Song Ji Hyo Rages and Park Shi Hoo Reigns as Top Star in Drama Stills for Lovely Horribly

For some reason I feel like KBS drama Are You Human Too has been airing for a long time in the Mon-Tues slot but it still has a few more weeks of run time before creepy rom-com successor Lovely Horribly arrives on August 13th. K-dramas usually has a creepy genre offering every August during the traditional lunar new year ghost month and Lovely Horribly is as close as it gets with a twisted fate and strange things happening vibe. Song Ji Hyo‘s screenwriter and Park Shi Hoo‘s top star share opposite fates after being born on the same time and day, if he’s doing well then her life sucks. They end up working on a drama together and then weird things happen where what she writes happens in their drama real life. I like their vibes in these latest stills, she’s a fierce hot mess and he’s channeling top star and being shocked nicely.


Song Ji Hyo Rages and Park Shi Hoo Reigns as Top Star in Drama Stills for Lovely Horribly — 8 Comments

  1. Are you human too is a great drama, original plot and very good interpretation from all leads, especially Seo kang joon. The drama that follows it- not at all interesting to me.
    I know I am off topic, sorry for that, I am just in love with Are you human too. 🙂

    • Same here! So little appreciation for this drama. I absolutely adore Nam Shin 3 and can’t wait to see if he will get a happy ending in the coming weeks. Seo Kangjoon is really excelling in his portrayal.

  2. I admit Park Shi Hoo is a good actor. I know he apology for his deeds too. But I will give his drama as miss. I suspect it will do well anyway. One viewer short will not affect the rating in a grand scale.

  3. I can’t wait! By the way, the title should be Song Ji Hyo not Jo Hyo. I was almost going to miss this thread until I recognized Park Si Hoo and the drama’s name.

  4. Song ji hyo much better actress than yoon eun hye, she never get in to scandal and still getting offer in movie and drama. Still waiting for plagiarism queen make comeback drama.

  5. @lovewadaws I am a SJH fan but please don’t bring YEH into this. SJH is a lovely person but it’s a shame that ‘some’ of her fans like to bring down other actresses to raise her. She does not need that since she’s already on top with her variety, film, drama and endless endorsements! Peace and love to you!

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