Song Hye Kyo Offered Female Lead in K-drama Boyfriend Opposite Park Bo Gum

HOLY %^&*#*! Sorry for the screaming but this is legit unreal even as a potential casting rumor. K-ent is reporting that Song Hye Kyo is considering the female lead role in upcoming romance K-drama Boyfriend which will likely star Park Bo Gum. Let’s all take a step back and consider that any potential K-drama that even remotely may star Song Hye Kyo gets publicity up the wazoo, and now double that with the news she may work with real life husband Song Joong Ki‘s very good friend and protege Park Bo Gum. I mean, Bo Gummie sang at her wedding! I don’t have a problem with them working together due to any real life awkwardness, everyone is an acting pro, it’s just way weird considering visually I do NOT see them together even as a fictional drama couple. Maybe I’ll be proven wrong but we’ll see in the coming weeks if this casting gets confirmed.

If Song Hye Kyo accepts she will be playing the role of the daughter of a congressman who married into a chaebol family due to her background. She had a child and then gets divorced, and is trying to find her way through life ahead. Boyfriend captures the story behind a woman who seems to have it all and a man to seems to have nothing at all, and yet they seem to go through every day the same way. The drama is from the screenwriter of Pretty Boy and Entertainer, and is set for airing in the second half of 2018.


Song Hye Kyo Offered Female Lead in K-drama Boyfriend Opposite Park Bo Gum — 71 Comments

  1. This is another couple drama producers are insisting to pair together lol. Both have been offered Temperature of Love before. It’ll be interesting to see if they would accept this drama, considering the writer doesn’t have a very good track record.

  2. That writer is not good…. SHK should pick a movie with international awards potential instead of another rom-com which won’t lead her anywhere… not a very smart move if she accepts this ?

      • This article says “upcoming romance K-drama Boyfriend”… I guess it will be a rom-com by reading the above description. Pure romance will make me sick by watching these two doing a “pretty noona” makeout session… cough cough…

  3. Yeah why not song hye kyo make revenge cause her husband acting with kim ji won. If jun ji hyun can acting with kim soo hyun and lee min ho, why not her?

  4. Gosh Gum on! No way that pairing is just so left field. I might be new to K drama land but even I know that mix is out of it! SHK is a legend and PBG is ahh umm (scratching my head). This is another Pretty Noona part 2 in the making. It spells awkward. Okay I’ll have PBG paired with Suzy any day. K producers are so unpredictable- what next Jung Woo Sung and Joy? No no no I take that back it might just happen.

  5. I think acting and visual wise the pairing will work fine, but the screenwriter really has a bad track records. I dropped both Entertainer and Pretty Boy despite liking the cast.

  6. I’m reluctant to believe in these high profile castings now. It seems like Kdramas want as much buzz as possible for their dramas and then for the potential leads to deny/reject the roles, just for unknowns to get them afterwards. This happened for Come and Hug me. I will believe the castings when the actors turn up for filming instead.

  7. You can just forget the story/the writer/the age gap or whatever… You’ll just watch it for the lovey dovey romance-skinship between them ?

  8. Nope. No. Only if PBG is the brother or second lead. Song Hye Kyo’s level is so much higher. And the writer of Entertainer is a downgrade.

      • She’s an S-Tier actress..status-wise, her level is so much higher than PBG .

      • I mean, S-list or not, Koreans did not criticize Park Bogum for being (potentially) paired with her, so they obviously consider PBG and SHK almost the same level. It’s ifans I see who are looking down on PBG.

      • then I feel very sorry for SHK who has worked for 20 years and being viewed by the Koreans at the same level as PBG who has only debuted for less than 8?! Is this for real??… No one looks down on PBG. But I think the Koreans are looking down on SHK. Ridiculous!

      • I think when Korean actresses get old, people start to randomly throw leading men at them.
        Look at Kim Hee-sun, a legendary actress, but her leading man is Kim Youngkwang, a B-list actor.
        And also Son Ye-jin, her leading man is someone that is taking on a lead role for a first time.
        At least Song Hyekyo is paired with people like Song Joongki and Park Bogum, who has had successful projects and widespread fame.

        Whereas leading men their status and age are paired with actresses much younger than them.

      • Kim Hee Sun and Seo Ye Jin are paired with newbies because the producer has confidence that they can carry a drama on their own. That means both actresses have commercially value even just being on their own.

        I could only shake my head their labelling this so called S tier B lister A lister. FYI, you know when an actor has massive commercial value when he or she is the only one who is a big gun in the drama. If an actor or actress who you think is an A-lister or S tier yet still paired with another popular actor, that means both actors don’t have significant commercial value.

  9. Why you say no? It fair already song joong ki can kiss younger actress so shk can kiss and hug younger boy too. Even lee byung hun get pairing with kim tae ri who much younger than him.

  10. She should work with signal writer or a writer with great resumes… Like, entertainer sw? Lmao… That drama was a mess and failed so hard. And bogumie… Look for a masterpiece script. Cmon..

    Agree, shg needs to step on chungmuro level.

  11. They said this is just one of the works she’s reviewing. I just hope that SHK declines the offer. As much as I want to see her coming back to dramaland this might not be the best project. I’m worried abt the writer.

  12. I am just worried about the writer….any good script with park bo gum and song hye kyo as lead couple will be great…
    The same situation happened back then when Song Song were announced as a lead in DOTS…and people changed their mind at the very first episode…

  13. Song Hye Kyo 101: She’s extremely picky in her projects that’s why she takes 3-4 years before making a comeback and she mentioned in her recent interview that her standard for dramas has increased so she’ll be even more picky. The writer of this drama (no offense) doesn’t have a good track record. Her agency also clarified that it is one of the offers she’s reviewing which is pretty much a no before a solid no, LOL. If she was to make a comeback anytime soon it might be a movie than a drama I think. Personally I would want her to do a movie than a drama unless it’s with a renewed team of writers and directors. Acting with Hallyu stars wouldn’t add much to her career and I can’t deal with possessive oppa fan girls anymore.

    But someone must really want BPG and SHK, this is a second time they’re offered the same project after Temperature of Love, LOL.

    • Imagine she married with song joong ki who 4 year younger than her, than get pairing with park bo gum 12 year gap. How lucky she’s. Even the writer previous work is bad they still can save script like pretty noona buy me rice.

      • Ermm…LMAO she’s an S-tier (the highest level in the Korean industry) has 20 years of experience with many hit projects. If anything PBG is the one that’s lucky to be acting with her as it will not do anything for her career but will change hiS. SJK probably saved a nation in his previous life to get a gorgeous wife like that but they’re both lucky to have found each other.

        And it looks like both PBG and SHK will decline the offer because this was a media play by the production company. This drama does not even have a pd or broadcast station.

      • lol Bogum is the lucky one to work with someone like her at his age and experience level.

  14. Neither one of them is going to take this mess of a drama. They obviously have better offers than a drama from the writer of Pretty Man. She is especially very picky and he wants to be the right project since it’s really important to further his career. I would also guess this might be her last project for a while if she hopes to have children in the future, so nah.

  15. This is another case like Park Shin-hye-Hyun Bin’s Fox Bride Star (got canceled and both accepted another drama) Kim Jiwon-Lee Jong-suk’s See You Again (got canceled), Nam Joo-hyuk-Suzy’s Come and Hug Me (both rejected). The production team is using both of them to bring attention to the drama.

    • It was the best thing that NJH and Suzy both rejected Come and Hug Me. They won’t be able the deliver the intensity of acting which is shown now by the newbies… Cheers!

      • Exactly!! The newbie did better. Waaahh i cant imagine the characters played by NJH and suzy, lmao

    • I wonder what’s up with all these dramas cancelled because the first choice actors rejected them. I mean I’m not sad about the LJS/KJW one since the writer has such a bad track record but they couldn’t find new candidates for those roles?

  16. media play at its best and it works which reach to the no.1 naver news. Now im waiting both gonna reject and lower level leads accept it later. kudos to the drama company. ( no station signed with them yet lol)

  17. I wonder if, like on another post here, we will see an outpouring of disgust because an old lady will be romancing a young boy?

    My guess is no. For some (sexist) reason it is only disgusting if young women are seen to have sexual agency.

      • Well he is younger than the almost 30 year old Kim Tae Ri. Who apparantly is a kid who can’t play opposite an older man without it being icky.

        At least according to multiple posters on this site.

      • He’s nearly 25 years old. He is not a “young boy” and you must be young to think a 36-year-old woman is an “old lady”. That is also a 12 year age difference, not a 20 year age difference.

        And Lee Santa is nearly 50 years old and has a negative image full of gross sex scandals. That’s part of the reason people don’t like their romance.

  18. For me she never was the best actress for love story (except The Wolrd That They Live in but they dated and DOTS and they married…), now she’s married, I have more doubts.

  19. She would pass for an elegant, sexy & beautiful aunt/mother of Park Bo Gum’s character.

    Looks like Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food Part 2.

    What’s with k-dramas in 2018, young boy with beautiful older woman and ahjussi with younger hallyu star like Park Shin Hye.

    • People like PSH, Kim Taeri are paired with much older actors, thus leaving these older actresses like Son Yejin and Song Hyekyo to be paired with young actors instead.

  20. This is a joke right?Song Hye Kyo darling.Network with the directors of chungmuro and do a movie instead.This is not it.Not to mention her visual and aura matches mature looking actors like Hyun Bin or Jo In Sung.I think if they are going for a noona romance.Choose a baby faced one like Jang Nara.But again Jang Nara deserves better than this writer.

    I think this is just mediaplay tho.

  21. My first thought was WOW @this pairing but then I saw the names of the writer’s previous works….nope, SHK and PBG deserve better than to risk their names with a scripwriter who has that kind of track record. No one wants another weak ‘Pretty Noona’ type script being covered by good actors.

    • But why shk should say no working with nation boyfriend? This call revenge cause she may jealous her husband working with younger actress, I think she waiting sjk reaction with this pairing. If sjk accept role with kim ji won. Sure she’s will accept this cause next year she will think about have children being mother.

      • so you mean this year she is not thinking about have children being mother? you sure know her very well… lol…

      • IF, SHK choose to act with PBG, I dont think it because she was jealous or to take revenge. She is married to an actor. acting is their job. They’re pro not childish couple.

      • Huh? She said no before to working with him. She’s worked with the likes of Won Bin and huge Chinese actors, I doubt she’s moved by PBG of all people. And I’m a fan of his.

      • Serious question, what substances have you been abusing? Because you don’t seem to understand my comment at all and you’ve gone off rambling nonsense about SJK, KJW and SHK becoming a mother next year or something.

        I’ll say it again in simpler language – Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum should both turn down this drama because the writer is a terrible one.

  22. No no no and a Big NO
    Please SHK , don’t accept this.
    You are better than this and you deserve something better. Please pick a movie, I would love to see you in a movie.

  23. SHK really looked older and matured for her age; I don’t see any chemistry with PBG. I will be rooting for a Jang Nara-PBG team-up though, they looked adorable together. Chemistry wise, they sure have it; they even were into dating rumors before but denied by both lol

  24. @lovewadaw: Thank God advertising companies do not think he’s creepy and ranked him as the top male advertising model for 2017 and between your cultish comment and hundreds of testimonials of people who know him personally and have worked alongside him for long periods of time, a person in his or her right mind would believe these personal, direct accounts.

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