Yeon Jin Goo and Girl’s Day’s Minah Confirmed for K-version of Absolute Boyfriend

I’m not sure young actor Yeo Jin Goo is getting all the right casting advice, but then again he’s still so young and so talented that doing whatever fun role he wants may not have lingering repercussions at this stage. K-ent is reporting that Yeo Jin Goo has signed on to be the robot in the upcoming K-adaptation of Japanese shoujo manga Absolute Boyfriend (Zettai Kareshi). He’ll be starring with Girl’s Day‘s Minah and Hong Jong Hyun, with this final trio totally different than the names floated earlier. This feels like a redux of Orange Marmalade where Yeo Jin Goo did a drama adapted from a manhwa and acted opposite AOA‘s Seolhyun and that didn’t work out so well. Oh wells, this is now wait and watch for the potential train wreck potential.


Yeon Jin Goo and Girl’s Day’s Minah Confirmed for K-version of Absolute Boyfriend — 25 Comments

  1. No idea if Minah is better than Hyori? I read somewhere that she was pretty decent starring opposite Namgoong Min. I like both the male leads Yeo Jin Goo and Hong Jong Hyun but I never like remake and Absolute Boyfriend is not a manga I like as well. I think the casts this time are more appropriate than those previously mentioned.

    • Minah is way better than hyeri, both in acting and vocal, lols. Not a fan but i wonder how she pulls off this character. I like the dorama version, cuz i like those actors. Especially hiro mizushima. So, im curious about this one. I really hope, this is a turning point in yjg’s career as an actor. He’s a good actor, but his project choices were horrible this past years. So, good luck boy.

      • Yeo Jin Goo still headlined Circle even if Kim Kangwoo was a senior actor to him and he also appeared in both timelines. Anyway kdramas always have more than one lead.

    • That’s the name of the OM girl? Yikes she was horrible, couldn’t act at all and just looked like she was trying to find a flattering camera angle. Minah is any day better than that.

  2. Gosh all these J drama remakes. Creatively K scriptwriters need a resurgence think tank. Story is king. These two actors- adore YJG haven’t seen Minah in anything but might consider this drama if there’s a lot of hype.?

    • Oh and I like Hong Jong Hyun from that movie with Jung So Min ‘Alice: Boy from the wonderland’ so yep great casting and let’s hope that the storyline is just as good.

    • To be fair, The Good Doctor is being turned into a j-drama so they seem to go round and round with adapting dramas. Minah was good in Sweet Savage Family.

      I don’t disagree though re: scriptwriters.

      • But there seems to be a plethora of J dramas more so then K drama adaptations. It’s not a bad thing just that if you follow J dramas more you’ll surely notice the difference. Sorry I’m just following on Koala’s previous news posts for my reference. I feel that when international fans start comparing them it’s unfair because the original will always shine and the remake will pale in comparison. For the exception of Korea’s Playful Kiss And Sorry I haven’t seen the K drama Mother because I’ve read that went off! ? Anycase I’ve written this before – K drama production companies need to open up and invite those interested in submitting storylining ideas to fuel their industry. I know that there are several of us regulars on this forum that could ruffle up a few ourselves.

      • **Clarification** Koala’s previous news posts about J dramas that are being adapted into K dramas this year and the tentative casting offers going out.

      • For short-sighted type of viewing yes, remake will always fall short. But I tell you there are more broadminded audience than you think.

  3. Minah needs work but she is far better than what I have seen from Seolhyun, hyeri, and Suzy so her casting doesn’t bother me too much. It will be interesting to see her and Yeo Jin Goo paired together.

  4. At least Minah can act though, that alone straight-up elevates her over Orange Marmalade girl and Hyeri. It’s also a reunion for her with Hong Jong Hyun, they worked together in a weird sitcom called Vampire Idol years ago, it was cute too.

    Only question now is if the script turns out ok.

  5. This is a better fit trio I guess. Minah is one of the few k-idols who can act. This will probably work out well for much younger audience which is the target market of this drama looking at the casting and its storyline.

  6. There are no roles for any of the young child turned adult actors. He just has to make do with whatever he can till they ship him off to the military.

  7. I’m not sure about Minah yet. She was good in her last drama but the role suited her because I think it was like her. It was the same with Apink’s Jung Eun Ji in Reply 1997 and Sassy, Go Go or Girls Day’s Hyeri in Reply 1988 but when they did other characters more different than their own personality they didn’t convince me.

    For Seolhyun, I liked her in her movies. I think it’s good she took supporting role to gain experience.

    • True. Minah said before Gong Shim was a character who she could relate to so this role, assuming different from Gong Shim by a lot, will probably show if she is a good actress or not.

  8. The characters in the original manga were immature (esp the female lead) it was rather annoying. The female lead spent most of her time undecided on who she actually likes and even by the end, once she’s made her final choice, I’m not that sold to it. I hope the characters this time would be much better written. I don’t have high hopes for this drama but I really like YJG so I’m sticking with this one. I’m honestly confused why YJG chose this, especially when he was able to dodge Great Seducer’s deadly bullet. I like the casting well enough but I’ve seen lots of manhwa/manga adaptations gone astray and this one might just go that trainwreck path.

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