Kim So Hyun in Talks for tvN Rom-com Drama Ring When I Like You

I’m ambivalent about Kim So Hyun‘s last drama Radio Romance, despite liking both the story and male lead Yoon Doo Joon the romance didn’t fully gel for me. She really works best playing female leads closer to her age, early twenties, and less full grown professionals in the workplace. Her next drama sounds a lot more suited to her, a webtoon adapted drama called Ring When I Like You (or Like You Will Ring) based on a near future world with a high tech phone software that will let the person you like know how you feel. Kim So Hyun’s character is orphaned and lives with her aunt, and already I’m thinking this drama is going to be an overdrive product placement for some latest edition cellphone. The drama will be directed by the PD of Fight My Way and air simultaneously on tvN and Netflix.


Kim So Hyun in Talks for tvN Rom-com Drama Ring When I Like You — 96 Comments

  1. This beautiful baby is so hard working but oh so unlucky with her dramas especially after transitioning to taking adult lead roles just like yeo jin goo.Her cameo in “while you were sleeping” and “goblin” was on point.But then her roles in “Radio Romance” and “Ruler”?.

    I vote for a reunion with Kim Min Jae or Yook Sung Jae for this.Or if they have to use older actors but still in an appropriate age range then I vote for Jang Ki Yong(to try out a lighter genre) and Woo Do Hwan(to wash off the image of his last drama).

    If this drama bombs again, then maybe she should try cementing her career in movies.I feel she would excel there because she is such a great actress.

    • Adult lead role transitions are never smooth. I’m so proud of her for always trying so hard and giving it her all despite how badly written drama scripts are these days. She’s crazy hardworking so she really deserves a hit drama. I’ don’t if it’ll be this one or something else but I’m glad she’s finally getting the right role.

      I think she’s one of the very few actresses who can dominate both drama and movies. Its just a difficult phase we need to get past but she’s so crazy talented that I’ll always root for her.

      • I remember when PSH struggled through the transition but started to settle down once she was able to take on roles closer to her age. It always a process of trial & error to move towards the right direction. She’s taking the 1st step which is good enough because she’s still very young.

      • This is true. People think child actors have it easy but they struggle the most because expectations are always high but in the awkward in between stage the public has hard time letting go of their child images. I’m proud of her for working hard to make the transition but also expanding her range by seeing what are her limits and working hard to break through them and become a stronger and smarter actress.

    • Possible to get both KMJ & YSJ? I mean they need two boys so why not them right? WDH has bad boy playboy written all over him or is that my impression because of his last drama? Dunno but I still vote for KMJ & YSJ.

      • If the option is there we should get both. They both match her age and everyone is longing for their reunions.

      • Are we doing virtual casting? Can I throw in the name Kwak Domgyeon as well? I know he’s still miles from a lead role but one can hope right? Aside from that I’m thrilled to see a female lead get casting news before any male lead’s. It’s so so rare in drama land.

    • To be fair Ruler never bombed. Its still considered a hit especially after NHK bought it out so its an absolute success which won 12 awards till date. We can always question if awards matter knowing the corruption in Korean Entertainment but that’s another discussion. Radio Romance is the only drama out of her 4 dramas that wasn’t a big success but it still received a lot of positive response for its acting despite the ratings. It also finished 9th on the CPI for its final week which is the same position Because Its My First Life pulled in so it surely made an impact. I think she’s making a pretty good transition for someone who hasn’t spent a day outside of public eye for the last 10 years.

      • Ruler is a drama that was a hit in Korea but most international fans thought it was a waste (but again definitely did well at home) of the talent involved. I actually liked Radio Romance as a nice, sweet love story. I love when the guy falls first.

      • For the kind of expectations and hype MBC had from Ruler, the numbers it pulled in in Korea did not meet the hype (same thing over at SBS with WYWS). It did ok, it’s not a bomb but neither is it considered a smash hit. I hope her next drama does better.

      • Ruler was a mixed feelings drama because while it definitely topped ratings and drew in a lot of buzz it was complete waste of ksh amazing talents and her character was just not properly integrated into the story. She’s great in saeguk so if she ever chooses to do another one I hope they give her a proper character and superior writing.

  2. The english title is Love Alarm. Its the most popular webtoon in korea among young people. They’ve nailed the casting on this one. She was one of the popular choices for playing lead female anyways. Ji Soo needs to get cast for the male lead. We all need a page turner reunion.

    • Where can I read it with English translation? I have “read it” scrolling the drawing and I die to know what are they “talking”.

  3. why she always looking so pretty? have grown up very good. will wait for you to confirm again good drama princess.

      • THIS!!! Was the problem with Ruler and Radio Romance!

        Now…if we go with a pattern, did you notice that if KSH accept this new drama she will complete the trilogy of the R’s dramas?

        Ruler, Radio Romance and now Ring if you like it…?

        If she needs to do this new drama to end the bad circle of acting job, I hope she do it.

      • The actual title is Love Alarm not Ring.

        This drama is very different from either of the 2 dramas in both genre and character age. I don’t think either of her two dramas was bad if Ruler pulled in good number and Radio managed to get positive reviews like Soompi said in an article.

      • @elle

        i come from 2020 because I’m so fucking lazy and decided to check the comments section about sso. and i found your comments. and u know what? she choose to act in R drama again! river where the moon rises.. hahhaha.. coincident?

      • Please tell me this time she will be paired with an appealing actor IN an appealing drama. Agree with JiSoo

    • Ji Soo is “in talks” to star as male lead in another drama already.The drama is a romance from a webtoon called “Whats there to Know”.His co-star is Goo Hara(she was in a kpop group called KARA).She also appeared in City Hunter.

      Frankly speaking, starring in this drama with a stronger actress would be great for his first lead role as long as the script is good.

      • can it be possible he reject that drama? can he be offer this drama? sorry i am too mean.

      • Hello people! Spoiler Alert maybe??

        Though I bet almost everyone can know the plot by just reading the webtoon but still. Since its an adaption we can’t tell how much of the original plot they’ll end up keeping but damn this webtoon sound and look like fun! Whatever they end up doing I’m loving KSH for this role. It looks like the right fit for my girl!

    • I don’t picture Ji Soo as the male lead because in the webtoon, he is supposed to be model-like (even though most of the male characters have the same proportions) and he was pretty selfish. I felt the female lead clicked better with the second male lead.

      • There is no defined male lead in the webtoon. You haven’t read the full webtoon yet. The writer hasn’t decided who she’ll end up with yet. She kisses both the boys in the webtoon.

      • @HaHa In the end, Jo Jo chooses to be with Hyeyoung (Sunoh’s friend) and Sunoh stays with his gilrlfriend, according to what I read on Daum Webtoon. The relationships are confirmed but it hasn’t yet continued after the revelation of the true muse of the app (since the creator is recuperating from her health problems).
        Even though there is no fixed male lead, I don’t see Ji Soo as neither of the guys.

  4. If this app was real I would have never survived high school! The embarresement from knowing someone knows that you like them when you know they don’t like you is real folks! She’s such a cutie pie and I’m totally liking her for this role!

  5. Let’s just give her age appropriate male leads this time. We can all agree she’s suffered enough with bad writing and awkward casting.

      • Yes I’d love to see Bogum and Sohyun get paired up too one day. Many people would actually and we are all waiting for it to happen just like people are still waiting for that Soohyun and Shinhye pairing to happen. I don’t know what goes through peoples head to make one part of the pair exponentially older than the other. What purpose does it even serve? Sohyun deserves a proper pairing this time because this is the right role for her in terms of both age and plot setting.

    • They can’t because this batch of young actresses have leaped above their male counterparts in terms of popularity and all. There isn’t a male actor within the +- 3 years age range who is worth casting (Yeo Jin-goo, Kim Min-jae, etc. included). The best they can do is casting the guys in the ~90-ers range, which is why we have the likes of PBG and YSH paired with the two ladies.

      • @kitai What you are saying is precisely why they have the liberty to cast either the early 90ers(Park Bo Gum, Yoo Seung Ho) or those in their age group(like the Kim Min Jaes and others.The three Kims(Kim So Hyun, Kim Sae Ron, Kim Yoo Jung) dont need popular actors to co star for them to sell a drama.They have more than enough star power with their names alone.So it doesnt matter if the co-star is popular or not.What is more important is giving them age appropriate roles that help them with to transition well and age appropriate co-stars who dont make them look like babies but teenagers turning into young adults and who act well too.

      • Ruby Red is right. Cast unknown faces because KSH has the star power and clout to carry any drama to popularity. Anything with her name attached it will gain attention even if she just considers it.

      • In what world is Yeo Jingoo not worth? He is also a well-loved child actor, even though his dramas have not done well lately.
        Anyway, even lesser known names like Kim Min-jae, Kwak Dong-yeon and Ji Soo has proved themselves with supporting roles. They fit better with KSH more than people like… Yoon Doojoon and Ok Taecyeon (not belittling them but they don’t exactly match KSH in terms of popularity either, according to your reasoning).

        Anyway, I have a feeling PBG is gonna start getting paired with older A-list actresses kinda like Kim Soohyun was. I do think he is the most suitable for KSH in terms of popularity + age + acting skills so hope they’ll get paired together one day.

  6. Kakao finally getting her the right role after forever. This ball of talent deserves only the best. Let’s pick the right male actors this time.

      • It works both ways. Actors 10+ older are being made to pass for same age as her. Casting directors basically need to respect a talented young actress like her a lot more and realise that they need to fit the actor to match her and not vice versa.

  7. I really hope her next role will be closer to her age even if she doesn’t act in this one, because in Radio Romance she was the one who was miscasted. She’s a good actress but she looks like her age. After Page Turner and Where you were sleeping it would be nice to see her with Shin Jae Ha.

    • The role is for a high schooler but they may even upgrade it to college student since sohyun is now older. This is the right age appropriate role and cast choice I’ve seen in forever.

    • I think Kim Sohyun fits the the age of the female lead, Jo Jo, because the webtoon sets place when she’s in high school and continues when’s her twenties.

  8. Basically she’s good with every ‘age wise’ co-stars. From her page turner boys to goblin. Well, also if the story could be better, she and YSH would nail it better.
    I personally choose Kim Min Jae. But the page turner boys are also great. But Min Jae needs to start getting more recognition. Jang Ki Young is also good. But woo do hwan, hmm… He’s sexy but… I probably want to see him with the 2nd lead in his latest drama. They got more chemistry.

    • You mean Moon Ga Young? I was quite impressed with her in that drama, she’s much more suitable for lead roles than that useless idol they cast in the lead.

      Unfortunately she’s under SM and they always reserve the best acting jobs for SM idols (for younger lead roles), she needs to get out of there. I love the idea of a reunion of her and WDH.

  9. I usually don’t like casting idols but So hyunnie is strong enough in the acting department to transition any idols. My vote: Kang Daniel. That boy has charisma oozing out of his pores and so friendly on the eyes. Being 3 years older than her, its a nice enough age gap.

    • Has he ever acted before? I know he’s the hottest thing in South Korea right now but I’ve never heard of him as an actor.

    • Kim So Hyun may be young but she deserves better than to be used to make idol-actors with lacking skills look better.

      Nothing against this Kang Daniel btw, he may turn out to be a good actor if he actually acts – but the way to test that is not at Sohyun’s expense.

      • but..but sungjae and sohyun were so cute in school 2015…it was his first drama too…maybe idol actors will surprise us? maybe there are more sungjae and kyungsoo calibre idol actors?

      • Dont worry Daniel dont have time for drama. He’s too busy to film anything more than a day.

      • @C It wasn’t even a serious suggestion since we all know Kang Daniel doesn’t even act nor is he interested.

      • Im sure he and Ong will act eventually. They must have scripts line up already. Once he goes acting, actors can say bye to popularity awards. I hope he will start with reply series or movie. But to be honest, he doesnt need to go acting, he is famous enough already, he is now at least Park Bo Gum level.

      • School 2015 wasn’t Yook Sungjae’s first drama, he had been acting for two years before that already and was at least decent.

        If idols can act, I have no problem with them acting, I specifically mentioned ‘lacking skills’ as the thing I don’t want Sohyun to be used to cover up for. She doesn’t deserve that burden.

  10. I hope she will be cast for role suitable for her skill. She did great for child or teen roles but she she was able to deliver the character in her last drama. It was a good step for her to transition into adult role in Radio Romance but she was convincing as a radio writer in that drama. I hope she gets a more suitable role this time.

  11. Happy with anyone really not too fussed but yes someone within the age range that is a nice fit with our KSH. And please no more poodle puff fringe and frumpy clothes like she sported in Radio Romance.

    • It was super cute though. A nice change from her usual looks. I liked her clothes in that drama a lot. Maybe it’s because I’ve only seen her in school uniforms before that so it was a welcome change.

  12. Congratulations to sohyunnie for her super successful sold out Japan Fanmeeting recently! Excited to see another piece of good news for my girl with this casting news! Keep working hard like this and everything will sort itself out!

  13. Ohhh I am So Exited for this. I hope She will Get Good Lead Plz Not Idols this Time. Now a days Idols don’t Even act good . pds take them Bcz They have Popularity but I want an actor opposite Her who can Match her acting ability in the drama. In Radio Romance the Chemistry between the Lead Looked Force as If The Director tried best to fit her Against An Older Man. Yes She Was Not suitable for the Male Lead But she acted Her best. Still mismatched. I don’t want that thing happen in the Future.

    • They have a big shipper following online so obviously a lot of people enjoyed their chemistry. I thought it was an overly simplistic but still sweet drama to watch.

      • I wouldnt count on shippers though.People especially international kdrama fans will ship any pairing that has a love line regardless of whether there is genuine chemistry or not.Even platonic friendships.They will somehow make up a fantasy world where they HAVE to be in love???.

      • Online Fans Actually Ship everyone. I am Talking about how They forced The Chemistry By Putting So many kissing scenes between them. Where most Of Scenes we just A Throw To Keep The Drama Hype On International fans while It was Failing Widely In South Korea. And About simplicity , Many Simple scripts Did Good In the Past in Both Korea and Internationally. Her Age And looks Didn’t suit the Character, The Odd Pair Couldn’t attract many Eyes. The Story Didn’t go well After 10th episode even With so many Kissing scenes The Drama Couldn’t hit Good Ratings.Many scenes were Unnecessaryly planted. The Biggest thing is Everytime I watched The Romance of The Leads I got Awkward Feeling .I am sure many have felt it.

      • I don’t want to prove you wrong but all the comments about amazing chemistry came from korean fans. If you read any of the translated netizen comments you’d know that all they ever spoke about was the amazing chemistry between the leads. They even gave them a nickname because of all the sweetness they felt between them. I think chemistry is subjective so we should never talk about it like its a fact. Just because lot of people like it doesn’t mean they have good chemistry similarly just because some people didn’t like it doesn’t mean they have bad chemistry. We see mostly what we want to see since human beings aren’t objective to begn with.

      • Yes “We See what We want to see” that same Applies on Shipers who literally ship every pair. “Many Gave them Nick name”So What ??Every shiper group give Nick name to their Ship. Kim so Hyun Had many ships in Her Previous dramas(with Nick names). It shouldn’t be a Fact??? What Do you think Why People Stuck With Ruler?? Bcz of The Story??? Not at all. It was Bcz The Pair Looked Promising and Their chemistry kept the fans Stuck With the Drama even With the Terrible story Line For the Pair But still The Chemistry went to vain in the end of some episodes. Telling you a Fact “Shipers (Both Korean And International shipers) Think that If they are getting some Intimate scenes on-screen Then They should Date In Real Life Too. And They Search Every Possible Way To Satisfy their Shiper heart by saying The Chemistry was Amazing but In reality they neglect the Story Line, And ignore Most Of the Things I have Mentioned. It’s OK You don’t have to Prove. I just Wrote what I felt to share To. As we all Are So Hyun’s well wishers and We are hoping Best For Her future Projects.

  14. I don’t have doubts about Kim Sohyun’s casting but the webtoon spanned multiple seasons, from the female lead’s, so I wonder how the writer’s going to treat the timeline. It’s because the high school arc is pretty much the origin of the main conflict and most of the plot happens during the leads’ adulthood.
    I didn’t read the whole webtoon but I was vouching for the second male lead to end up with the female lead. I picture Kim Minjae in the role.

    • The outfits were gorgeous actually and the hairdo became quite popular. YouTube was populated by tutorials on how to get her look even after the drama ended. Radio Romance was quite the decent drama at the end of the day.

  15. I like that everyone has the same wish for this talented young woman to get the right male lead as well as scriptwriter. Unfortunately we can’t will it to happen but stay hopeful that the right people in power will see sense. That aside does anyone know how this Netflix thing works? I mean what does it mean for a drama when Netflix picks it up?

    • Various things. It could be totally produced by Netflix like the upcoming zombie drama which they’ve already greenlit a season 2.

      It could be they’ve licensed it exclusively meaning no other legal site has it like Mr. Sunshine. (I’m talking in the US anyway.)

      Then they license dramas that are popular that are already on legal sites. Like they have DOTS which is also on Viki and Dramafever.

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