Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum Confirmed for Romance K-drama Boyfriend

The two main drivers are now in place as K-drama Boyfriend is a full go. Both rumored leads Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum have confirmed this week, with the drama described as a fated and sad romance between a from a rich family divorcee with a child and a scrappy poor man trying to make it in the world. Song Hye Kyo plays a woman born into a political scion family and forced to family a chaebol heir, later getting divorced after bearing a child. She meets up with Park Bo Gum on an overseas encounter, with his character a hard working young man who remains optimistic despite having no advantages in life and still struggling to find a full time job. The drama is from the PD of Incarnation of Jealousy and Hyde Jekyll, Me and the screenwriter of Entertainer and Pretty Boy but this is one drama I think audiences will be most interested due to the leads.


Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum Confirmed for Romance K-drama Boyfriend — 94 Comments

    • These two can secure high ratings with their names and popularity.No one is saying that they cant.But what is the point of having a ratings hit if it ends with bad or meh reviews because of poor writing like “Pretty Noona”?

      At this point in their careers(especially Song Hye Kyo), having a critically acclaimed project whether high ratings or not is much more useful than just another buzzworthy drama.

      • Hye Kyo is known as always choose her project carefully…so I want to trust her in this…people also against her cast in Descendant of the Sun too…but the drama ended up successful. I also a big fan of Park Bo Gum…can’t wait for their collaboration.

      • I don’t understand why you always have to drag down “Pretty Noona”. It was actually very popular in SK and national. It drew a lot of commercials to JTBC. With any dramas, there are pros and cons depending on who view them. It actually had good reviews too. You may need to do more research before saying it had bad reviews. Most reviews I read were good. This site is one of the rare ones that had bad review for “Pretty Noona” drama. It maybe “meh” to you, but not to many others.

  1. To people who keep saying these two are picky actors did you mean picky about picking up the worst scriptwriter presented to them? I don’t understand why picky is a good thing because it basically means you don’t have the confidence to carry the drama. People like PSH who has only ever rejected 2 dramas in her extremely long career or SSK who has almost never rejected a drama are much better. Even PBY had barely rejected any works. Suzy is the pickiest actress I’ve ever seen. How has that ever helped her career? Its better to not do media play about projects to look like you’re ‘in demand’ if you’re gonna pick shit scripts in the end anyway.

    • I don’t think it’s about being picky. Because if the actor is not considering it, it will not reach the media. Once they announce the offer that means the actors are considering it. Then now lies whether they can find an investor or tv station to fund or broadcast the drama. Or perhaps actors are not confident & want to check on the response of the audience. Or maybe the actors’ supposed rejection of the project could be due to producers have chosen someone else or the actor have chosen another project.

    • Is Hyekyo picky i dont think so.. its just her new fans keep saying that. After her marriage announcement there are reports that she will be doing a movie about comfort women dont know what happen with that one. Then this boyfriend drama.

    • Uhhhmmmm lmao!!! You are so naive oh my God. You think those are the only projects they reject? ALL OF THEM reject at least 2-3 dramas a week. You just never know abt them because they don’t make it to the headlines. It’s true however that Suzy’s agency mediaplays more often with drama offers because more love calls looks like you’re more on demand.

      • Isn’t that the point? Actors who make public claims to be picky are actually just desperate to stay in the limelight or prove they are of ‘value’. You’ll never see established actors like Park Shin Hye, Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo or Gong Hyo Jin make public statements about dramas they are considering or rejecting. The mediaplay about being picky seems to come from actors like Suzy, Park Bo Gum or Kim Yoo Jung who need to prove they are in demand. Its cheap publicity. I agree that Song Hye Kyo isn’t picky about projects don’t know why some of her newer fans claim her to be that way.

      • Did Kim Yoojung mediaplay though? The only offer she rejected recently was School 2017, and then she accepted the next offer which is Clean with Passion for Now.

        I’d agree about Suzy and Park Bogum though.

      • Didn’t she also reject Circle? I think she rejected 2 dramas in a span of 4 months so I agree on her mediaplay. Same for Bogum Suzy they do too much media play. Maybe they are afraid to be titled as only CF stars so they mediaplay with drama casting.

      • Idk about mediaplay or not but you guys act like actors have to accept every offer to make them NOT guilty of mediaplay. Not every is a Ji Sung and Jang Hyuk who accepts every offer.
        E.g: Han Jimin rejected Tomorrow with You, Suspicious Partner and Two Cops. But I dont think she’s someone who needs to mediaplay.

      • LOL You made me laugh right there! You think superstars like Jang Hyuk or Ji Sung would accept everything that they get! They reject more scripts then your bias will ever get. Actors who publicly reject scripts on a regular basis only do it for media play. They have no other reason to constantly reject scripts with press attention. They can do it privately like Yook Sung Jae, Jang Hyuk, Ji Sung, Park Shin Hye or Park Bo Young.

      • They don’t? Because it looks to me now Jang Hyuk is accepting everything that is thrown his way. I know for sure my bias gets more offers than both, because he has two films and one drama coming up – all of which are high budgeted with A-list costars.
        Anyway don’t understand why you are coming for me just to prove your point. If you want to be cynical and hate, then go on.

      • Whos is this fool that disrespected JH. The king of acting you dare say he just accepts whatever is thrown at him. Only a loser can make such a comment. He doesn’t need to live of media hype to be a legend he does it with his acting. Mediocre actors need media hype and everyone these people have mentioned for being too choosy are all mediocre actors. JH is a genius actor who can nail every role.

      • Yeah yeah whatever. Stop changing your username and just stick to one. He’s a legend to fans only, and that’s it. I won’t be fooled just because you use aggressive language and vulgarity to respond.

      • @Uie It’s funny that you are comparing Jang Hyuk and Ji Sung to likes of SHK and other super popular actors.
        JH and JS are prolific actors who worked non-stop since debut. Their working style is different from the huge ‘stars’. They are not being offered high budget and high profile dramas. They are mainly working in low budget productions.

        And who told you they are accepting every offer on their way? Jang Hyuk has rejected Secret Garden, Bridal Mask, Producers and many more. Even recently he rejected Voice2 despite it’s predecessor was a hit. He just has bad luck with choosing dramas. Even when he had huge hits he didn’t enjoy the fame and he didn’t worked on strengthing his stardom. He also needs to work more because he is only earning member of a big family.
        Same way with JS. He was not noticed properly before KMHM. JH and JS whether you love them or hate them are passionate and hard woking actors. They will continue to work even at age of 70 and 80 though their counterparts may disappear. They are just not into ‘stardom’.

  2. Another TVN drama that will be hard carried by the visual, acting and popularity of the main leads.If they hadnt pegged this as a “fated and sad romance”.I would have considered this as “my ahjussi” part two.But it looks like it will go down the route of “pretty noona buys me food”.

    When you read the synopsis, I can see why SHK was cast, it can be done but then being married, then divorced after bearing a child and its a sad melo romance.That suits a 30s actress than a 20 something actress.While people say SHK is not a “wow” actress, I think she is good at melodrama.Maybe this is why the role was made for her.As for PBG, his role can be done by someone his age or older.But maybe he chose the role because its a way to kill the image from his last drama where he played a royal prince.

    • He’s trying to completely destroy that image by going extra mature for this one. I wouldn’t be surprised if they threw in a bed scene.

      • No bed scene please, I can’t imagine they make another pretty noona with so many kiss and hug.just make this drama like my ahjushi lol.

      • lol this is a ‘heart wrenching melo romance’ i’m not seeing uplifting healing messages about hanging on till you’re comfortable unless they mean with the otp lol

      • Is it weird if I say I don’t even remember what scene you’re talking about? I remember watching DOTS but I can’t remember anything except the slo mo walk scene.

      • LOL at the slow mo walk. Dropped DOTS at very early stage and all I could remember is the slow mo walk with wind blowing for extra cheese effect.

    • You were seriously expecting writing the level of My Ahjussi from the screenwriter who wrote Pretty Man and Entertainer???

      • @Deb not really.In fact in all the posts about this drama.I have been saying that the writer is the weakest link of this drama and that both of them deserve better and should reconsider this offer.But now that its all set.I was just saying if this wasnt set as a “fated and tragic romance” but a similar scenario like “My Ahjussi” it wouldnt be met with so much negativity.

        As for the quality of writing, I think kdramaland as a whole has downgraded with script writing.Most of the dramas are being carried by the acting and directing and star power of the cast.Talking about this writer in particular, she writes poor scripts for dramas but good scripts for movies.She has many good movies that received good reviews.I find that weird.

  3. Now they said bogum was picky? So he picked this? How desperate is he not to lose his hallyu status that he went straight for the hallyu goodess? Poor hyekyo.

    • I don’t get the hype about him either. He only has 2 dramas worth talking about neither of which paints him as a great actor.

  4. Song Hye Kyo is usually picky with her drama choices so I’m sure she and Park Bo Gum saw something interesting here……I wish it was more similar to My Mister but let’s see as for right now I don’t see chemistry between them

    • Being picky is something to brag about? Is that the excuse you’ll make when the drama turns out to be pathetic but still keeps the rating because of their star power? Park Min Young picks better scripts than Song Hye Kyo or Park Bo Gum

      • Park min young so lucky she chose better script and having good in rating. I envy with her.

      • Yes? Don’t take everything offered to you. She’s also picky about how female characters are portrayed and this woman must be a strong one for her to take it. She’s mentioned she wouldn’t take a a character who’s whole being revolves around a man or romance.

      • Are you talking about PMY or SHK? All of SHKs dramas involve her whole being revolving about a man or romance. She’s not a poster child for strong independent woman in any way.

      • @lovewadaws her last drama before flop hard,even healer dont have high rating although its popular to ifans,

    • Healer has the same ratings as Pinocchio which aired at the same time but its true almost all her dramas except Sungkyuwan Scandal, City Hunter & Healer have been a flop. The last two owe their success to Lee Min Ho & Ji Chang Wook even Secy Kim is popular because of Park Seo Joon but she’s pulling in good weight to the ratings this time.

      • you sound outright sexist, those leading men will not shine if there’s no chemistry or the lead actress is not adorable as well. what matters is it’s high rating and she’s part of it, she also deserves recognition, period!

  5. People saying it was only media play and they would never settle for such a lowly script! Ha! Memories of Alhambara will outrank this easily.

  6. Well its the year for big age gap romances. I don’t consider My Ahjusshi a romance more like a work of art so I’m not including that but I think we are getting almost 6-7 age gap romances this year. Its not a trend that will go away anytime soon maybe ever.

  7. Eh I don’t think they are offered very good scripts so this might be the best out of the ones they get. At the very least they have each other to depend on for star power and ratings.

    • This I have to agree on. Even when the synopsis for a drama comes out these days all I can think of is this sounds terrible. Most dramas have this problem not just this one. The ones based on webtoons are luckier because they have a source material to fall back on but overall drama scripts have been terrible lately.

  8. The screenwriter’s track record is pretty abysmal. Is this really the best they got? I mean, Joongki signed on to a surely epic sageuk from amazing scriptwriters.

      • I don understand why took him so long to confirm. I mean this is PD Kim Won Suk we talk about. All of his works Signal, Misaeng, My Ajusshi are of the finest quality and he is one of the best PD in the industry. I read at soompi that he is holding FM end of this year. So will he even do this drama?

      • Mischa is song joong ki is not make decisions lol, just like kingdom Netflix they replace him with another actors.i fell same dejavu with asadal.

      • @lovewadaws i know that it is song joong ki. Thats y i said i don understand whats holding him back. He has worked with PD Kim before in Sungkyungkwan Scandal. Talking about selective, PD Kim alone is a good enough reason to select a project. Maybe he will pass up this offer i feel.

  9. Only one flop in 20+ years..i’d say shk’s pretty good at choosing scripts. And she’s an s-tier actress, what’s shocking about her being picky?

    • She’s an S tier actress because of her looks not her dramas or acting just like kth. Her drama’s rely heavily on a popular male lead to carry them. She doesn’t hard carry any of her dramas.

      • 0h…no…if she relies only on her looks, I don’t think she will be this popular to the point she had so many fans who will always support her and haters who always trying to bring her down no matter what..hahaha…any article about her will bring so many comments and arguments…if you want to say it’s about her looks…there are many other Korean actress who are prettier and younger too but Hye Kyo definitely has the charm that makes people tend to watch her drama or film…Koreans like me wouldn’t say she is all about looks…she is far better than your perception..

      • Lol imagine thinking full house or autumn in my heart got those ratings because of the main leads alone. And yes Korea consider her acting to be good not just her looks

      • Isn’t Won Bin the reason Autumn is so popular? He’s still riding on that fame. I don’t think there is anyone in the industry right now who is prettier than Song Hye Kyo. When it comes to beauty none of the younger actresses are prettier then the original trio of TaeJiHye.

      • Was your reply meant to make me laugh? If it was, then you’ve succeeded. Lmaooo

      • Ah really? If her male leads just carry all her dramas then why she bagged that Daesang award in Apan awards & Top excellece award in Sbs award. While her leading man Jis didnt get anything.

      • somehow i noticed that SHK is very lucky when it comes to her male leads and scriptwriter if you compared to the actresses of her generations. She’s very wise or her agency.

        Yet no one can deny the fact that her looks is one of the selling point.

  10. Koala’s playground is always on point 😉
    You are right in most of the audiences will be most interested because of the leads. True af!

  11. People will watch this only because of the leads. Never imagined they’d settle down for a show like this..

  12. I can’t wait to see the end product lol. 3 out of the 4 dramas mentioned above are huge flops, and JI wasn’t that great either except for the leads’ chemistry. I wonder if negative + negative will churn out something positive?

    But with the leads’ star power, I think they will have no problem winning public broadcast dramas in the same time slot.

  13. Here is the writer prev works.
    Because i love you Cha tae yun kim yoo jung

    My annoying brother Jo jung suk, DO
    Run off So ae

    Like for likes Yoo ah in/ Choi ji woo
    The royal tailor
    steal my heart
    the spy under cover
    11:00 Am
    No breathing
    My paparotti
    Miracle in cell number 7 RyooSeung yong

    The Tower Son ye jin
    As one Bae doona, Ha ji won
    Always Han hyo joo, So ji sub
    A long visit
    Wedding dress
    The accidental gangster

    and her dramas Prettyman & Entertainer.
    Movies with actors in it are the one i have watched. She aint that bad i enjoy those movies.

    • She isn’t the sole writer for her movies. If you look at the credits, she usually co-write the movies with another writer or a group of writers.
      However, for her two dramas, she is the only one writing the screenplay. So I think thats the worrying part.

  14. I have said it watch it become a hit after all the complains about the casting. All shk dramas are hit apart of the one with hyun bin

    • her drama with Hyun Bin was a flop but it’s my favorite SHK drama. Not because she was dating him ( i didn’t even know about them at that time) “The world they live in “” was ood drama for me. And of course i still have a fondness for Full house even if it’s outdated. Park Bo Gum was good in Remember me but i don’t get the hype about him.

  15. It seems like this writer might be inspired on My Ajusshi and created a romance with the genders and roles flipped to make it different.

    So instead of the poor young down and out person, it is the older, rich down and out person. Instead of the optimist as the older person with a job, the optimist is the younger person without a job.

    I could be reaching here, but that is the vibe that I am getting.

    • Yes I agree and have posted about it before too. This will be inspired by the success of My Ahjussi and will riding on that to make it a success too. Good luck and yes I’m actually looking forward to the pairing too. Oh well PBG is a cutie and SHK a Goddess so that’s surely a winner from the get go! Now to wait for my Kim Ji Won and SJK to confirm their drama then 2018 will be K dramas year and TVN – the golden mantle. As an international fan my love and blessings to the K creatives cast and crew for all your glorious offerings! Too blessed my people!

      • Asadal offered for so many actors not only song joong ki, thats why blossom didn’t confirm anything and I don’t surprise if tvn or the writer give that role for another actors just like kingdom netflix.

  16. How cool would it be if Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum switched bodies like freaky Friday. I don’t even know why I am thinking about that but I feel such a scenario would be so funny. I get it though they said sad and fated so it will probably be a melodrama.

  17. Definitely against this pairing….. especially in a romance drama???? Age gap, LOOKS wise, the noona-dongsaeng look is WAY TOO OBVIOUS. Park Bo Gum looks way too young, how am I supposed to believe he can “take care” of a divorced woman with a kid? I don’t understand why a divorced woman would look for a man that doesn’t have ability to share life’s hardships and burden with her. Some maturity is needed, and since this is a drama, the LOOK is important for the audience to accept it too….
    Ugh. I never liked noona-dongsaeng romances to begin with, but this is probably the worst so far. At least SJK-SHK aren’t TOOOO obvious that it will bother me. Same with Pretty Noona.
    PBG-SHK look like they should be playing siblings.

    • Both are pretty people…shk is easily prettier than many young actress…so they’ll be matched. Pbg is young but doesn’t has baby face look like the actor from Pretty Noona..his look can be masculine and manly..
      Oh my…so excited for this pairing..

  18. The problem is the script as SHK good actress as much I don’t understand her real reason for choosing this script I hope it has something that will add to her career .

      • If you follow her news…she is definitely not someone who will choose her projects just for money…she even rejected a big cf offer from mitsubishi last year..but of course if you are one of her haters,then nothing about her is okay,right?

      • LOL…your comment makes me laughed so hard..thank you for that silly jokes@KL

      • Its obvious that all these response comments are written by the same person to drive home a point. Nothing in the OP comment hints at hate. I’m sure SHK has a very good reason to accept this drama which has nothing to do with money but its not reason to call someone a hater. As fans it makes us look bad.

    • Yes fatima..I admit that my comment a bit emotional..sorry about that but can’t help to feel disgusted about bad comments without properly knew about her…her career journey and her personality…I mean it is so obvious that she tried to be better person while avoiding any controversy but people always mean to her.

  19. This writer is not Kim Eunsook who can magically cast a spell to make the netizens suddenly love the pairing lmao. Pray for both of them that the writing if not Park Bogum’s CFs will suffer…

  20. I’m happy that Song Hye Kyo decided to act again. 🙂
    She said once that if she liked a project she would choose it. Mystery solved. It means she likes it and she doesn’t care about the writer’s past projects.

  21. This is going to flop. Just the synopsis sounds so boring and overdone like there’s no basis to last 16+ episodes. What a disappointment. I thought PBG was smarter than this. I guess, it was just purely luck that he hit jackpot the last two times.

  22. What about the leads of Mr. Sunshine and their 20 years age gap? We’ll wait and see how the drama will be, it’s their job to act.

  23. Song hye kyo need to acting soon if not her suwalshoo cf will not get renew contract. Also song joong ki too i hope he back to acting, cause his cf decreased alot in past two years.

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