra punch to the plot. Looking forward to it!

  2. A rendition of “Healer”. There are a couple of shows going along the same lines. Hope they’ll have a great soundtrack as this was one the best features of Healer. Operative spy…means action and hopefully a fast moving storyline as well.

  3. I love smokin So Ji Sub ? But can someone please give an explanation about the title ‘Terius behind me’. Seen SHJ in Reply 1994 but haven’t seen YIN in anything. Still on the fence about this one. Unless it’s hyped up I’ll most likely buy into it. Until then unsure.

    • I really like YIN in Queen In-hyun’s Man. She is second female lead in Goblin and My Love from the Star. She is a very versatile actress, I like her.

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