Roy Qiu Wins Best Actor at the 2018 Taipei Film Festival

I love a validation no matter how long in coming, TW-actor Roy Qiu has been my all time favorite and now he’s getting the recognition on a stage that validates his career. Roy just won Best Actor at the indie Taipei Film Festival for his role in the film Dear Ex playing the gay lover of Joseph Huang. Roy is so talented but very mercurial and it’s wonderful to see him really diving into the thriving Taiwanese eclectic film market and embracing the gamut of roles. He was so happy with this win and expressed how he’s questioned his acting career often in the past, I hope he know how talented he is and I’ll always have his TW-dramas on my forever collection.


Roy Qiu Wins Best Actor at the 2018 Taipei Film Festival — 7 Comments

  1. Time sure flies. I was addicted to Devil Beside You and was shipping him with Rainie. They were so adorable together. And now, he’s already a daddy. I know Rainie is dating but hope she settles down soon.

    • You’ve got the wrong person… it was Mike He that starred with Rainie in Devil Beside You and has settled down with a daughter. Roy was in Summer Scent with Rainie, they supposedly dated and she has mentioned of an ex-bf that had hurt her real bad and it was apparently Roy.

  2. sorry I believe you have roy confused with mike he. mike he was in devil beside you with rainie yang. still this award is long overdue.

  3. He is my most favorite Taiwanese Actor too. So happy for him. I hope he will be blessed with many more projects. So eager to see that movie and see how he performs once again. God bless Roy Chiu.

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