Jung Hae In Graces W Korea with Fashionably Pensive Pictorial

I think K-actor Jung Hae In will come to regret how he capped off an incredible acting year of projects and accolades with one final blip on his image. No one stays on top forever, or even for a prolonged period of time as plenty of popular then and now stars have experience once time moved on to next and here. It’s indisputable that Jung Hae In had a drama and movie hit streak for twelve months that is astonishing and more than just good luck as he delivered solid performances in The King’s Case Note, Goblin, While You Were Sleeping,  Prison Playbook, all capped off with Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food (Something in the Rain). But his center of the winners picture controversy at the May 2018 Baeksang Art Awards really dampened his meteoric rise but not enough to pull him down to earth (yet). He’s on the cover and pages of W Korea looking slicker than my preference but the style for the magazine’s sleek vibe. If he manages to build on this momentum further I hope he compensates for the impression (whether merited or not) that he’s fame hungry. One can be ambitious without coming off as such especially in front of conscious elders in the industry.


Jung Hae In Graces W Korea with Fashionably Pensive Pictorial — 31 Comments

  1. Case of feet too big for his shoes?
    Nothing lasts forever but in k-entertainment fans tend to be softer to their oppas…lol

    • No consequences whatsoever. Lame excuses. He knew exactly what he was doing. I makes me like Suzy and Kim Soo Hyun even better. Sorry, I have to say the same thing again.

      • Yeah that’s why perhaps its “feet too big for his shoes”, behaving as if he is more important than he really is.

  2. He hesitated for Something in the Rain because he already worked a lot. Now he is taking a break with acting and holds fan meeting in Asia.

    He acted in Age of Blood too.

    I’m waiting for his next project 🙂

    • Just saw oh_mes tweet that he resigned with FNC and is gonna return with a new work. He’s probably going to take the movie with Kim Goeun.
      I’d say he’s pretty smart and going to work straight instead of resting at home for two years like Park Bogum or Song Joongki. But then again, Pretty Noona is nowhere as big as a hit as Moonlight or DOTS.

      • Eh don’t blind sweetheart park seo-joon so famous and hot than center baeksang award jung hae in he’s over now even what wrong secretary mr.kim doing while better in rating.

      • Jung hae in fans call song joong ki jobless after married it’s not you?

      • …What kind of horrible english is this? I don’t understand what you are trying to say.
        Staying at home doesn’t mean you are jobless though, just saying.

  3. The pictorial:I really think these brooding types of photoshoots fit the homme fatales like Hyun Bin, Gong Yoo, So Ji Sub, Jung Woo Sung, etc or flower boy(man?) with stronger facial features like Lee Jun Ki,Park Bo Gum etc.Than flower boy with softer facial features like him or Song Joong Ki.It just ends up looking awkward like here.He suits the more brighter, smiley concept.

    Acting:Eh, the whole Baeksang thing plus the way he was basking in the mediaplay of his agency, coloured my inpression of him in a not-so-good way.But he will be fine career -wise.He is a good actor, young and he has the look, the korean drama audience likes.He just needs to work with a high profile writer and a reputable co-star actress and they will be going go gaga over him again.Just look at how things are going for Lee Byung Hun and Park Shi Hoo.But if he really wants to be a “top star”and have more longetivity in the industry, he should adjust his attitude and pay attention to how he conducts himself in publc with his fellow industry mates.

  4. What really bugs me, is that he seems to get away with it. Yes, he’s been criticised. Still… image a female “rookie” would have acted that same way towards established colleagues. Publicaly. In seniority driven Korea! With poor excuses instead of an apology. Would she get a cover shooting shortly after? I don’t think so.

  5. He’s a male, reasonably good-looking and not too bad at acting.
    Just give him a good acting project and people will go back to loving him.
    All these petty hate online won’t do him any damage.

  6. I don’t stan him, but I find it funny how people were praising him to be a good actor before. Now that his scandal is over, the same group of people is calling him overrated.
    All of you bandwagoners will go back to stanning him once he comes back with a dram.

    • Literally, no one exept horny old ajumma fans called him good at acting. He was ‘refreshing’ and a cute face at the time during WYWS and decent compared to many other actors such as the overrated Lee Min Hoo and overhyped airport scandal Lee Jong Suc. But his cockiness at Baeksang highlighted his less talked about feature which is a huge hole in acting.

  7. I’m netural toward him.
    He’s better than some young actors and idols with questionable acting skills for sure.
    Scandal-wise, if people can forgive LBH, PSH and LJW, they won’t care much about what happened to him.
    But really, he shouldn’t have stayed with FNC. Unless he himself likes the mediaplay.

    • I am under the impression that he does love the mediaplay.I dont think any other agency would mediaplay him as much as FNC does and he know that.Thats why he stayed.

  8. I think the ‘scandal’ is overrated, but I guess it’s a huge issue in societies like South Korean which are hyper status conscious.

    It doesn’t affect my opinion of him in the least. I liked him in Pretty Noona, particularly in the early episodes. In the later episodes, as the drama got more melo, I did find his acting range particularly limited. Especially since he’s pit against Son Ye-jin. I think he can get further leading man roles, but needs to work on his angry/ hurt emoting.

    • Same, I wasn’t raised in Asia so what he did probably didn’t really bother me. There’s not really any rules where you’re supposed to stand/how to pose when taking pictures with your colleagues where I’m from…I think people made it seem like a huge deal and made it seem like he slighted someone and is fame hungry based on one instance. That’s wayyy too speculative for me.

  9. He’s a good actor. I want to see him act again. There. I forgave and moved on. He did not rape anyone, did he not? So forgive, people.

  10. I’m not even a fan of him but wow the comments are just so funny he just stood in the middle when taking a pic but y’all make it look as if he killed someone I believe you’re all angels irl then Lol

  11. He’s a capable actor. I really liked his character in Prison Playbook but his real life personality is bit off putting. His like a peacock to be honest and I can’t stand his overtly white foundation and please tone down the make up.

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