Jeon Ji Hyun Rocks the Chic Office Wear in New Fashion Brand Pictorial

While top visual K-stars like Won Bin take extended acting hiatus and subsist on CF income, I’m way more impressed with how balanced Jeon Ji Hyun is in managing her career. She’s also an acknowledged top CF earner but she keeps working steadily without taking on too many projects that it would interfere with her personal life balance of being a wife and now mother of two. Her latest office wear brand pictorial is just stellar, I’m not a fan of scarves but she makes it look so darn chic in the picture above. I’m not even jelly that she’s so svelte and visual goals after having her second child, girl is known to be insanely regimented with her diet and exercise and I just want to marvel at how the end result keeps her at the top of the game.


Jeon Ji Hyun Rocks the Chic Office Wear in New Fashion Brand Pictorial — 14 Comments

  1. Wow, I really missed her so much, while i was hoping for her to have a good movie this year, im glad that she spend lots of time with her family, i kinda hope that she slows down on growing her family cause im so shooked with her long hiatus, i dont think i can take it anymore if she gonna be pregnant again soon ahhahaha… but that would be great also esp if its gonna be a girl, well she manages it well and I wish her all the best

    • Yes, she’s at the top of her game whether its CFs, dramas and movies…. that what’s lacking with shk and kth (movies), I always thought why they aren’t mention always as troika,back in 80’s there’s troika of movies (lee mi sook , lee bo hee and won mi kyung) now i think its overall but mostly its because of their visuals???

  2. Anyone watccing Mr. Sunshine cant help but not trust Eugine’s American Comrade that he saved only because he played a bad guy in DOS? Like I dont trust anyone who limps in this drama.

  3. I miss her too. I really want to see her on a new drama/movie. But it’s really up to her, when she wants to works. I’m just patiently waiting for her comeback.

  4. I don’t understand the comparison of JJH and Won Bin. I don’t think WB’s hiatus is about work-life balance. It’s his nature to be a recluse,thus, his limited appearances and projects. You can’t compare someone who wants to actively engage in the business even with a growing family with someone who is not interested in the fanfare anymore.

    • I think the comparison is due to their CF status/reputation nothing else.They are arguably at the very very top commanding millions of won just appearing in a single CF.Even folks like Gong Yoo or Song Joong Ki can not compare with her or him.

  5. CF is one source of income for those celebs don’t who don’t fan meeting. Though FM entails more work, is actually a much better revenue generating option. Those who can fill up at least 1500 per venue & doing it on consistent basis like at least yearly & in many venues are really earning well because on top of the ticket sales, they earn from merchandise too.

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