K-stars Showcase Chanel Couture at Pop Up Store Event in Seoul

Black, white, red, and greys were the colors of the most recent Chanel fashion event in Seoul celebrating the brand’s pop up store Paris-Hamburg. Black Pink member Jennie was my fave in her head to toe embracing of the couture collection’s adorable white skirt suit with red trim. The hat just slays the look especially the way Jennie wears the outfit rather than let it wear her. Other K-stars in attendance include the Jung sisters Jessica and Krystal, Zico of Block B, and actor Lee Sang Yoon currently starring in tvN romance About Time. Krystal and Jessica were mirror images of each out in terms of outfit but I wish Krystal would have ditched the black tights.


K-stars Showcase Chanel Couture at Pop Up Store Event in Seoul — 9 Comments

  1. I actually love the black tights on Krystal. They made her looked outstanding, a differrent style from Jennie and Jessica.

  2. the last one is zico?? wow I can’t recognize him at all .. I dont follow his grup, I just knew him from infinity challenge ..
    that jenny girl looks very good from front, but the skirt is too short from behind..
    Kristal look glommy but I like the outfit. Jessica look nice.

  3. I’ve been to Korea a couple of times and it’s crazy how people wear such short shorts and skirts there, and no one bat an eyelid. Got nothing against it as long as you’re comfortable wearing it. I feel like Jeanie a little bit awkward on the pics though.

  4. I saw the runaway photo of the model wearing the same outfit as Jeannie and it was not even that short. Frankly, the short short skirt is gross, almost revealing the unnecessary areas. I don’t understand why the need to adjust the skirt length to make her looking slutty.

  5. Its too short on all of the girls, esp Jennie;s so i actually thk its good idea to have the tights on in Kristal’s case. Its like wear this n dont try to sit, or bend

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