Top J-actresses Ishihara Satomi, Ueno Juri and Ayase Haruka All Have Big Summer 2018 Doramas Coming

I’m triply stoked for the summer 2018 J-dorama season, and in general have enjoyed the last three dorama seasons with always one show I get hooked on to watch. Summer ’18 has three high profile top actresses with anticipated series coming – Ishihara Satomi gets to play the cultured straight woman in Takane no Hana as the refined ikebana (flower arranging) heiress who falls for a schlumpy ordinary guy, Ueno Juri makes her first post-marriage dorama return in the J-version of Good Doctor opposite It Boy Yamazaki Kento and Fujiki Naohito, and Ayase Haruka gets to play the mom, or more specifically the step mom, with Takenouchi Yutaka with a side of Sato Takeru in Gibo to Musume no Blues (Stepmother and daughter blues). Eeep, I’m so excited for all this fun summer goodness to arrive!


Top J-actresses Ishihara Satomi, Ueno Juri and Ayase Haruka All Have Big Summer 2018 Doramas Coming — 10 Comments

  1. If Kento gives a performance that matches up to the level of Joo won he will definitely have the right to join the big boys table

    • I actually didn’t like Joo Won’s interpretation of the character. I know playing an autistic is difficult. But I feel like his is bordering caricature. And he do have a tendency to overact based on his other portrayals. Of course this is a personal opinion, hence, subjective.

  2. I really enjoyed watching Satomi’s dramas these recent years such as Unnatural, From 5 to 9 and Dear Sister so I’ll definitely give her newest drama a try. As for Ayase Haruka, I like her too and the little girl who plays her step-daughter was cute in “My Brother Loves Me Too Much” so I’ll check that one out too. However, I’m not too interested in Kento’s dramas so I don’t know if I’ll watch “The Good Doctor”. Except for the ones you listed there’s also another rising actress who will have a new drama out and it is Tsuchiya Tao. It will be about cheerleading. Counting that one in, I’ll have at least three dramas to follow.

    • Tao Tsuchiya is a good actress, I have watched several of her movies. I like all 3 of Ms Koala’s recommendations and now adding this one, I have a total of 4 to watch this summer. K-dramas have been boring, so J-doromas will be a win for me 🙂

      • Tsuchiya Tao is indeed a good actress. I see a lot of potential in her so I’m glad she is getting more recognition now.

    • Loved Ishihara’s last drama Unnatural. I am interested in this next drama. It seems like it has a good setup to be rom com from the poster. Interested in the remake of Good Doctor too. I don’t care so much for the storyline, but would definitely like to see how the acting goes in compared to both the Korean and American versions.

    • for j drama you need dig deeper to find subtittle. definitely cant rely on d addict or subscenes. as jdrama fans for years I think, jdrama sub are easier to get these days. But yeah, some good jdrama still unsubbed

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