Ariel Lin Glides Through the City in Chic Office Pieces for Bazaar Men

All the girls grow up to be ladies and the Taiwanese media is really taking note that perennially student like Ariel Lin is really done with toggling the image that launched her career and fully into the mature adult real life of being in her thirties. Ariel recently had the hit C-drama Old Boy and just finished filming her next period C-drama Legend of Huo Buo (小女花不弃 Xiao Nu Hua Bu Qi) which is the one I’m most looking forward to as it’s her first period drama in six years since Prince of Lan Ling. Her pictorial for Bazaar Men is refreshing in putting her in menswear inspired outfits that elongate her petite frame and really highlight her cool sophisticated aura nowadays.


Ariel Lin Glides Through the City in Chic Office Pieces for Bazaar Men — 22 Comments

  1. i haven’t watched taiwanese (chinese?) drama for the loooongest time, but is Old Boy worth watching? I really like her last drama with Bolin Chen – i think that was the last c-drama i watched lol.

    • Old Boy is very well made and a solid effort in slice of life genre. It is too long and the last episodes were cliche but I don’t regret watching. Love the father/son story.

  2. Love her! I really loved her different looks in “Old Boy”. I can’t wait to see her and Zhang Binbin in 小女花不弃!

  3. She is all class! Love the pictorials. IMO she is not the claddically beautiful, but she has really grown into a beautiful woman.

    There is nothing over the top about her, she’s not screaming “look at me”. She really has the package, looks, brains and acting ability. Very understated, yet stunning.

  4. She looks lovely, although the trench coat in the first pic is a little too voluminous, imho. Really excited about her upcoming period drama, especially after seeing her recent weibo BTS pics!

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