C-ent Reports on Reported Sighting of Yoo Ah In at Famous Shanghai Gay Club

This news is making mainstream Mandarin-language newspapers otherwise I wouldn’t report on it. The C-ent SNS sphere is lighting up over a sighting of K-actor Yoo Ah In this past Saturday spending all night partying at well known Shanghai gay club LG. There is a picture from that night and reportedly the man to the left of him is his boyfriend according to the folks who were there that night and partied with him. Take it what you will, I could care less if this is true because goodness in 2018 any star can be straight, bi, gay, heck even transgender and we shouldn’t bat an eye. I can share that rumors within K-ent that Yoo Ah In is gay has been going on for a loooooong time but then his side has never confirmed. It sucks that his presence at a gay club is being outed if he wanted to fly below the radar but it’s hard not to be seen and reported on in the Instagram everything age. He’s so handsome and talented as an actor, hitting that double sweet spot of being mainstream and indie, I just want all my talented babies to be happy in their personal lives whatever they want.


C-ent Reports on Reported Sighting of Yoo Ah In at Famous Shanghai Gay Club — 40 Comments

  1. Good for him if it’s true. Honestly it feels like he always defending himself against K-nets and he is always speaking up for something. Part of it might be that he feels wronged not being able to openly be himself in such a conservative society.

    I would also like to point out that even straight people go to Gay clubs. The most fun I have had in a club was at a Gay one.

    • I never once find Yoo Ah In defending himself. He is the kind who speaks his mind. He is unlike other K-actors who tried very hard maintaining their public image, not daring to offend netizens and the most, only threatening the haters with law suits. But YAI is the rare few who would go all out and got into heated arguments with the netizens. He never cares what they think of him (a bonus that he is supremely talented). The only reason he never bothers to come out and admit it publicly is because he just don’t give a damn on public opinion on him. To him, his personal matters are his business and he owes no one an explanation. Typical YAI and I kinda like him that way.

      • I agree! His public image is all over the place lol which I like but he is as authentic as it gets in K-entertainment. Koala makes a great point that he is one of the few that has extreme legitimacy and experience in both indie and mainstream, without being a sell-out. It’s unfortunate that this is released by the Chinese entertainment since if Korea sorta maybe knows, then that was probably kept under wraps out of respect for his privacy and with his permission.

      • That’s exactly what I meant. He speaks his mind and people argue against him and he doesn’t let it go. He is always defending himself. He does it to a point where it might actually be a little reckless imo

  2. He’s probably gay or bi-sexual and it’s been a long rumored fact in the industry. Wish he could openly do whatever he wants regarding his love life but the society will chew him up…

  3. I really like him. Gives a good performance in everything he is in (doesn’t matter if the film/series are good or bad, his performance is consistently good). He does not hurt anyone and I find him very sexy.

    It is very confusing to me sometimes, the netizens’ opinions. Who cares if he is gay or not? He is a good guy (who doesn’t drug and rape people)and none of us are going to meet him and date him in real life. Now, I understand wanting the person you like on screen to be a good guy in real life. I too want that (and one the best memories of my life is meeting the star I’m a fan of and finding that he is such a wonderful person in real life) but this type of intrusion is without a purpose other than hurting someone. Why would anyone want that?

    And he looks hot in that pic.

  4. A wonderful picture of him enjoying himself in his most natural and comfortable way.No complaints here us boys adore him??

  5. Not at all surprised even if he comes out as gay. I’ve always felt he was homosexual. K media is so stupidly conservative that it must be hard to come out in a society like that. Every oppa or onnie gets classified as heterosexual when its highly unlikely that every person in the korean entertainment industry is heterosexual. I bet many of them are homosexual based even on just simple statistics. Since all my homosexual friends are smart, creative and talented as hell so I tend to assume if someone is extremely good at what they do they might actually be homosexual. There’s no logical reason for this just a gut feeling mostly.

  6. I’m reading the post and thinking….and…. so what….who cares which way YAI turns…. and I just remembered ‘Burning’ is on at the International Fim Festival in Auckland NZ next week so thanks Mz Koala for the reminder that I need to book my tickets online. Chur Chur my relations I got mad love and respect for the man ?

  7. Ok if it’s true that’s his guy, let me just say, I knew he would have bomb taste, they are all fine! Anyway I hope this was posted with his consent and I’ve low key thought he would have been casually or even formally out already if he had his way; right now, he’s the only kceleb I can see with the guts to do so.

    This is not a slight on closeted LGBT k-celebs of course, since it’s still not easy and downright dangerous to be out even as a non-celeb in quite a number of countries. I hope they all have the support and love they can get, I wish them all strength. At the same time, I honestly have a feeling we’ll be seeing a fairly high profile k-celeb coming out in a recognizable way in the next 10-20 years (or even less!) and the industry will certainly be watching how the public reacts. I’m thinking of how Ellen came out in the US in the 90’s, it didn’t go over with the public insanely well or anything but it set a huge precedent and was an eye opener for many Americans. It will be interesting to watch.

    Love YAI either way and like someone said, he’s still an incredibly talented individual no matter his preference.

  8. There have been a loud whisper about him possibly being bi- or gay, but good that he has someone with him, as hinted here. But admitting it openly and being true to himself publicly, that might be another matter. The only open gay celebrity in SK, Hong Seok-cheon, works more on variety and tv shows (comic relief roles). While YAI, is really more of a lead in film and tv shows, hence reception might be on a different scale. The MS didn’t really dent the movie offers, but this one-I’m not too sure.

  9. He’s been rumored to be gay for sometime so it wouldn’t be that much of a surprise to Koreans if he did come out. Rather, if this news make it to the Korean media, I can see the comments being along the line of “how dare he go clubbing at a gay bar in Shanghai when he should be serving”, “he can go clubbing but not serve, tsk, tsk”

    • I actually thought the same thing and that is that he might get more grief for the clubbing while not serving in the military. Just like I and many others not in the entertainment industry heard about Ellen before she came out, I’m sure there are many that knew this open secret. I’m not a huge Dispatch fan, but my understanding is they know but will not out someone.

  10. Yoo Ah In is extremely talented as an actor and artist. His Studio Concreate brand is both inspiring and refreshing. Rather he is gay or not that depends on him, he’s the type to live how he wants and that’s what I’ve loved about him. I hope he meets the one he wants to be with regardless of what gender they are.

  11. I think korean industry and audience knows it. Nothing shoking also im thinking you can guess depending on their military service. My thaught and observation only no way they will allow homosexulas in a general ward full of males. It would be awkward for both so they brush it off. Ive actors labeled as gay but after military service they were not targeted

    • Seriously? Why don’t gay individuals have a place in the military? They are humans too. I’m sure if you told a gay person you’re straight they’d understand, they won’t attack you unless you truly want them to. Stop being afraid of a persons gender preference, no one would want to be judged in any way.

      • Lol its the oppposite. Its not that gays will atttack straight people but staight people will bully gays. About military its just my observation or guess. Because they will be in rare minority in military. Mitary personell cannot monitor dorms 24×7 to prevent bullying and insulting so they avoid recruiting but im sure there are homosexuals in public service division as there is no dorm culture

      • Rumors has it that gay men will create disturbances in the army, something like allowing a man in a ladies locker room. Of course, this is just a rumor, I don’t know if gay men are discriminated when it comes to military service.

      • @another abc well dint know that i thought women and men dorms are seperate and perfectly guarded

      • @satish borganker, what I was trying to imply was the army doesn’t want any hanky panky or rape happening in those dorms or locker rooms.

      • Because the imbeciles that run armies have long since been more scared of two men getting horny in the army barracks than two men brutally murdering each other over a manmade conflict they personally never started, but were dragged into by default of birth.

        As for the ‘gays disrupting the military’ it’s more absurdity. Gays are no more likely to disrupt the military than gays disrupt offices, shops, business and other professions they work in. Many countries have LGBT openly serving in their ranks to no ill effect whatsoever. South Korea is just behind the times.

    • I know a bunch of Korean gay men who went to fulfill their full military duty just fine. As a matter of fact, the drag queen in Holland’s new video has finished the military service. They just don’t have to come out of the closet until they finish the service. Military department will not do the sexuality background check of the citizens beforehand as long as the citizens don’t come out of the closet.

  12. Lol its the oppposite. Its not that gays will atttack straight people but staight people will bully gays. About military its just my observation or guess. Because they will be in rare minority in military. Mitary personell cannot monitor dorms 24×7 to prevent bullying and insulting so they avoid recruiting but im sure there are homosexuals in public service division as there is no dorm culture

      • Don’t think they can. It’s still a very patriarchal society that’s very conservative. Think about it. Even now we still see reports of bad bullying that recruits commit suicide in SK. Think about the level of bullying gay minority will face in conservative SK where macho hetero man image still rules.

    • Doesn’t hurt to start something if you want to protect it. Example, if that #metoo wasn’t around, we would of never knew how many Korean actors were doing some pretty gross stuff to women. It will take time for any conservative country to take notice but if some people cared it will get heard. It’s only a matter of time.

  13. I shipped Geol Oh and Yeorim so hard in SKKS…

    I think I read that young people in Korea tend to be much less homophobic– I hope that’s true.

  14. He only needs to deliver good movies and good dramas.That is all I can ask from him.His sexual orientation or what he does when he is off duty is none of anyone’s business.

  15. I’m waiting for the year anyone’s sexual choice won’t be newsworth… *rolls eyes* Who cares what people do with their bodies or lives as long as they’re not hurting anyone.

  16. his scandal is about how he gets off military with keep getting health evaluation.
    His letter was accepted by the public until it revealed that he was always aimed for exempted. That’s a bigger scandal than any relationship he presumably has.

    • No, the Military Manpower Administration already released their official statement that he didn’t do anything that broke the military law. He was exempted legally. People just can’t accept it.

  17. LOL Chinese media at its finest. He went to Shanghai for a photoshoot. He went with the female stylist too. And any straight man can go to a gay cub, and that’s not our business. However, whether he’s gay or bi or straight, it doesn’t erase the fact that he’s one of the best Korean actors of his generation.

  18. Good for him. He doesn’t owe anyone explanations (least of all K netz) and he’s not hurting anyone else. I would welcome him to the LGBT++ community if he were and if he is a straight ally just having a fun night out then that too is great.

  19. If he is indeed gay and wanted to fly under the radar, he wouldn’t go to such a well-known gay bar, right?
    So he’s either not gay but wants to make a statement, or if he’s gay he has decided to come out.
    Either way, I hope his career doesn’t suffer, because I want to keep seeing him in dramas and films.

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