Park Bo Gum and BTS Pair Up for New Summer 2018 Coca-Cola CF

Looks like Coca-Cola is bringing in the big guns, namely putting top boy group BTS and top young actor Park Bo Gum together for a new summer beverage CF. The shoot was poolside with a throwback vibe courtesy of Park Bo Gum’s bright yellow old school Coke t-shirt setting the mood. I love this pairing because it feels so synergyistic and visually complementary, Park Bo Gum could even pass as an additional BTS member for those who don’t know the group composition. Good job delivering a jolt of fun and it would be cute to see these Coke boys do a dance-off with the girls of Black Pink who rep soda rival Sprite. 


Park Bo Gum and BTS Pair Up for New Summer 2018 Coca-Cola CF — 8 Comments

  1. theres really 3 members in BTS that have almost the same faces, lol. I really couldn’t recognized them and their names no offense.

    • I know u don’t know the names but I’m guessing those three u meant would be Jin, Jungkook and V… Coz the fandom till this day still finds similarities on those 3~ haha

  2. Is it just me that thinks the guy in the black and red tshirt (from the pics with four people) looks like he could be Bogum’s brother?

  3. Ok BTS I’m familiar with thanks to their previous album WINGS, which I actually enjoyed. They are very popular for a kpop band here in the US too.

    I’m not feeling the outfits here though and some of these pics are awkward. Why are they standing in a pool fully clothed?? I’m guessing this was cramped into their very busy schedules because it sort of looks slapped together. Despite that I like them all and I wouldn’t be surprised if Bogum was actually a fan or friends with them, he’s actually showing a genuine smile here.

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