tvN Drama Mr. Sunshine Releases Grand Scale Making Of Teaser Video

The upcoming tvN period drama Mr. Sunshine may just raise the bar another notch for K-drama film making, and I’m torn between happy for the industry and sad that this drama doesn’t star my favorite actors and actresses to sweeten the reason to watch pot. With that said, it’s getting near impossible to skip checking this drama out, from the story line about the Joseon fight for independence and identity to the hard work of the cast and crew in undertaking a massive sprawling shoot from the just released official making of video, I want to watch to support the increased quality of Hallyu dramas as yet another wave now that trendy idol fare has waned. Frankly this looks too good to pass up and I get shivers watching this scale of film making happen on a usually deemed cheesy K-drama level.

Mr. Sunshine Official Making Of Teaser:


tvN Drama Mr. Sunshine Releases Grand Scale Making Of Teaser Video — 17 Comments

  1. Certainly going to check it out. Riveted to just the teaser alone! I am now willing to try out drama even if the leads r not my favourite. Past experience told me story writing n production r more important to a good drama.

  2. I will put aside my personal prejudice against Lee Byung Hyun to support the other hundreds of people who worked hard and made this drama possible. BTS film making got me convinced.

  3. KES has become a cheesy/shallow writer for these past years, but her drama Lovers was great as per my past viewing experience.

    LBH doesn’t sound interesting to me as an actor so I never finished any of his dramas besides. And I feel like there’s very few Korean movies which I feel has the competitive production values so I can only count in my fingers of Korean movies that I’ve watched from beg to end.

    But based on the stills, looks like they really spend their money on the production.

  4. “Have you been digging thru my feelings?” – Cheeeessssyyyyyy. Dont watch K Dramas but this line had me stop the video.

    Need much much much better dialogues!!!

  5. The fact that we complain about LBH when there are a ton of problematic men in Marvel, DC, GOT and any other Hollywood blockbuster tickles my belly with hypocrisy

  6. The production is giving me Game of Throne feels. specifically the battles scene and how much detail that went into it reminds me of the battle in high garden from season 7 and the ice scene reminds me of the scene where they went to capture a night walker.

    I love it! I cant wait to watch it. Completely agree with the comment above. It looks like even international viewer are begging to hold a higher standard to Korean actors that actors from their own countries.

      • there is no right or wrong to a comment. Why do you ask such a question?? It is just hypocritical and pretencious to post twice under different usernames by the same person. LOL…

      • you seem awfully bothered for someone who believes there is no wrong or right comment. You are taking the internet waay too seriously.

      • No. I only despise those who cannot owe up to their own comment and have to repost under a different username stating “completely agree with the comment above”. I am open to disagreeing opinions as long as the person has the guts to admit it. Only cowards will adopt various usernames to say the same thing!

  7. Lee Tae Ri deserves this moment. The trailer is so thrilling!!! Gotta remember to save time in July for this drama

  8. I didn’t realize there’s a video in it. Anyway, the stills are more impressive than the actual video footage.

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