Jo Jung Seok and Gummy Announce Fall 2018 Wedding After Five Years Dating

A big congrats to a Korean star couple who is headed for matrimonial bliss. K-actor Jo Jung Seok and theater actress and singer Gummy announced this week that they are getting married in the fall. The wedding date isn’t set yet but the news leaked so both posted handwritten letters to their fans on their SNS explaining in a sincere and mature way that they are getting married after finding someone who makes each a better person. Awwwww, seriously, adult relationship goals right there with nothing for the usually snippy K-netizens to pick on. I’m thrilled their low key dating for the past five years confirmed a decision to make it official and forever, good luck to the happy couple and I can’t to check out wedding pics!


Jo Jung Seok and Gummy Announce Fall 2018 Wedding After Five Years Dating — 12 Comments

  1. Two years??? I’m pretty sure they were dating longer than that. When they came out with the dating news, they were together for a few years already.

    Anyway, congratulations to them!

  2. Heartfelt congratulations.The OST Queen and just an amazing singer overall and a mega talented actor.What a blessing!!!Its A-list celebrity couples like them who keep their relationships low-key, that I root for the most.What would k-nets be snippy about when they dont mediaplay and parade around their relationship for everyone to gossip about.They really are adult relationship goals.

  3. Best news of the week reading of their upcoming nuptials here. Gummy is a soul R n B songstress and is a fav of mine and I’ll always have fond memories of Jong Jung Seok from Architecture. Massive congratulations and love to them both. ?

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