Agencies Deny Dating Rumors Between Han Hyo Joo and Kang Dong Won After Being Spotted in US Together

This dating rumor feels like a lazy reporting grasping at same place events to cobble together a post. K-ent is reporting that Han Hyo Joo and Kang Dong Won are dating, to which their agencies swiftly denied the random report. Apparently the dating news stems from the two being in the US around the same time this past May and were seen dining together more than once. Their agencies explained that Kang Dong Won was filming in the US and Han Hyo Joo was there for personal visit and also to take entertainment meetings, and since the two are already friends in real life they met up and ate a few times with other folks present. Come to think of it, this may even be media play for their upcoming sci-fi movie Illang: The Wolf Brigade, who knows but I legit don’t think these two are ever going to generate sparks in real life.


Agencies Deny Dating Rumors Between Han Hyo Joo and Kang Dong Won After Being Spotted in US Together — 19 Comments

  1. Lol if they are really dating then kdw does have a type I remember a rumor that he dated shk then hhj and shk do look alike. Plus I think they are dating they were walking together while he was holding her shopping bag those that ship her with jongsuk are in denial tho

  2. The balance tips in favour of them dating than not.Song Song had similar circumstances before the marriage news came out.Them denying, being spotted in similar places, “meeting up as friends” “schedule overlap” you know the whole jazz.If they are, its still good that they deny.Shippers always have a way of messing things up.I vote for privacy until they are sure they will get married to keep busybodies out.

  3. May be they are indeed dating but they are both seasoned actors. They definitely won’t commit the simple mistake of rushing to admit their relationship only for the romance to fizzle out months later the way Suzy-Lee Dong Wook did. Denial is common and they will most likely only admit to it once marriage is in the picture. The two were awkward during press-con of “Inrang” which is weird since they have worked together in “Golden Slumber”. The tell-tale signs are there, it’s just a matter of time, plus the two are already of marrying age, so why not?

  4. There was a photo of them together in LA. I ship this couple! I care less what the K-netz say about their past history. HHJ is a good actress and she is well like by her peers and seniors. I just hope people would stop using her bro’s mistake to hate her .

  5. I dont think Han Hyo Joo and especially Kang Do Won need relationship mediaplay to promote their movie either.They dont always score box office hits nor do they always get critically acclaimed movies.But they have enough clout to make people go to the cinema with their names alone.

    As for those who ship her with lee jong suk, I feel sorry for them.They are so in denial. I admit Han Hyo Joo is probably the actress he had the most chemistry with out of all the ladies he has co-starred with.But I really think they are just friends if they actually communicate with each other.Like a senior-junior thing.

  6. Wow interesting news and one that we really cant tell if its true or not. On one hand frens can certainly meet up n dine together. On the other they may be getting to know each other more n trying to spend more time together. I am one who loves the chemistry on HHJ and LJS onscreen. But doesnt mean they would end up together. I thk she looks great with KDW. Whatever the truth is i hope she finds love. one that lasts and one that dispatch wouldnt ruin from exposing new couples way too early for them to find rapport.

  7. Mediaplay? I dont think so.The photo went out in weibo last May but was posted in Instagram just yesterday.Also before this, there are about two photos about them dining together but were deleted after a couple of minutes.Also watch their Golden slumber stage and Inrang presscon wherein they are so awkward to each other, which you wouldn’t thought they are close friends.I am 80% that they are dating lol

    • agree lol. Seems couples who are actually dating are the most awkward with each other while those who play it up at presscons and have fans screaming amazing chemistry never do. Kinda reminds of of SHK/SJK who people wondered if they even liked each other at all at their DoTS presscon and they were dating at the time.

  8. They’re totally dating lol. They just deny it because of all the troubles ensued if they break up later. Congrats to the couple, they are very well-matched in both visuals and status.

  9. i really hate it when Korean netizens keep on bragging Han hyo joo’s past, first of all it isnt her past, her brother’s mistake isnt her mistake.People often do that thing, if ones family member commited a crime, so are they all criminals? Dont judge her as if your all innocent and you havent done anything wrong in your life. Stop this thing, its their choice. We have bias and whatsoever, they got paid and became famous because we support artist but that doesnt mean we own them, we have the right to choose for them, dislike the people we dont like for them and push someone we wanted for them. Grow up to those people who keeps on doing this. get a life and stop bullying her. stop stereo typing guys. Let them decide for themselves, and stop saying, i dont like him for her, he can do better, birds with the same feather flocks together. TSSS. as if they care on what youre saying. You dont like her for him? as if she likes you for him 🙁 just saying.

  10. After watching them in all the Inrang promo events, nah, I just can’t see it. No sparks. Everyone evokes Song Song now, EVERY single time a dating rumor is announced and denied. But even with Song Song, you could SEE it. Their mouths said they weren’t, but their actions said they were. They actually interacted with each other. HHJ and KDW just look awkward to me. Not awkward like hiding something–awkward like, there’s nothing and I wish people would stop making stuff up about us.

    I guess time will tell…

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