Kim Ah Joong’s Agency Denies Reports that She Died in Her Gangnam Apartment

Unlike dating rumors where denials could be to mask the truth still, this is one rumor that is real true or false. K-ent was gripped by a fast spreading rumor and report that actress Kim Ah Joong died, being found dead in her Gangnam apartment. Her agency released an immediate response that the rumors were false and Kim Ah Joong is currently filming the Bad Guys movie on location. This rumor was so plausible and widespread and Kim Ah Joong’s Korean wikipedia page even listed her death date as August 13th. I am so relieved that she’s not dead and OMG what a random rumor to spread and actually be believed until her agency denied it. She needs to go throw some salt over her shoulder and burn some incense to shake the bad mojos from being believed dead for 24 hours.


Kim Ah Joong’s Agency Denies Reports that She Died in Her Gangnam Apartment — 15 Comments

  1. She should sue those concorting and spreading the rumours. To have her wikipage specifying her death date is already eerie enough. Some people just have too much time to play and mess with the lives of others and this kinda rumours or jokes or whatever that is wayyy overboard.
    Glad that she is safe and sound. I like her a lot in LUTYN and glad that she is returning with a new movie.

    • does anyone know if she is suing whoever is spreading the rumor? It is easy to track down who modified Wiki…. If she is not suing, I still has great suspicion that this is all mediaplay for her upcoming movie. Hmmm….

  2. Omg this is so randommm… what kind of person would spread this kind of false rumour?? Goodness… get a life pls.. Life is already hard enough without someone wishing you’re dead…

  3. must be an inside job… Modifying Wikipedia? Does anyone suspect mediaplay that the South Koreans are so good at?? just saying… “she is on the news”!!

    • Lol. If wants to do a mediaplay, don’t u think they would better play on dating rumours with a certain nugu or like the case of LMH years ago, being linked to Taylor Swift. Death rumours is too sensitive for mediaplay IMO.

      • I thot about that…. but who would temper with Wiki for a SK actress who is not in hype?…. just want to put on my detective hat when no one has brought it up ??…. and who will turn their heads about KAJ dating, huh??

  4. It seems that k celebs can just about go at any moment with a suicide epedemic in the business.No one is that surprised any more if it’s reported as it’s seems already half expected…Such a sad business and nothing is worth the struggles it causes for them.?

  5. Wow, that’s just sick. I’m glad she’s okay and is back working on a new project. Hoping she picks up a new drama after the movie. Loved her in LUTYN!

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