K-media Catches Yoon Eun Hye Prettily Performing Her Voting Civic Duty

It’s fairly clear that after a five year long hiatus from K-ent, once the face of Hallyu dramas Yoon Eun Hye has fallen from the first line media radar that I don’t see reports about her often now in English fandom. She’s also not covered as much by K-media but I’m still firm in my affection for her and really if she wants to coast on the fame of Goong and Coffee Prince for awhile longer then so be it. It’s also a reality that I haven’t seen her successor show up in K-drama land, none of the new generation of twenty-something actresses had her insane IT factor combo of gorgeous looks, warmth, and radiating charisma. In which case she still stands alone for offering what is uniquely her style onscreen, and I’m seeing full glimpses of that this month when in early June she showed up at her local polling place to vote. Yay for doing her civic duty and I love all the pictures that showed all the pretty facets of this talented actress.


K-media Catches Yoon Eun Hye Prettily Performing Her Voting Civic Duty — 114 Comments

  1. Really? Park Shin Hye is insanely popular and she is pretty too and has acting chop to boot.

    If we talk about idol turn actor (the same case with YEH), there is IU whom is a pretty doll and very popular as well as a respected musician. Before anyone can start arguing that IU has shown talent in limited genre, the same thing goes with YEH who excelled in rom-com but not so much with the rest of other genres.

    If we talk about YEH iconic roles and dramas, let’s just settle that the current writings quality has drop, thus not really the problem with the actors that not many latest k-dramas could achieve iconic status.

    So I disagree that there is none from the current generation that could match YEH during her prime.

    • I agree with you. There are a lot of talented actress that can match YEH if given the same circumstances. But this is koala we are talking about. She is incredibly biased when it comes to YEH. If you shoved YEH in a puddle and cover her face with mud, koala is still going to say she’s very pretty. YEH right!

    • I love IU as an actress but she’s iconic as a musician and that’s what she’s mainly known as (with the ‘and also a really good actress’ tag added only recently). YEH was an idol-turned actress but she got huge as an actress, people in Korea seem to have forgotten she was ever an idol at all since I’ve never seen it brought up in Korean comments about her.

      • It’s more because YEH was never excellent as an idol or a musician. She was just simply a member of a not so popular idol group and once she started acting, her music career completely buried off. Unlike IU who juggle between acting and even bigger music career.

        YEH and IU are both charismatic as actress as long as given the right roles. And IU is pretty in her own way (more of cute doll-like and not the va-va-voom type like YEH), equally charming and has warmth personality. That is why I could not agree with Koala that no current crop of actress could match the level of YEH.

    • Agree so so much.

      PSH is the one I could see aa a match or probably surpassing YEH, given the longevity of her career and she has more hit dramas under her belt.

      IU is a good example to compare with YEH due to both sharing idol status. Same like IU, YEH acting range is limited and she only shines when given the right role as in the case with Goong and CP. Talking about popularity, beauty, IT factor, charisma and personality – IU has it all, so I dont understand in what way Ms.Koala thought that those qualities only possess by YEH.

      The fact is YEH was in the era where K-dramas is at its peak whereas currently, the interest has slowed down a bit.

      And again agree with @Alexa… YEH never had a successful music career to begin with and therefore, she is known just as an actress whereas IU has a solid music career that she could not possibly give up while pursuing acting which is her secondary passion/interest. So ofc, IU is more well-known as a musician.

    • Both Park Shin Hye and IU are popular & talented. However, to many people they still prefer Yoon Eun Hye, which cannot be explained by popularity or number of followers. Everyone has different opinion. That’s it. To me, YEH is the best actress; not just idol-turn-actress. And it’s just my opinion, not fact 🙂

      • Many? Where? Here or in Korea?
        Or China? LOL
        I adore Yoonie but her fans need to leave the past and facing the present.
        I’m sure she is the best actress in her fans eyes but there is something call reality. She isn’t as loved and wanted as you wish.
        Just look at her recent offers…. It’s not that great, y’all know? That simple show where she is in the industry.
        But she can do well if she had hit.

      • @HLD: ok not many. but just a few people think YEH is a good actress. And most people think that YEH is worse than IU & PSH. Those who think YEH is better is dump & stupid. Now you feel pleased? I hope you’re satisfied now. Your idol is always the best!!!!!! YEH is nothing. Cheers

    • You can’t really compare Park Shin Hye to Yoon Eun Hye since Park shin Hye never had to deal with the prejudice of being an Idol turned actor, so her road as an actress was so much easier than Yoon Eun Hye. No matter what happens, koreans will always pick someone who was never an idol.

      Yoon Eun Hye began acting at a time where idols were criticized harder for doing the transition to acting.

      Especially since her first project was from a famous Manhwa like Goong. It was so crazy when she was announced as the lead actress of Goong, there was over 10,000 petition to remove her as the main lead and the investors threatened the PD that they would no longer invest. Thankfully the Goong PD was adamant in keeping her because he saw her potential. Yoon Eun hye auditioned for the second lead role (Song ji Hyo’s role) but the PD believed in her so much that she put her as the main.

      She was the first idol turned actress to make it big and the first idol to win the Best Actress at Baeksang in her generation. Even Lee Jin of Fin.K.L and Hwang Jung Eum acknowlege that she paved the way for idol turned actors.

      As for IU she is miles ahead of Yoon Eun Hye in her music career there is no denying that but when it comes to acting and popularity as an actress and recognition for idol turned actress, I’m sorry but IU and YEH are not on par.

      • However, PSH had to face and is still facing prejudice of child actress to adult actress. Dont think only your bias has difficulties.

      • PSH has her own prejudge and problem. She was a child actress and didn’t get people taking her seriously until YB.
        So it’s not only your YEH dealing with prejudes and problem. Even now people are still protective of her because to them she is forever the child actress.

        First someone claimed all her roles was taken by her tiny agency SALT that has no big name but her. Now someone claimed their bias has difficulties but PSH doesn’t lol. I still remember YEH fans claimed PSH copy YEH back in the day because YB and Goong S. But their career maps aren’t the same up to now right?

        A word of advise. Please get out there and learn more about others before talking about them to defend your favorite. It made you look like a joke when you don’t even know what you are talking about… And it seems YEH fans stuck in the past and YEH blogs that they don’t know anything else…

      • Ugh I am sick of reposting my reply. I have done this more than Ican count. If after this my reply is still not showing, I give up.

        @HLD prejudged for being a child actress is nowhere near as bad as being prejudged as an idol turned actress. Koreans may criticize some child actors but in their hearts they will always have a deep love for them. Kim So Hyun, kim Yoo Jung, Yeo Jin Goo and Yoo Seung Ho were all child actors who were taken seriously for their great acting chops.

        Not saying that Park Shin Hye never had any hardships as an actress (I’m sure she has but in a different way).

        Any actor who wasn’t an idol will always have an advantage compared to those who became an idol turned actor. Like example: have non idol actors ever had eggs thrown at their face in public? YEH has when they found out she was the main in Goong. Have they ever been pushed down the stairs by random netizens before? YEH was.

        What I’m trying to say is that YEH had to overcome a lot more obstacles to achieve what she did during her prime. So maybe that’s why it’s such a big deal to koala and others because no one ever thought that she’d be so huge for an idol turned actor during her prime. Even I as her fan never thought that she’d achieve what she did.

    • Dont know about IU, the girl is nice but she seems forever stuck in teenage image, I dont see her as a coming of age woman on screen, she’s just too thin or too baby like, she lacks sensuality or sexiness charm that has been YEH’s trademark all those years, she can both pass up as pretty cute & sexy without trying too hard, just light hearted not heavy on screen, and Im just saying. About PSH, she’s more of dramatic actress, she’s always serious looking. so in essence, Koala is correct, no one in Hallyu today has replace YEH’s trademark, the forever lovable Princess. speaking of, I hope Yoon Eun Hye also get onscreen pairing with Lee Jun Ki, or does YEH look taller than LJK hahhaha.

      • I once saw a video IU attending the event with an actor and actress. I did not know her at that time and I thought she was her daugher hichic. She looks too young.

      • Such shallow comment. Have you watched My Ahjussi? IU did not play a teenager there. PSH is serious looking? Have you seen her most recent pictures taken in Spain? Come on be real, please do not quote history. I think you are still stuck in Flintstone Age. LOL…

  2. Btw I don’t agree with the statement that there’s no one in the 20s age range who can match 20s YEH, there are plenty who could match or surpass her on talent but kdrama has been ignoring non-idol 20s actresses and denying them chances for so long that most of them have never had room to show what they are capable of.

  3. depending on when one starts watching k-dramas, some are forever stuck in the Goong and Coffee Prince’s era. LOL…

  4. Nah park shin hye and park bo young are both in their twenties and are insanely popular and they both gorgeous tbh I dont find yeh to be that pretty

  5. I’m happy that YEH has such dedicated fans such as Ms Koala. I thought for a while Suzy has overtaken that crown just by looking at the number of posts she has here.

  6. She is a good actress but not that great either. And I never found her really pretty, just average. Jung So Min for example is much prettier and talented than her.

  7. Agree Koala. Thanks for always showing love to YEH. YEH is the reason why I started to watch kdrama. Yoon Eun Hye is the most kind, beautiful, talented and gorgeous korean actress that’s why she has lots of international fans. Fighting YEH. We love you.

  8. to all the people jumping on koala for her statement of calling yoon eun hye the IT actor, i completely agree.
    YEH has been really unlucky in her script choices but by gawd i have never seen her acting as the reason for the failure of those dramas. the woman is versatile and grips you with the character she plays !! coffee prince will always hold a special place in my heart ! <3
    whoever is comparing the lady to IU, personally i can't connect with IU when she acts as her eyes look so dead..there is no soul/ emotions in them, i can't relate to the characters she plays (one of the many reasons I coudn't come to like moon lovers, though LEE JUNKI really made it hard not to). Whereas YEH had me rooting for her even though her character was flawed in MISSING YOU and the drama was a trainwreck! She just becomes that character.
    so solelly on acting i do agree with koala, no one has managed to make me be a loyal fan in todays 20 something k-actress'!

  9. Stop you people! I bet any of you cannot even act. So much bullshit going around in you guys life and cannot accept the fact that your only jealous of somebody. Better look in the mirror before you guys say anything and I bet you that you got plenty of dirt in life than YEH. Hahahahaha. Dirty people always notice somebody coz they’re trying to cover their own shit. Move on and live your life to the fullest. You neverknow, you might disappear in this world before anyone else.

      • Keep living in the past honey,in fact song ji hyo still promoting in korea and yoon eun hye didn’t doing nothing lol. “please don’t use me to promote your collection”.

      • ? u r calling the wrong person honey… but I agree with u on SJH coz at least she is still working… There are many actresses who can act better than YEH ?

      • What? SJH can’t act to save her life. She got a big break because of RM but all her dramas are crap.

      • why are you comparing Song Ji Hyo with Yoon Eun Hye when they are best friends, look they both even got Park Shi Hoo as their leading men in each of their film/drama stints. also SJH has focused more recently on variety shows, while YEH before her hiatus has been more active on drama and few movies. so stop that crap on pointless comparison with girlfriends, you’re disgusting!

  10. Hyun yoon hye is really a beautuful actress and talented too. Hoping to see more kdramas of hers. I miss her so much on screen.

  11. First of all thanks for the article Mrs Koala. It’s been a long time since I read your article praising her lol. Despite her “old” fame that some people claimed here I agree that YEH’s strength isn’t at her musical career but at her acting career. Her career as a singer can’t be compare to IU’s which I find is a better singer and musician. Instead of a good singer YEH’s more known as a good dancer and “cute” image in her group at the time. But talking about the group, Baby Vox isn’t some average girl group. They’re famous enough domestically that they’re always been compared to FinKl and S.E.S. (the two of most famous girl group back then). But internationally, they’re incomparable. Often performed outside Korea & having collaboration with international singers, BV is the first South Korean girl group that performed in North Korea.
    YEH might not be famous as a singer but it’s a different story when she’s taking acting. “Goong” isn’t her very first acting project, she’s starred in a movie and some comedy series before. But through this drama her career is “shot off”. “Goong” & “Coffee Prince” was very very famous back then that they’re dubbed as the face and icon of “second hallyu wave” (you can read it at some old articles). So I don’t blamed Mrs Koala when she said that YEH has an IT factor which she still couldn’t find in recent generation. PSH and IU are insanely popular right now but not one of their dramas is dubbed (by the media) as the “third hallyu wave”.

    • Regarding her beauty I think it’s subjective. Even YEH herself never claimed that she’s pretty. She always said that she’s not that pretty.
      What makes her excell compare to some actresses IMHO is that she can make her character (in her dramas) relatable and has connection to the audience/viewers. Not many actresses can do that.
      That’s why despite the theme of drama “Missing You” is “heavy” (about sexual assault) people still praised her acting as a sexual assaults victim. It also marks the changing in people view that she’s not only excel in Romcom but other genre too.

    • IU got Moon Lovers, a hallyu drama which got a huge wave overseas. It didn’t make that much noise in South Korea but internationally so huge. I think this drama is still showing somewhere as I see new fans keep coming.

      The point is not to compare IU with YEH but whether IU got the throne as the new generation IT actress. Unlike YEH, she was the one which made her drama popular overseas but in the case of Moon Lovers, it’s clear it wasn’t because of IU.

      But I think IU is better as a musician but I don’t think she has the charisma of an actress just yet to be compared to YEH. And vice versa… YEH was not never a good singer to me.

    • YEH got her breakthrough at the time Hallyu was at its peak. As mentioned in my earlier comment, drama writing qualities has gone down in recent years and therefore, it’s not the actors’ lackings that no recent dramas managed to achieve iconic status.

      The issue isn’t about comparing YEH with IU. In fact the issue is Koala saying that there is no current generation of actress that is of the same level of YEH when she was at her prime.

      IU is more famous as a singer because acting is just secondary to her. YEH oth has no music career to pursue so acting is full time and therefore, she is regarded as an actress, the same like other less known idols turn actors ie Seo Hyun Jin and Jung Ryeo Won. Should IU taking acting full time and not interval her acting with her music career, she is much the same like YEH – a talented yet limited actress with x-factor, beauty and warm personality.

      • @Alexa, when the second hallyu wave hit Korea with “Goong” as the icon, the first hallyu wave in Korea was also going down. The reason was because people who watch “Winter Sonata” (as the icon of the first hallyu wave) were getting old and they’re also losing interest. The same situation’s happening right now not just because of the writing. “Goong” could met the expectation is because it could stir up the interest of young fans as the biggest asset for gaining (new) viewers of Korean drama. I saw some recent dramas were also gaining international interest but not to the point of initiating the third hallyu wave.
        Despite the slowing down of hallyu wave recently I’m always positive that the third hallyu wave will come (eventually). Because history’s always recurring. If PSH or IU can’t be the initiator, someone else will (some day).

      • @Lal, too bad we are not allowed to copy and paste the link of korean article translations here regarding the hallyu wave and how the first hallyu was doomed and then Goong came and became an icon of second hallyu wave. I just checked it and it’s posted on Yoon Eun Hye page in soompi translated by Mari at page 1710

        @Alexa YEH was regarded an actress when she proved herself via Coffee Prince. That’s when koreans finally accepted her for her skill as an actress even winning the Baeksang Best Actress Award which was a first during that time for an idol turned actress, plus she didn’t even have an agency during that time to manage her career. When she did My Fair Lady she was criticized for her enunciation but never for her acting. In Missing You she was praised again for her acting. Koreans complimented her for her portrayal of a rape victim and was no longer critiqued for her enunciaton, she’s been working hard to improve it and I guess it paid off.

        It’s pointless to even compare IU and YEH since they both debuted as actors at different generations.

      • @rosanna

        “It’s pointless to even compare IU and YEH since they both debuted as actors at different generation”

        Seriously! Do you even understand English? Did you read the posting by Ms.Koala above properly??????

        Ms. Koala said that she is in the opinion that “no actress of CURRENT generation” has the same package like YEH – that is the insane popularity, beauty, talent, charisma, warm personality and IT factor.

        So, IU is a CURRENT GENERATION of (idol turn) actress. Mentioning IU is to argue that there is indeed that actress with the same qualities and achievements (though not the Baeksang yet) with what YEH attained back then. And nope, wasn’t comparing them but stating the qualities of IU which are the popularity, talent, IT factor, warm personality and beauty to again making the point as basis of this disagreement.

        Gosh….You guys are just too obsessed to convince people that YEH is the greatest out there. I get it, she is your bias. But the point is, Koala’s statement is (IMO) a bit over the top and not something we can agree with. Get it?

        And who the hell cares that she won a Baeksang. She can’t even get people to watch her dramas that after CP are nothing more than just flops after flops. And nope, I don’t hate her but merely stating the truth.

      • And you guys are too obsessed on discrediting Yoon Eun Hye’s achievements. Every time there’s a somewhat positive write up about her, you all scurry to that post like and will find something to criticize and nitpick her with and constantly put her down and mention so and so actress to down her. So you can’t blame her fans for bringing up the good things that she should be credited for since one we are her fans, two koalas post is about Yoon Eun Hye not I.U or Park Shin Hye.

      • @rossanna, hat off to you sis for having a patience to “handle” them ?

        Agree with you that every time YEH positive (praising) article coming up there are a bunch of people here tried so hard to diminish her all achievement as if she’s nothing and don’t have any contribution to the Korean showbiz at all.

        I’m waiting for the day when their idol is replaced by a new ones who I believed will happened someday. And don’t say that it’s impossible because everything is possible in this life…

    • Are you sure? PSH had YB, Heirs?
      Her dramas are still in top 10 of Korean drama in CHina, HK, and Japan. What hallyu wave are you talking about? Media or not. Statistics is fact

      • @HDL, I’m making statement here based on facts not just my random opinion. You should googling first and read some articles about “Hallyu Wave” and then we can talk…

      • The fact I know is PSH is one of the biggest hallyu actress (not idol actresses) , if not biggest in her 20’s. And she is also one of the biggest actresses in the 20’s in Korea too with all the hits under her bell.
        That’s a fact that media and most Koreans know.

        That’s why she is getting offers left and right from big writers. Her current project is invested a lot by CJ and Netflix too and filming in more than foreign countries. All that is because she is one of the biggest Hallyu actress, next to SHK and JJH and other actresses in their 30’s.

        That’s the fact and reality I know. But seems like YEH fans still stick with the wave media and or some newspaper give them… Sure let’s say CP was hallyu wave but where is YEH now? and what project she is getting? Isn’t this is more important if you want to talk about her hallyu status?

      • @rossanna, yeah too bad I couldn’t post a link here, even can’t copy-paste from the other sites

    • I think you might have forgotten LMH’s hallyu craze in China post Heirs. That was classed as the second Hallyu wave by most reports. Goong and CP are classed as part of the first Hallyu wave, but if you want to give more credit to your bias I can understand.

      • There was a detailed korean and Japanese study regarding Hallyu and they classified Goong as a frontrunner for 2nd hallyu wave not the first hallyu wave. First Hallyu wave was listed as Winter Sonata and other dramas that I cannot remember. Yes there may be other articles that says otherwise but it also doesn’t dismiss the article written about Goong which was written before Lee Min Ho acted in BOF and Heirs.

        Yoon Eun Hye also won the Best Actress Award with Bae Yong Joon at the 10th Korean Entertainment Hallyu Awards in Japan 2013 which was a big testament at how much she contributed in Hallyu. Check it out in youtube and you’ll see what I mean…she beat out big named actresses who also had a big Hallyu impact. Infact 2 actresses whose names where mentioned here were also in the top 10. That awarding event is the biggest Hallyu event in Japan and from what I’ve been told, is only held every 10 years or so.

        So yes, I’d appreciate it if she also get some credit for her accomplishments as any fan would.

      • Forgot to add that I.U won in the Best Female Solo Category for singers.

  12. She is an average actress and very ordinary looking. She wasnt pretty at all in her last drama Marry him if you dare.

    • Acting isn’t always about how pretty/handsome the actors are but is about how the actors could immerse themself to the character they’re portrayed. The appearance (beauty) is just a bonus. If acting definition is based on what you said, a good actresses like Gong Hyo Jin and Bae Doona won’t be famous.

      Changing her hair style & appearance on “Marry Him if You Dare” is a YEH way to be immersed to her character since the female lead is described as an unattractive girl. If you think YEH (her character) isn’t pretty on that drama it means she’s succeed in portraying it ?

  13. Why there are alot of salty commenters here? Koala is just voicing her own opinion and her preference, can you just please RESPECT IT. I cannot understand some fans who, with every article, find the urge to brought up and link their bias. So if you think your bias is the greatest and all, so be it, there is no need to put down somebody else’s bias just to prove your bias is the best. RESPECT really a big word and so rare being seen nowadays.

    • Stupid comment. Just because some of us do not agree with Koala, does not mean we dont respect her opinion. Because we disagree, so we voiced out our opinion and laid out the reasons. We can still choose to RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE. Your definition of respect is plain stupid.

    • LOL Disagreeing with an opinion doesn’t equal disrespectful. And those disagreed might not even the fans. They simply just disagree about her statement since Koala is clearly biased. And it’s ok since everyone should know by now. I still like her and her straight opinions

      • Yes I understand that, but theres a big difference between disagreeing and disagreeing respectfully, and some has been crossing the line over and over again. I know for a fact that not everyone will like yeh the way that i do,however, what i cannot understand is the constant attack on her, there are those who are so critical of her, as if they know everything. What did yeh did to them to be so on harsh on her? I mean i get it, yeh is not perfect and will.never be one, and her imperpections is what i adore about her. If there are those who think that their biases are the most perfect creature so be it and good for them, but i do believe that there is no need to put down somebody else’s bias just to prove and show off. The world is round, nobody should be so proud and boastful, because we can never tell what will tommorow bring.

      • I don’t think we are disrespectful for stating what we are believing… Some YEH fans here are even more disrespectful and said some bad words…

  14. I will not stoop down on your level, just by judging on your comment alone i know what kind of person you are, but i will not judge you and respect must not be on your vocabulary. Watch your words, you just can’t called someone stupid just because you want it. God bless your weary soul.

  15. I do love YEH and she had some great performances. But there were also instances where her acting sucked. Sorry to say it.

    Jung So Min reminds me a lot of YEH, except she hasn’t been given any really meaty roles to prove her talent. Maybe after A Million Stars Falling from the Sky she’ll get more recognition.

  16. She may be not the prettiest, the best actress but she has this unique aura that i haven’t found in any other k actresses until now. But it’s subjective. Charisma is something that can’t be explained. Some of others who are charismatic for me are Keira Knightley, Sophie Marceau, Megan Follows, Eva Green,…and they aren’t the best but i love to Watch them in the screen.

    • Hi Cahill, agree with you. Charisma doesn’t has something to do with how good an actor’s acting is but a ‘thing’ (mrs. Koala called it “IT” factor)) that pull you of to the actor when she/he appeared on screen. And YEH has a lot of it ?

      • Hi @lal , and i don’t know why people still comparing actresses, each have their flaws and qualities. Nobody is perfect ! … But she is part of Kdrama history with CP and Goong, as Lee Min Ho is thanks BOF, Kim Sun Ah to Sam Soon, …And it can’t be erased .

  17. i think there is no point of comparing IU to YEH. IU excels in MUSIC and YEH in Romcom dramas. IU may have hits under her belt but the credit is not on her alone. shes a likeable actress but she does not possess the same aura as YEH. YEH may not be the best actress of her generation but she has an amazing charisma which none of the newer generation has. dont say that the newer generation havent given meaty roles, jung so min had a meaty role in mischievous kiss ,song ji hyo had a meaty role in emergency couple, park shin hye in the heirs,go ara in reply and hwarang, park bo young in strong woman do bong soon but none of their dramas are considered classic . lets not argue that when YEH made goong and coffee prince it was the peak of kdramas. come on, ithere were other dramas during that time but hers only made a mark. i agree with mrs. koala that There are no other actress who possess that same charisma as hers in this generation. I agree that there are a lot of better actresses than her but lets face it, no one can be compared to her relatable acting. Lets not argue that some of dramas that she did were not a hit, thats understandable because even Song Hye Kyo have hits and misses. Even gong hyo jin. the thing is YEH sucks only in choosing her dramas.Because she wanted to try new genre and is not afraid to take risks. One appearance in RM can make her popularity back but she refused to use her loveline with jungkook to her advantage.I still think she still have IT in her ( YEH effect) given the right project. hoping ahe would choose her project wisely this time. i also wish she let other agency handle her career rather than her own . park shin hye landed so many meaty roles mainly because of her agency. YEH is under an agency whe she made Goong and Coffee prince. Lastly, this is just my opinion. pls. dont hate on me for liking YEH. we have our own biases so lets not try to pull each other down. lets all agree to disagree. What i see in YEH i might not see in your biases and vise versa. no offense to anyone.

    • Park Shin Hye landed many meaty role because of her agency??? WHAT??? PSH agency is basically just her. You don’t even know what you are talking about. LOL
      I stopped reading.
      Someone can say anything even they have no clue to defend on their favorite’s lacking. If PSH are in a bigger agency her career would be much bigger. But she has always relied on herself. Her agency relies on her so she can’t leave them even they can’t do much for her. That’s how good she is as a person.

    • LOL.So, all Coffee Prince’s credits went to YEH? How about Gong Yoo? Wow, I didn’t know that GY was just a prop in CP with no other contribution because YEH is the one making CP a classic!

      Those labelled as classic dramas are from the early batch of Hallyu wave like Full House, Winter Sonata, My Girl etc. The only current ones that could hit that label probably are Goblin, DOTS and YFAS. And to make a drama becoming a classic, it takes more than just one actor. More than just YEH. There’s the writing, the directing and so on.

      • And Goong too… I think more fan girls went goo goo ga ga over those two handsome princes than YEH. She was not the only one carrying that drama. A successful drama is based on Team effort, not just one actress.

    • Totally agree with you. To me, YEH is so special. I find her so charming and likable. I just find it in 2 actresses Sandra Bullock & YEH. Besides her talent, because of her selfless personality, I can’t stop loving her.

  18. the fact that we’re here and commenting about YEH’s acting is a proof that people are still interested in her. Arguing about her acting chops wether positive or negative proves that shes still relevant.if it were other actresses i would not waste my time commenting, but its YEH, She was the firt kdrama actress to make a mark in my kdrama addiction life. Not even Full house or stairway to heaven or jewel in the palace got me hooked like this. everyone can argue that IU or park shin hye are more famous than her, but u can never dispute that fact that YEH contributed a lot in making kdrama known overseas. I doubt if IU or Park shin hye can beat that.YEH have been in hiatus for 5 yrs but still her loyal fans are patiently waiting for her comeback. Goong and coffee prince are dramas decades ago, but thise two are still my favorite no matter how may dramas i’ve watched. Its true that she is not he best actress out there, theres han ji min.,son hye jin,gong hyo jin,ha ji won, lee bo young , shin min ah but none of the made a mark on me.the only actresses who can beat her in terms of charisma is Jun ji hyun , song hye kyo and han hyo joo who were my 2nd ,3rd and 4th favorite actresses.this is just my opinion. i respect yours so pls respect mine.this is just my preference.

      • Some dumb idiots think they cannot be recognized so they repost under a different name to say the same thing… Some even echo each other, I can recall a few people doing this. These people cannot command respect because they don’t even have the guts to stand by their own opinions ?

    • While I respect your opinion and your love for YEH, I simply could not comprehend how you can come with the statement that PSH and IU would not even be popular as they are today if not because YEH went on a 5 years hiatus.

      Let’s get the fact straight here. YEH was a big name, extremely popular during Goong followed by CP. But all her dramas after that are flops. FLOPS! So, there is no way that YEH could hold back IU or PSH’s popularity even where she is very much presence in K-entertainment.

      On the contrary, PSH had not had a single drama flop yet. Even her career trajectory has been going uphill and no, I am not a fan of PSH, I am just merely stating a fact. IU may have some flops but she has an insanely successful music career and because she is so popular both domestically and internationally, she still getting a lot of meaty good offers.

      So, stop living in the past or be my guest, just live in the past to believe that YEH is still popular because the truth is, she is a non-factor in K-entertainment now. It’s unfair to claim that YEH’s absence is the one contributing to the success and popularity of the likes of PSH and IU when these two have been working hard and very clever at navigating their careers.

      I understand Koala’s bias and love for YEH but I could not agree that there is no actress out there who could reach her level or so-called package.

      • My Fair Lady was not a flop check the ratings. It also garnered a lot of fans all over the world especially in Latin America.

        Admittedly Lie to Me, Missing You and marry Him If You Dare were flops in ratings, so I won’t argue with you on that. we accept the good, bad and the ugly.

        But saying that PSH never had flops, I beg to differ on that.

        Tree of heaven was a flop

        Goong S. was a flop

        Kimchee Radished Cubes didn’t do that great for a weekend drama

        Yoon Eun Hye’s My Fair Lady had higher drama ratings than You’re Beautiful. Thankfully Jang Geun Suk, Yonghwa and Lee Hong Gi’s hallyu power combined especially Jang Geun Suk’s popularity that time in Japan made You’re Beautiful become a huge hit internationally.

        Since PSH fans love saying that Yoon Eun Hye only became successful in her career due to luck and only luck alone,as if she has no acting skill whatsoever…then let me also say that PSH’s success was also mostly because of luck, being consistently paired with popular male leads.

        I bet after reading this her fans won’t feel so good either won’t they?

        It’s tiring to see her fans always hijacking Yoon Eun Hye post and constantly advertising on a YEH post how she is so perfect compared to YEH.

        Remember, what goes up must come down…

  19. Hmmm PSH’s longevity and popularity might have surpassed YEH a long time ago. YEH was lucky with 2 roles/dramas but the rest didn’t do well.
    And we have Suzy who getting big shows no matter how she does and IU is doing well musically and in acting…
    But it’s nice to know Koala is still such a die hard fan after years

  20. I should mention PSH has many more hits than YEH too.
    Whether people like it or not PSH fame is well deserved because those hits aren’t lies or simply luck.

    • Yadadada yada yada. Fine Park Shin Hye is the biggest actress and hallyu out there whatever and YEH sucks and doesn’t ever deserve credits for any of her accomplishments and will attribute whatever accomplishments she had to just pure LUCK while your idol is the only one who deserves credit! Happy now? If so, then good! Glad to make you happy!

      • That’s not what I said. But I guess that’s what you read due to lack of comprehensive skill

      • LOL read what you wrote and tell me it’s not what you were hinting at.Saying that PSH’s fame is well-deserved because it isn’t just luck and in your your previous post before that you mentioned how YEH was lucky with 2 dramas and the rest didn’t do well.

        In your other posts you kept on mentioning how you like YEH but not her fans. The feeling is mutual, I dislike Park Shin Hye fans the most too because for years now, whenever there’s a YEH article it is guaranteed that at least one Park Shin Hye fan will either post something nasty about YEH or compare her to Park Shin Hye. This is also why most YEH fans have come to dislike Park Shin Hye and have become allergic to just the mere mention of her name.

        Just because Park Shin Hye has been having a hot streak in her recent dramas, her fans seemed to have conveniently forgotten her failed dramas before she started getting paired up with all these popular actors. I know what I said will kind of hurt some of her fans but my purpose for saying it is for PSH fans to relate to how we feel at how they consantly discredit YEH’s accomplishments.

        Most fans of other actors want YEH fans to play nice but they don’t give us the same courtesy back and expect us to just sit back and just accept whatever they hurl at us….someimes we will let it be but other times enough is enough.

      • Why would we be sad that PSH has flop dramas? Every actor has at least one. It’s even more amazing that despite her flop, she is able to bounce back with her next piece of work and continue getting top notch offers. Can I ask if your bias, YEH is able do to that? Obviously not, if not she wouldn’t have started going downhill since My Fair Lady.

        I’m sorry but YEH fans DON’T strike me as “nice” or “courtest”. Instead of saying how you all dislike PSH just because of her fans’ comments, we can also the same thing. Everytime there is a netizenbuzz article posting negative comments about YEH, you people like to conveniently blame it on PSH fans, saying how PSH copied her career route and using YEH for fame.
        And even for this article, it was NOT a PSH fan posting her name here at first, but y’all are going to blame it on us right?

        Yeah enough is enough. I don’t see the need for comparison between YEH and PSH. They are not on the same league, and did not start out on the same playing field. PSH worked her way up from supporting roles and cameos, and maintained her fame with hard work, luck and of course, good personality.

      • Of course PSH would have no problem bouncing back. Koreans will always accept her back with open arms as their beloved child actress. To them she could do no wrong and being paired with popular actors certainly helps her bouncing back quickly.

        You asked me if YEH is able to do that? Of course she’ll be able to if she chooses to become more active and stop with picking projects out of loyalty to certain producers (for ex. When the producers publicly thanked her for turning down big time projects offers for years just to stay loyal to them),2. she also needs to be better in picking projects and hire someone to manage her career, cause she’s not doing a good job managing her career on her own. Eversince she’s started her own agency that’s when her career started going downhill. 3. She should not take too many long breaks and make her fans wait for a long time. 4. She should focus on being an actress more than being a businesswoman, like not doing too many things at the same time. She is hands on with her agency and managing the boybands. She’s also busy with two coffee shops going back and forth from Korea and Thailand.

        Yoon Eun Hye is nowhere near perfect but she’s a hardworker, good enough actress and is charming to boot. It may take awhile for her to bounce back but I have no doubt that she will. All it takes is one good, memorable project not just for YEh but other artists as well.

        It’s not just netizensbuzz comments where PSH fans started the nasty comments about YEh, here in koala too, youtube, Twitter, allkpop and other blogging place it started years ago and has been getting worse eversince PSH started becoming more popular. Then when we defend ourselves and start insulting back, then it gets turned back at us and them saying we are stuck in the past.
        We wouldn’t be forced to bring up her past if PSH fans stopped discrediting her accomplishments

  21. I am one of those who fell in love with Korean Dramas…and Coffee Prince was pretty much my gateway drama. I really like hearing updates on her and I’m excited for her to be back. I think we can hear about an actress and not jump straight on the “who’s a better actress/singer” train…ya know…

  22. I love CP, Lie to Me and Goong was cute. I anticipated her next dramas but was disappointed. While Park Shin Hye just has that uncanny ability to choose dramas that resonated to her public even if she herself admittted that Doctor Crush would be just so so….and it gave me the chuckles when her agency was credited with getting her those prime roles! SALT consist of Shinhye, Shinhye Shinhye A(lmost) L(lots) of T (imes).lol!
    Just an opinion. Can not help to add my musings when PSH is again given no credit at all!!!

    • Keep dreaming honey with her past scandal no one actor want date her unleast she make comeback with big hit rating. Even suzy doesnt have hit drama but she could date top handsome actor like lee min ho and lee dong wook

      • Yoon eun hye fans want her marrying tall actor like hyun bin and jo in sung and they talking shit about song hye kyo marrying short actor song joong ki.

      • How do you know that @lovewadaw ??! You don’t even like YEH in the first place, and now you’re pretend that you know all about her fans. Smh…

        I heard that people who’s hiding behind a false ID/account and always throwing bad words bullying other people is actually an insecure person in real life…

      • @Lulu, it’s more likely that she will end up with a non-celebrity husband since she’s a very private person. And she also made it clear that she doesn’t want a good looking guy for a husband.

  23. Isn’t this a matter of opinion?
    YEH fans will think their bias is the best… irreplacable… yada yada….
    While normal K-drama fans will probably find other actresses as good as or even better than YEH.
    I’m watching Lawless Lawyer and Why Secretary Kim right now and I find Seo Yeji and Park Minyoung oozing with charisma and screen presence. Even PSH and IU mentioned above has been killing it with their performances in their latest dramas.

  24. Gosh each actress mentioned above all have their merits I’ve got a headache just trying to keep up with the posts but that aside they have all had an impact in our k drama viewing lives somewhere along the way and that’s what matters most. Something good has eventuated from watching them act so each to their own and it’s good that your loyalty and love is shining through and Im sure the actresses would appreciate that they’re still relevant today. ?

    • It’s because most YEH’s defenders here missing the point.

      I never said YEH was not a good actress or what else… My arguement is only on Koala’s statement that no cureent generation of actress that has the similar qualities, package and achieving YEH’s level of popularity and success.

      That was why I pointed out PSH because she shares the same qualities with YEH, the package and the fame and success. I named IU because she is an idol turned actor and same like YEH, IU is talented but a limited actress and very pretty and famous.

      So, I dont understand why YEH’s fans can be so worked up when I argued that THERE IS A CURRENT
      ACTRESS that reached YEH’s level in term if success and popularity.

      Idc about who’s more talenred or else I will have to drag Park Bo Young in the arguement and as far as we know, she is far more talented than YEH, even surpassing PSH and IU but she is nowhere as popular as the 3 names mentioned earlier and ofc, not the package to be measured here.

      • @ Alexa – Good on you for clarifying for those above. Ive never even seen a YEH drama before so can’t comment as to her acting. Sorry only read about her on here and that’s as much I can say. Actually I haven’t seen IU in anything yet and as for PSH umm watched Doctors and Pinnochio. I’ll watch MOA with PSH when that screens so that’s me in a nutshell and Suzy in Vagabond. As for YEH drama ah that’s a no because I really don’t have any particular reason to.

      • @Ann Joel

        I thought you are a big fan of Lee Jun Ki? Idk if you are sure you have not watched IU in anything because she is his lead actress in Moon Lovers and ML is LJK’s staple drama. IU was not impressive in ML but she compensated whatever my disdain on her as an actress through My Ajusshi which is a drama I highly recommended for you and anyone out there to watch. She is amazing in there and that is why I agree with @Alexa that she is rather similar to YEH. YEH is good in rom-com (whereas IU excelled in serious role but not the bubbly kind). Even when Lie To Me sucked badly with the plot, YEH was a delight to watch along with Kang Ji Hwan.

      • @OMG- Yep I’m a massive fan of LJK but I watched 30mins into ML and with all that eye candy testosterone taking up the screen ie: the princes; I couldn’t continue due to high blood pressure and lack of concentration on the story so didn’t even finish the first ep so parked it for a rainy day. Same with Hwarang-too many gorgeous actors in one frame I can’t focus. Plus only fast forwarded for Seo Ye Ji scenes with Park Seo Joon. However after reading all the comments about the ML ending I don’t want to end up severely traumatised so have never gone back. So nope ML is not for me. Plus after watching Lawless Lawyer and having those pesky annoying as hell Soo/Soo; LJK/IU shippers dropping their gifs/ memes left right and centre wanting ML Season 2 in the midst of LL has really dampened my interest. Thus I haven’t seen all of LJK works just that ‘The King and the Clown’ rates as my all time #1 K film ever and that’s why I’m a fan of his. ?

      • @Ann Joel

        What? You didn’t watch ML? To me, his Wang So is so iconic and one of LJK best performance so far (aside from Gong Gil). IU was badly directed (and so as most of d princes) in ML that her acting lackness was so jarring against LJK. In a good director’s hands and with the right role, she could be brilliant as proven with her mind-blowing turn in My Ajusshi. She has the talent but yet to naturally explore it.

        I never get why so many shipping IU with LJK because I never really felt their chemistry. In fact, IU had 1000xxxx stronger chemistry with the much older Lee Seon Kyun that I would have shipped them if not because he is already married. Lol *Just joking* I totally respect LSK for being an amazing actor and a wonderful family man.

  25. Prejudice as a child actress? Koreans love child actors just look at Kim So Hyun,Kim Yoo Jung,Yeo Jin Goo and Yoo Seung Ho. If she was criticized before it must not have been for being a child actress. Koreans love her.

    A word of advice for you too, don’t try giving me an advise that I don’t need and don’t attack just because you disagree.

    As for PSH copying YEH maybe she did, maybe she didn’t. I don’t really give a hoot because I am not among those who claimed she did, so take it up with those who did.

    We are not stuck in the past but her past is also part of her history in the industry, may it be the good,bad and the ugly same as other actors. Just because a person is not doing too hot at the moment, it doesn’t mean that past accomplishments should be discredited & erased.

    Other may be the cream of the crop now but what goes up must come down. There’s so many new talents to take the throne.

    • Yeah you gave out 3 biggest and most sucessful child actors among hundreds one that fail and give up
      Fine, it’s just your bias having it hard when she hit big hit almost instant but not the child actress who worked her way up to top celebrities for over 10 years… haha
      Just because you didn’t do it, didn’t mean it didn’t happen.
      Yeah PSH copied YEH that’s why her career is way different than hers. You even dare to say maybe she did?

      I like YEH but I can’t say the same to her delusional fans who stuck in the past and think no one is suffered, good act acting and top Hallyu star but her. With or without YEH, there isn’t much change in Korean weave. The earth still moves.

  26. Eagerly waiting for her return to dramaland. I have admired YEH all these years, through her best and worst works and yes even in her long absence by rewatching her old dramas. She is my favorite Korean actress since CP. Looking forward to her return!

    • Me too @ Serafine ! who cares if she’s not as popular as before ! Popularity doesn’t last ! But the dramas and the memories we made while watching them still there. Yoon Eun Hye is my “madeleine de Proust”

      • @cahill, “Madeleine de Proust” – what a lovely expression! I didn’t really know it before and am happy to learn it now as it does beautifully capture how I too feel about YEH! Thank you.

    • So bye, Han ji min,,Lee Bo Young, Song Hye kyo, Kim So Yeon, and a thousand of actresses as they are from last decade too !!! Next! Next! YEH has the right to be in our decade too !

      • LMAO Cahill my dear. Are you for real? Those actresses you mention are still active, popular and doing well. YEH, in another hand, is the total opposite.

      • @jessarie , sorry if i misunderstood you, but i thought that you were implying that YEH is old so i pointed actresses about the same age. But in saying next what do you mean ? that she’s outdated ? Being inactive doesn’t mean that you can’t make a comeback. So for me she has her place . SHK, HJM, KTH are , acting speaking, average actresses without substance with only beautiful faces, but it’s my opinion . actresses as Han Ye ri or Seo Ye JI are better.

  27. I miss YEH so much! I’m so happy to see her again. I agree with what you said Koala, YEH just has this radiating charisma and presence that even though she may not the best actress out there, she shines in every drama she’s in.

    Probably the closest “successor” and has a similar feel I can think of is Jung So Min. Wonderful actress and really charming on screen, and they look quite a like too! I actually find YEH has a lot of look-alikes like Park Shin Hye and Suzy, not 100% of course, but the first thing I noticed when I watched my first drama with them(and became fond of them) is “wow she reminds me of yoon eun hye!”.

    Hope she comes back on the small screen soon.

  28. if not for those salty knet YEH would have made comeback already. those salty knet still hate her till this day. just cuz she promote in china. doing movie with that rapist.

    she need to do drama with her costar from coffee prince. IU blow. YEH is the only true idol turn actress. IU is in suzy league.they both get by cuz of their fan. unlike YEH who get by cuz of her acting.

    • LOL! The way I see it, it’s the other way around. Her fans are still holding on to her, not her acting.

      You apparently have not watched My Mister to categorize IU the same league as Suzy. YEH is only good in rom-com but sucked at other genres. She was criticized for her regress in acting in My Fair Lady, the same like how IU was praised as Cindy in The Producer but heavily criticized in Moon Lovers. So, you see…. YEH is not far different than IU. Not a much better actress than IU is.

      And just for the record. it’s not only YEH who had an uphill battle with the K-netz. IU received a lot of hatred over that photo scandal with SJ Eunhyuk and then the Lolita song issue. Yet, she still prevailed because you know why….she is relevant with her music, her good acting in My Mister scraped off whatever misconception about her and she has something solid to offer.

      How about your YEH? Where is she now? Yes, you can argue she still receive acting offers but most of them are just shitty offers.

    • If she didn’t handle it poorly she would have much better ways than this. If you keep blaming on others you would never see your problem

    • What? IU is in suzy league? You are so misformed! Please keep up with the times instead of hanging onto some old memories ?

  29. So, the conclusion is I can see same people always hate yoon eun hye, and keep appearing in her article.
    Seems the hatred comes from certain artist’s fans. So disgusting.

    It is better to stuck in past day with golden act from YEH and some old actors/actrees who rarely comeback, than new korean dramas which are meh with overrated actor and actress. Even taiwaness and chiness drama somehow are better nowadays.

    Korean drama quality is keep decreasing and getting less attention by now.

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